Lenhart’s Late Game Heroics Earn Quakes a Draw vs. FC Dallas


Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

The league’s finest, San Jose, played on their own field again tonight against FC Dallas. The Dallas – San Jose rivalry starts with the Sharks-Stars, but continues onto the soccer field as well.

Chris Wondolowski and his Quakes find themselves playing the best soccer of their lives, and way ahead of the other league leaders in points. This year they’re on fire, and there’s no stopping them. Is that really the case? The last two games didn’t really assert the Quakes’ dominance. Could there be an underlying problem? On this night, the Quakes barely pulled off a tie, as they almost lost to one of  the worse teams in the league.

The first goal came 24 minutes into the ball-game by Alan Gordon, who has really been stepping up his game as of late. It was assisted by his partner-in-crime, Marvin Chavez, who is usually good at finding the man on the inside. The goal was partially assisted by Sam Cronin who had a ‘hockey-assist’.

The next goal came 37 minutes in the game, with a lot of activity going on before it. Blas Perez scored for FC Dallas, and was assisted by Jackson to tie the game a 1-1. The game’s intensity picked up, and each team fought harder and harder.

For nearly 40 minutes afterwards, both teams were completely silent, when finally, 72 minutes into the game, Perez scored again. This time he was assisted by David Ferreira, who made a great look. The recurring pattern in the Earthquakes’ last few games is that one player on the opponents’ team always breaks out. On this night, it was Blas Perez for FC Dallas.

The game got even more aggressive after that. Of course the Quakes weren’t going to give up an easy win to FC Dallas. Ten minutes after Perez’s second goal, Steven Lenhart, not much of an offensive player, made a strike. Assisted by Alan Gordon, Lenhart put it right behind the net. This evened things a 2-2.

Then, the unexpected happened. Matt Hedges scored an amazing goal with all his efforts, putting his Dallas team up 3-2. The goal came two minutes before the end of regulation.

After this, things escalated out of control, and David Ferreira tried to start a fight. Desperation time had started for the Earthquakes, and they really needed a miracle. Surprisingly, that prayer was answered. Steven Lenhart once again, scored a beautiful goal in the stoppage time with a sweat header, 95 minutes in. He was assisted  once again by Alan Gordon, who was at the top of his game on this night.

The Quakes really need to win these games heading into the playoffs. It’s not a question of making the playoffs anymore, it’s a question of being a bigger threat. Right now, with almost loosing to the Timbers and FC Dallas, the Quakes really need to show everyone else who’s boss.