NBA Preseason: Warriors Crush Lakers, 110-83


Oct 7, 2012; Fresno, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant (24) looks for the ball while being defended by Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson (11) in the first quarter at the Save Mart Center. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Lakers, Warriors play in opening season action. Excitement from all of California. The Laker fans were awfully happy to see Nash and Kobe be the backcourt that they are: old, explosive, and championship – worthy.

For the Bay Area, the Warriors – without Curry and Bogut – were looking to beat a superteam. The Lakers, however, were without Dwight Howard.

Klay Thompson, of course, shined as usual for the Dubsl. On this night, the Warriors pulled away in the third and fourth quarters to get a huge win against the Lakers in Fresno. Although Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant didn’t play that much, it was still a huge win in terms of moral.

For the Warriors, a prudent question was answered. Who would play SF? Brandon Rush started tonight, but it might not be that way by opening night. Rush and Barnes, however, were for the most part almost equal in minutes and points.

Thompson lead scores early in the third quarter with 12. He helped spark a huge run for the Warriors in the third quarter which put them up 74-66. In this run, Lee scored most of the Warriors points off of post-ups and fade away jumpshots. Klay Thompson added two three pointers to make the score 80-66, a very commanding lead. The Warriors found themselves finishing the 3rd quarter on an astonishing 25-0 run. Barnes had 11, Thompson had 18, and Lee had 19.

Entering the fourth, the Lakers were still yet to score since midway through the third. The Warriors extended their run to 32-0 in the first three minutes of the fourth quarter. The Lakers finally snapped the Warriors streak with a field goal four minutes into the the fourth.

Where did it all go wrong? The Lakers scored 10 points in the third quarter, as opposed to the Warriors’ 37. Lee, Thompson, Barnes, and Landry lead the Warriors with 18,19,13, and 13.

Although the Warriors didn’t do so well on the glass, they were able to compensate with good defense. The rebounding situation should get better upon the return of Andrew Bogut.

How Player Fit into their Roles:

1. Jarrett Jack: Although Jack didn’t score too much, he showed his efficiency. He picked up a good number of assists, but he was matched by Klay Thompson in that area. Jack’s role may better place him as a backup PG, thank God the Warriors have one coming back from injury!

2. Klay Thompson: Shoot, shoot, shoot. Tonight, Thompson looked more or less like Monta Ellis. He was shooting lights out, driving to the basket, and on some occasions, setting up his teammates. Thompson couldn’t have played a better game in this pre-season opener. He surely did impress everyone.

3. Brandon Rush/Harrison Barnes: Personally, I was surprised to see Rush start, but he did well. With Barnes coming off the bench, he did well also. They both had the same output, same playstyle, and same efficiency. Their combo will be deadly during the season as the two SF’s. They are interchangeable. The only difference is that Barnes proved to be more athletic.

4. David Lee/Carl Landry: At the PF spot, Lee and Landry shined. They both scored in double digits, and Landry proved that he still has the drive to play like a starter, even though he’s coming off the bench. Because of his chemistry with Jarrett Jack, he was able to get the looks he needed. He and Lee both rebounded and played defense well. Warrior fans should be looking forward to this combo.

The Warriors’ next game is against the Jazz at home, tomorrow, October 8.