Warriors’ Second Unit is Important


Mar 22, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Golden State Warriors forward Brandon Rush (4) takes a shot against the Houston Rockets in the second quarter at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

Most people care about the starting lineup. That’s whats going to get the Warriors to playoffs? Probably, but as I’ve said before, coaching is a huge factor, and so is the bench. Usually bench is a negative word in basketball terms. The thing is, however, that the bench is arguably the piece to success. The starters can’t do everything. This is why the Warriors are going to need their bench players to all play big parts.


1. Jarrett Jack: We already know what Jack can do. He’s capable of scoring 15 points, and dropping 6 dimes. That’s not going to happen this season. He can still, however, contribute with a very respectable 11.5 PPG and 6 Assists. (He will play with Curry on the floor, which means that his Assist number won’t go down). What we need from Jack is consistency, and a player to rely on if Curry goes down.

2. Brandon Rush: If Rush wanted to be a starter and made a big deal of that, than he definitely thinks he’s capable. Confidence is key. Rush proved to be more valuable than the Pacers thought. He was one of the best three point shooters in the NBA, energized the crowd, and played like an honorable veteran. The Warriors are going to need that this season. He plays the 2-3 spot, which is good: he will have strength at the 2 guard for the Dubs. He will average 9 PPG, 5 Rebounds, while occasionally breaking out.

3. Richard Jefferson: As much as Draymond Green has impressed us, he will not back up Harrison Barnes. All the time. He’s more likely to backup Lee while Landry plays the center spot. There are so many different combinations. Jefferson is the veteran that can teach the youngsters how to play the game. Along with Jarrett Jack, he knows what he’s doing on the floor. He will average 8-10 PPG, 3 Rebounds. I know for sure that he will break out often if there is no other guy having an offensive night.

4. Carl Landry: As a player who started all the games last year, Landry averaged around 12 PPG. That’s pretty good, considering how tough he is, and how he plays crucial defense. He makes a smart play no matter what. Landry can easily matchup with other premier PF’s. (Unless you count LeBron as a PF). Landry will average 9-10 PPG. He will be efficient.

5. Festus Ezeli: Ezeli is the odd man out on this list. He’s the only one that’s a rookie. That’s not a bad thing. The Warriors coaching staff say that he’s already adding much needed presence to the inside. He will be apart of the stifling defense that every team will hopefully struggle against. Ezeli will average 4-5 PPG, but with 1.2 Blocks.

Not all these guys are averaging double digits, but chances are that with the skill they all posses, at least 2 of them will break out every night. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but the little things add up.

With Kent Bazemore and Draymond Green also likely to be apart of the lineup, the Warriors are adding even more presence on the glass. This is why the second unit, and 2 of the reserves are important for the Warriors.