Oct 9, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Athletics fans do the Balfour rage as relief pitcher Grant Balfour (not pictured) enters the game against the Detroit Tigers during the ninth inning of game three of the 2012 ALDS at O.co Coliseum. The Oakland Athletics defeated the Detroit Tigers 2-0. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

3 Reasons Why Oakland A’s Fans Are Allowed To Hate the Giants

Oakland A’s fans and San Francisco Giants fans are like cats and dogs — they may both be households pets, but they just don’t mix and probably don’t like each other much.

Such is life in the Bay Area, with two professional baseball teams separated by just a body of water.

The rivalry between the A’s and Giants couldn’t be more spiced up than it is right now, with both teams contending in their respective divisions, and the Battle of the Bay in full force after the A’s swept the first two games at the O.co Coliseum.

This time around, however, there were few Giants-A’s split hats like in previous seasons, and except for the lone exception above, it was hard to find someone wearing colors of both teams.

That’s because the hatred is finally brewing between these two franchises, especially with the A’s fans towards the Giants, and they have every right to be upset.

The most obvious reason would be the ballparks. There just isn’t a way to compare a glamorous, beautiful stadium in AT&T Park to an old, boring garbage dump in the O.Co Coliseum. Really, there is no comparison, and it can be frustrating when the A’s have to look across the bay at the  Giants’ stadium every single day.

The A’s would have a better stadium if the Giants would allow them to move, which is another reason why the A’s aren’t so keen with forming a bond with their neighbors. Owner Lew Wolff has long stressed that he would like to relocate to San Jose, but because the Giants own the territorial rights to that region, they are denying the A’s move. This rift has gone on for many years, and you can bet that the respective ownerships are not exactly fond of each other at the moment.

Another reason for the hatred is what happened two years ago, in 2012. The A’s had finally put together a terrific season, a result of an unbelievable comeback in the latter half of the campaign, storming back to claim the AL West title in dramatic fashion. They almost made it to the ALCS as well, taking the Detroit Tigers to five games.

“Finally,” one must have thought, “the A’s are going to be the best baseball team in the Bay Area, with the greatest storyline and finally have more bragging rights than those Giants.”

Instead, the Giants wound up having all the bragging rights anyway by winning the World Series, which was about the last thing that A’s fans would have wanted. Oakland was no longer the talk of the region; San Francisco was, as if they needed any more attention.

Even now, the advantage that the Giants have over Oakland is seemingly still unfair. The Giants’ middle of the batting order (3-4-5 hitters) make a combined salary of over $23 million, while the A’s 3-4-5 hitters make just a shave over $10 million, with Yoenis Cespedes earning $8 million alone. In fact, Josh Donaldson, their best hitter this season, is making a meager $492,500, pennies compared to what the Giants’ stars are reeling in.

So the next time you watch the Giants and A’s at the Coliseum, and even Buster Posey is booed (isn’t that against the law?), you should understand why.

A’s fans simply hate the Giants and everything they stand for, and they have every right to do so.

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  • SFEvl1

    Waaaa if it was the other way around, the A’s would have the same stance as the Giants. Just enjoy your team rather than constantly complaining. Go win a World Series!! Doubtful, but go ahead and try. Then be happy!

    • goldenbaysports

      First of all, we don’t have a “team.” This is a Bay Area sports blog, we are impartial to all the teams.

      Just pointing out that the A’s constantly draw the short end of the stick when it comes to the rivalry vs. the Giants.

      If it were the other way around, the Giants would not be complaining. How much revenue do they pull in from that beautiful stadium, sellout crowds, star players, and a large market? The same cannot be said about the A’s.

      • SFEvl1

        Woh Woh, slow your roll. It was towards A’s fans, not to this ‘blog’. Giants had a crap stadium too but people got together and funded the stadium, privately. How are the Giants at fault? If people loved the A’s enough, people would get together. I’m one of the Giants fan that doesn’t dislike the A’s but this story is so old.

        • goldenbaysports

          The problem here is that the A’s have a plan for a new stadium but the Giants are blocking them from doing it.

          • SFEvl1

            See what a nicer tone does for a post?

        • Carl Elftman

          Sorry, but it’s the A’s who kept the Giants In the Bay Area. Because the Giants where ready to move to Tampa Bay. The A’s believe that two could survive in the Bay Area. So, they gave up their rights to San Jose. The Giants instead built in San Francisco and never did build in San Jose.
          The A’s and their fans are asking to allow them build in sSan Jose. But the Giants will not give up the rights to a city where they don’t have a stadium.
          So, what is their problem in letting the A’s build?

