Predicitions for Warriors’ First Month Games


Will the Warriors start off strong? We know that Harrison Barnes, Andrew Bogut, and Jarrett Jack are going to make immediate impacts, of course positive. Can they get it done in this 82 game season? Let’s see!

1. Season Opener: Phoenix Suns: 10/31

No explanation necessary: If I took a poll, every Warrior fan, and maybe even some Suns’ fans would agree that the Warriors are most likely going to win this game, but the Suns do have Scola and Dragic: Who knows? Comment Below. Season Openers haven’t gone so well in recent years..

2. Home Opener: Memphis Grizzlies: 11/2

The Grizzlies are a tough beat. Last season, however, the Warriors did go head-to-head with them and steadily… lost. Each game ended up in a heartbreak. Maybe this time, the Warriors will know how to maintain their lead, so when their hot shooting goes cold, they will still be able to play defense.

Prediction: Warriors win in by more than 5

3. Warriors @ Kings: 11/5

Ah, a classic North Cal rivalry. While I’m sure that there’s going to be enough Warrior fans at this game, they may have a tough time. Of course, the Kings are still in a stage of rebuilding, and the Warriors usually play an entertaining game against them. It’ll probably be a close one. The Dubs may top them, but not by many.

Prediction: Warriors take it by 4 or less

4. Cavaliers @ Warriors: 11/7

The Cavs are looking really good this season. With a strong center piece in Kyrie Irving, they may just be able to make the playoffs this year. This will be a good game, as both teams are young and ambitious.

Prediction: Cavs take it by 5

5. Warriors @ Lakers: 11/9

The Warriors are looking at a reloaded team that was already good before this offseason. With the addition of Dwight Howard, the best center in the NBA, the Lakers could easily be crushing teams one by one. Then again they are old: unfortunately not old enough.

Prediction: Lakers win by 10+

6. Nuggets @ Warriors: 11/10

The Nuggets are also reloaded with the addition of all star, and olympian, Andre Iquadala. That’s great and all, but the Nuggets are missing many crucial pieces. They need more length and size. The Manimal, although amazing, can’t do it by himself.

Prediction: Warriors win by 10

7. Hawks @ Warriors: 11/14:

The Hawks aren’t bad. They have many shooters, and Josh Smith is at his prime right now. Losing Joe Johnson, however, is a huge whole that Lou Williams can’t fill. He does score a lot of points, but he’s not that type of pure scorer who can lead his team to the playoffs. The Hawks would be lucky to win this game: Bogut will dominate on the inside, Thompson and Curry on the perimeter.

Prediction: Warriors win by 8+

8. Warriors @ Timberwolves: 11/16

This will be a fun game to watch. The Wolves came from right under the Dubs and took Kirilenko, as well as Brandon Roy. Both teams have good strong cores, and depth. Each player has another to match up to. This one is going to be close. Any Thoughts? Comment Below:

9. Warriors @ Thunder: 11/18

Perry Jones III fell so far down in the NBA draft, that (arguably) the second best team in the NBA took him close to the second round. He’s only going to add more depth. That’s not good for the Warriors. Curry, with his ankle injury won’t be able to keep up with Bogut. Ibaka will have fun at the rim with David Lee, and Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green are likely going to guard Kevin Durant. That might not go well for them.

Prediction: Thunder win by 15+

10. Warriors @ Mavericks: 11/19

Okay, so the Mavericks picked up OJ Mayo, Elton Brand, and Chris Kaman? So what. They’re all old, is what many people think. These combinations can be deadly. Plus, the never ending brilliance of Dirk Nowitzki is a huge factor: the Warriors could have a tough time knocking them off. They will, however, find a way to keep it close.

Prediction: Mavericks win by 8 or less

11. Brooklyn Nets @ Warriors: 11/21

Will The Warriors be able to handle the ‘core four’? Or will they surrender and let D-Will and HIS reloaded Nets to blow them out. I think the Warriors are also reloaded: the critics and analyzers all leave out the Warriors as one of the best core. Bad mistake: The Warriors do have one of the best cores. I believe that the Warriors will be able to edge the Nets.

Prediction: Warriors win by 5

12. Warriors @ Nuggets: 11/23

The Nuggets will obviously be more energized with their home crowd. Lawson, Iquadala, and Kenneth Faried are all capable of having huge games, and the Warriors don’t do so well in the Mile High city.

Prediction: Nuggets win by 12

13. Timberwolves @ Warriors: 11/24

The Warriors and the Timberwolves are going to be rivals after this year. The two amazing PF’s Lee and Love go at it each time. Brandon Roy and Curry will go head-to-head. Harrison Barnes is younger, quicker, and more explosive than Kirilenko. So this might go well for the Warriors. Then again, these ones are hard to predict.

Comment Below.

14. Nuggets @ Warriors: 11/29

Another tough one. Any thoughts? You know what to do.