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Power Ranking the Bay Area's Pro Teams

Self-explanatory isn’t it? Which teams are the best in the Bay Area, and which teams are the worst?

Obviously, fans don’t like to hear the cold hard truth, but that’s just the way it is. At least for the Giants fans, they can take pleasure in saying that their team has won the World Series two out of the last five years. Unfortunately for the Raiders, they can’t exactly say the same thing. It’s cruel, yes, but the Raiders, in time will get their recognition.

1. San Francisco 49ers:

Opening the season with an electrifying victory over the Green Bay Packers was Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers. Not only did they play great defense when it mattered most, but Colin Kaepernick had over 400 yards passing and was outstanding.

He didn’t have that slump that everyone says he was going to have. The 49ers are looking to get at it after a frustrating loss in the Super Bowl and then a loss in the NFC Championship Game. They are one of the best teams in the NF, and right now, the Niners are in a good place and should continue to see success.

2. San Francisco Giants:

Can’t win it all every season? Would you rather be the Rangers, who always make the playoffs, but lose? Or would  you rather be the San Francisco Giants, who make the playoffs and win it all, but then miss the playoffs the next season? Well, the Giants are having another great year after inconsistent play last year, and are looking to once again make a postseason appearance.

The Giants aren’t in a great place right now, although many of the teams in their division are playoff worthy. The Giants have a great fanbase, and are looking to make another run at it. I’d say they’re about equal with the A’s, but it doesn’t matter where I put this list. Right now, they’re completely and utterly unstoppable.

3. Oakland A’s:

Next up: the A’s. Not many people thought that the A’s could be considered one of the best teams in the Bay Area, but look at them now. Since the All-Star break of the 2012 season, the A’s have been on a roll and have never looked back, two seasons ahead of that time.

Right now, they are competing with the Rangers for the top place in the division. They have a slight edge, but it’s going to be an interesting finish. Either way, the A’s, although very early are going to make the playoffs, and hopefully win the World Series. If this happens, some of the bandwagon in the Bay Area will be balanced out a little bit. Thank God!

4. Golden State Warriors:

This is another team that nobody really expected to do well. In the 2012-13 NBA season, under Mark Jackson, they finally got it together and made the playoffs, and even got past the first round. Fresh off this deep postseason run, Stephen Curry and the recharged Warriors  added more weapons to their arsenal. For example, they signed Andre Iguodala, one of the best small forwards in the league. He fit right in the Warriors, who surged to a 51-31 record, the best in over 20 years.

They are having trouble with their coaching staff right now, with the firing of Jackson after a first round loss to the Los Angeles Clippers in 2013-14, but I’m sure that Joe Lacob will find a suitable replacement and send the Warriors to the playoffs yet again.

5. San Jose Sharks:

The Sharks are the Denver Nuggets of the NHL. They are always good in the regular season, and seem to have one of the best rosters on paper.

Unfortunately, however, they always choke in the playoffs. It’s very unfortunate because Bay Area fans are deserving of a Stanley Cup. The reason that the Sharks still are good today is because hockey players can play till they are considerably old. Most of the Sharks are up there, but not quite at the level of retirement. This Sharks’ core has a couple more good years left in them. They should be higher on this list, but losing a 7-game series after being up 3-0 is not cutting it.

6. Oakland Raiders:

Sorry Raider fans, but you must have known that this was coming. If you don’t like me saying this, then please specify in the comment section below why you think that the Raiders are better than the teams above them. Please eliminate the bias.

I cannot stress that part enough. Right now, I see the Raiders taking the steps in the right direction, but as far as I’m concerned, the Raiders are just going through another year of rebuilding.

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