A’s vs. Tigers ALDS Preview: Q&A With Detroit Jock City


October 5, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Postseason logo on the field before team workouts the day before the ALDS game between the Detroit Tigers and the Oakland Athletics at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The A’s are all set to battle the Detroit Tigers in Game 1 of the ALDS this afternoon.

While most of us know all about the A’s incredible season, our knowledge of the Tigers is obviously not as good. So to help us out, we borrowed the services of Joshua Lobdell, the editor of Detroit Jock City.

We asked Joshua five questions pertaining to the Tigers in order to gain a little insight into the A’s playoff opponent:

Q: From your perspective, how impressive was Miguel Cabrera’s Triple Crown year?

A: Since no one has done it since 1967, it could not be more impressive. On top of that, the quiet way Cabrera goes about his work is just rare these days. He is not a flashy player or a flashy guy (and despite some of the field issues) he has been a great addition to the Tigers roster. Look at his numbers over the last five years, just wow. This is a guy who averages a .318 BA with 34 home runs and 120 RBI per season. There is only one way to describe that and that is M-V-P.

Q: What are the Tigers’ biggest strengths and weaknesses, and how does that play into this series?

A: On most days, Justin Verlander is this team’s rock. The strength of this team is the starting rotation, but the weakness can be any other thing on almost any day. The Tigers had a very up and down 2012 season and are very lucky to be playing in the post season at all.

Q: How do you think the Tigers’ potent offense will match up against Oakland’s young and inexperienced pitchers?

A: If the Tigers’ offense is hot then they are going to destroy the Oakland A’s. There is really no way around that. However the supporting cast of the Tigers is suspect. If the A’s can prevent Prince Fielder or Miguel Cabrera from beating them, they have a real shot.

Q: What scares you the most about facing the A’s?

A: What scares me the most is that the Tigers will be the favorites and everyone is picking them to win this series. Going back to 2006, this team plays better when they are the underdog. The baseball press gave them the 2012 AL Central crown way back in spring training, and they did everything but give that title away. The Tigers also do not play as well on the road, so the three games in Oakland are worrisome.

Q: Who wins this series and in how many games?


A: On paper, the Tigers are clearly better and we have to go with that. They did win the regular season series 4-3, but it is the post season where crazy things can happen. In the end, I’ll take the Tigers in five, with Justin Verlander going twice to get his team back to the ALCS.