Predicting Warriors’ Stat Leaders 2012-2013


The Warriors have a very deep roster this season, so many players are going to have high averages. Who will lead the team in what though?

1. Points: Klay Thompson: This sharpshooter will end up averaging about 18-19 PPG. He’s a pure shooter and scorer, and when he gets better at driving, he’ll be a powerful force.

Runners Up: David Lee: If Lee doesn’t get the ball as much because of other offensive weapons, he won’t score over 20 PPG. He will, however score at least 16-17. Stephen Curry: Curry will averaged about 17.6 PPG, while occasionally leading the team and breaking out.

2. Assists: Jarrett Jack: I assume Jack is going to play with Curry on the floor. Jack will be the facilitator when Stephen Curry will go on a shooting frenzy and break out with Klay Thompson. Jack will average 6.5 assists.

Runner Up: Stephen Curry: Curry is a good passer, but he really shines when he’s shooting the ball. This is why Jack will play PG, and Curry will play SG for some of the game.

3. Rebounds: Andrew Bogut: Bogut’s interior defense, his offensive skill, and mainly his rebounding is why the Warriors traded for him. If he doesn’t lead the team in rebounds, then he has to score twice as many points and increase his efficiency, which everyone knows is extremely hard.

Runners Up: David Lee: Lee isn’t injury prone at all. He knows he can go hard and get those rebounds. He showed us last season with averaging 10 boards a game. Draymond Green: Green was known for his defensive presence and his rebounding skill. He was the all-time leader in rebounds at Michigan State.

4. Blocks: Festus Ezeli: Ezeli is a great interior defender. PG’s and other players driving to the basket will be intimidated by his presence. Although he will come off the bench, he can still make an impact.

Runner Up: Andris Biedrins: I hate to say this, but the Warriors still need size on the floor. He’s a veteran, and a shot-blocker. If Biedrins can contribute on the defensive end, that huge chunk of money the Dubs spent on him, won’t all go to waste..

5. Steals: Harrison Barnes: Barnes has quick hands, and his ability to get into the passing lane amazes me. He will end up with a lot of fast breaks this season – hopefully he doesn’t just shoot threes like Jason Terry would. Barnes is athletic and has quick hands.

Runner Up: Stephen Curry: Curry has proved to us that he has quick hands and can steal the ball. He sneaks up behind centers and swipes it. Every coach loves that.

6. Three Point %: Klay Thompson: Thompson lead all rookies last year shooting the ball from behind the arc at 41%. He’s only going to get better. Thompson may earn himself a spot in the three point contest this year. I predict he will shoot the ball at about 44%.

Runner Up: Stephen Curry: Curry is a close second. He will shoot the ball at 42%. Usually, Steph doesn’t have to worry about getting injured when shooting threes. He almost never gets blocked from behind the three point line: His release is that fast. As soon as the ball is in his hands, it’s in the air.

7. Field Goal %: David Lee: As I said before, Lee rarely misses jumpshots. He drives to the basket and usually finishes. Lee will have a really high FG percentage this season. I predict he will shoot the ball at aroun 49%.

Runner Up: Kent Bazemore: As an undrafted rookie, unless feeling it, Bazemore will try to be conservative and efficient. He will help the Warriors by scoring about 5 or 6 points for the time that he’s in. Unless he really impresses Marc Jackson, he won’t play over 15 minutes. Consequently, he wont take more than 5 shots.

8. Free Throw %: Stephen Curry

Runner Up: What if I put Andris Biedrins? The Runner Up will most likely be Klay Thompson.