          • SFEvl1

            All the A’s fans I know say the same thing…”We’re doing so well but there was only 10,000 fans there.” You guys just don’t have the fan base. Quit blaming everything on everyone else. You build a new stadium, you really think more fans will show up?

        • Carl Elftman

          Yes the Giants did have a crappie place because I had gone to games in tge early 60′s with the bleachers only to the enclosed stadium.
          The Giants where ready to leave SF for Tampa Bay. The A’s owners Haas family said no and hand over the rights to Santa Clara county. And the Giants and SF city worked out new stadium.
          Now, when the A’s want tomove so they can be big market team like the Giants, its the Giants throwing the road block. WHY? please tell us why are the Giants scared to let them move?

  • Glenn

    Why is it the SF fans are such tools? When SF won the WS after how many years(?) the first thing that happened was the City of Oakland congratulated them. BTW, Go win a WS? Really? How many titles does SF have IN SF? Want to talk A’s WS is a old stadium and a cheaper payroll?

    • Oakland A’s Socks Girl

      Im with you Glenn. I hate thd Giants “fans” bc they are all elitist tools who know nothing about the game or the team. Half dont know Bustet Posers real name snd until BatKid had to save Lou Seal they thought their mascot was a freakin panda. Then they act as if they are the Bay’s better team and tk the guy who wrote this you have everything wrong. YES WE HATE GIANTS FANS AND THEIR LAME ASS TEAM but NOT bc they wont let us have SJ. Have you ever met an A’s fan? We want to stay in OAKLAND! We hate the gnats bc their fans are total bandwagoners and tools. I could give many personal experiences but I am writimg this on my phone and I am already annoyed. And u think the gnats are the beyter team in the bay? Who has more WS? Who has gone to tje playoffs more and are consistently good one a budget? Oh that’s right it is the A’s! To say that the gnats are the better team and that A’s fans

      • Oakland A’s Socks Girl

        want the team to go to SJ is insane. I dpnt think youve ever met an A’s fan. Or a gnats “fan” but I dont believe there are actual fans of the gnats – bandwagoners all of em and as soon as yhe gnats start to suck they go all “bay area love” & jump ship to the A’s. The gnats are a giant JOKE.

        • hillarys_new_shoes

          Yes, a new ballpark in Oakland is CLEARLY the best option. The Bay Area would become a veritable Mecca of baseball were that to happen. Two beautiful state of the art ballparks separated by just a couple miles of beautiful bay? Nothing that cool has ever existed in MLB history and it’s a damn shame that Lew Wolff is more interested in San Jose real estate shenanigans than doing what’s best for the Athletics, MLB, and (most importantly) the devout Oakland A’s fan base. Selfishly, another reason I want the A’s to stay in Oaktown is so that I can watch an exciting team play the teams in the AL via a 15 minute BART train as opposed to traveling all the way south to the public transportation wasteland that is San Jose. Yuck.

          >>>> Or a gnats “fan” but I dont believe there are actual fans of the gnats – bandwagoners all of em

          You’re embarrassing yourself here, IMO. I’m probably much older than the author of this piece and everyone commenting on it but I grew up going to games at Candlestick along with plenty of people, many older than myself, who continue to attend games at AT&T Park. To say there are no “actual fans” of the Giants is simply ludicrous and really devalues the rest of your points.

          The Giants have been and always will be my team, but I’m very much hoping that the Athletics finally get over the hump and beat Verlander and the Tigers this year and perhaps the two Bay Area teams can make it to the Series and shine a light on the baseball riches we enjoy here in the Bay every year.

          Again, I’m pretty sure I’m a different demographic than most everyone on this page, but I am at a loss to understand the alleged hatred between the fanbases. My Athletics season-ticket holding friends hook me up with A’s post-season tickets and I scored them Tigers/Giants WS tickets. We each root our teams first, but there’s no real rivalry between the teams since they aren’t in direct competition for anything in the standings (save 4 inter-league games a year and the upcoming World Series, of course!).

          But, hey, as an old coot I’ll just shrug and smile and admit I don’t understand what y’all are upset about. If you somehow need to hate the franchise in the nearest zip code in order to be a “true fan” of your team, hey…go for it. As another wise, old man once said:

          Whatever gets you through the night….it’s alright!

  • elpolloloco

    F*CK SF

  • 55saveslives

    Damn! A’s fans are angry! I love how the argument is always “bandwagoner”. Giants sold out every gane in 2011and 2013 long after they were eliminated. Also 3 mil fans a year since 2000 except 2 seasons of 2.8 mil. A’s havent topped 2 mill the past 8 yrs and never had 3 mill.