Best and Worst Case Scenarios for the Golden State Warriors


December 20, 2011; Sacramento, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry (30) is helped off the court after an injury during the second quarter against the Sacramento Kings at Power Balance Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

The Warriors are blessed with a hopefully healthy roster and amazing talent, as well as younglings who are very capable. The only thing they need to worry about now is injury. If the units come together, the Warriors will for sure make a post-season run.

Best Case:

1. Warriors end up with the 5th seed. The Warriors have the potential to pass the Nuggets, Mavericks, Jazz, and other teams to get to the 5th seed. They have the most explosive lineup that us fans have seen in a while, and they could end up getting further than expected. The youthfulness proves to be both detrimental and helpful in late game situations.

2. Warriors beat Heat, Lakers, Thunder: In doing this, the Warriors will gain a lot of respect. They will be recognized as one of the teams to look out for on the prowl. This means that other teams should be intimidated by their style of play. Half the game is you’re mentality, and how you think. If other teams bow to the Warriors, they will go even further on the attack into the post-season. Look out?

3. Curry and Bogut go 100%: If this happens, injury free, Bogut and Curry are bound to form a deadly combo. Instead of fearing injury, they can fear not scoring 40 points combined for night. Together, injuryless, they may be able to take the Warriors a lot further than analysts are saying.

Worst Case: I’m pretty sure must people know what these are.

1. Bogut goes down: Without Bogut, the Warriors are forced to start Festus Ezeli. Let’s be honest here. Although he provides a strong defensive presence, his offensive skill level and though process is nowhere near Bogut’s. The Warriors need Bogut’s offensive IQ and skill to make the playoffs. The main reason in trading Ellis away was for a good center, but what’s the point if he’s re-injured.

2. Curry goes down: This one isn’t as big of a deal. Just kidding. Curry is the most important part to the Warriors game. Even though Jarrett Jack has proved that he can be a valuable asset and proves himself a more than adequate PG, it’s still hard to match the intensity and shooting ability of Steph. Fans cross their fingers that this won’t happen.

3. Bob Myers wants out: For some strange reason, if this happens, the Warriors will no longer be adding depth to their roster, or making smart trades. They will be in a lot of trouble if Myers unexpectedly leaves. Someone else will come in as GM, and trade the Warriors’ starting five. Not good, folks!