Jun 17, 2014; Alameda, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterbacks Matt Schaub (8) and Derek Carr (4) throw passes at minicamp at Raiders Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ways Matt Schaub Can Lose His Job to Derek Carr

Coaches remain confident veteran Matt Schaub will get the Oakland Raiders over the hump in 2014.  What has to happen for him to lose his job to Derek Carr?

Lose Oakland Raiders huddle

One of the biggest positives about Derek Carr coming out of Fresno State before the draft was his charisma.  The kid is very confident in himself and demonstrates an advanced ability to command a huddle and an offense.  That sort of thing bleeds into teammates even off the field.  It’s also exactly the thing that can erode supporters of Matt Schaub in a hurry.  That is why it’s important for the two-time Pro Bowler to asset his will over the roster as quickly as possible.  He must show what happened last year isn’t even on his mind anymore, that his own confidence is higher than ever.  Otherwise the worst thing will happen.  People will start to doubt him.


This is sort of the default way Carr gets into the lineup but it’s no less of a possibility.  Schaub has never been labeled as “soft” during his career but he has a history of being susceptible to injury.  Three different times in Houston he missed at least five games.  At age 33 his body can’t take the same punishment it used to.  In other words he must do his best to limit the amount of hits he takes because it only takes one to put him on the bench or in the hospital.  At that point Carr could get on the field, and just like Tom Brady or Brett Favre, never give the job back.

Touchdown-to-Interception ratio

This is ultimately what got Matt Schaub traded from the Houston Texans in the first place.  His 14 interceptions to just 10 touchdowns in ten games last season, more important throwing a pick-six in four-straight games became too much for the coaches and management to take.  Despite their vocal support, even the Oakland Raiders coaches will have a limit in 2014.  If Schaub goes through the first four or five games of the season with more interceptions than touchdowns, then the cries to given Derek Carr his shot will only grow louder.  After all, fans would much rather see a rookie doing that than a veteran since the rookie is more likely to learn from it and progress.

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