Why Bandwagon Makes True Fans Angry

Apr 10, 2013; Portland, OR, USA; Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant (24) high fives fans after scoring 47 points against the Portland Trail Blazers at the Rose Garden. Mandatory Credit: Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, the bandwagon. So many are bandwagon fans, and that’s just something that isn’t going to “fly” with the real fans out there. Better conceal your identity, bandwagons, because it’s not going to be easy for you if you admit that you are one. Honestly, how many people were really there for the Los Angeles Dodgers before the 2013 season began?

And where were all the Miami Heat fans when they were in the middle of one of the worst seasons they’ve ever had. They were non-existant. That’s what I’ll tell you. Before you skim down to the comment section right away and trash me, I want you to hear my logic. People have been doing this all their lives, bandwagoning, and it’s gotten to the point of no return.

What us loyal fans are angered with is the fact that we stand by out teams through thick and thin and stay no matter how bad it gets. What you guys do, however, is come for the good times and find another team when the times are tough. I value Raider fans. Honestly, right now, the Oakland Raiders’ only step in the right direction is starting Terrelle Pryor. Other than that, they’re hopeless.

Do their fans seems to care? No. They stand by their team and still have all the happiness that they could after one win. The Raiders may not be a great football team, but I can tell you this, their fans stick by them no matter what. When the Raiders do become good, I’m sure their fanbase will grow rapidly, probably double in size, just like the 49ers’ fan base.

The problem with distinguishing the bandwagon fans from the real fans, however, is that the bandwagon will claim they’ve been there from the start, when in reality, they’re just trying to cover up the fact that they are all phony. Every Heat fan, for example, that I’ve talked to, claims to have been a fan from the start and that they would continue to like the team even if they started to lose.

Why do you think that the Los Angeles Lakers have so many fans? Is it because they’re just a likable team? I don’t think so. Many think Kobe Bryant, although one of the all-time greats, is very arrogant. The rest are his bandwagon fans who live all over the country. They’ve all been fans for so long that they’ve stuck to the Lakers and have become die-hard. If the Lakers were never good to start with, the situation would be a lot different.

In the 2013 NBA playoffs, I couldn’t believe how many people were posting on Facebook about how good the Warriors were doing in the postseason. In the regular season, and in years before, I had never seen a single person do that except for the diehard fans. Does loyalty mean nothing?

Personally, I think that when your favorite team finally has a winning season and postseason success, it’s more satisfactory than simply just becoming a fan for the good times. The reason bandwagoners are so hated is because loyal fans are angered with the other fans who think that switching teams is so easy. It’s very bothersome.

As a message to all the bandwagon fans from us real fans. STOP! Stick with one team for the longrun and stop being so arbitrary.


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  • Mark Shafer

    Show me the ticket stubs!
    I have a box of Raider ticket stubs. I think it is sac religious to throw them away. I thought about it but just can’t do it.

  • Juan Ruiz

    Right on point

  • Nicholas Mcilroy

    I’ve been a Warrior fan for about seven years – ever since I stopped playing basketball myself – and right after the “We Believe” team. I’ve argued for years with Lakers and other fans about why the Warriors are worth rooting for.

    And now that the Warriors are doing well, I’m finally starting to see people wearing Warrior gear…

    I don’t really get why people are so upset over bandwagon fans. That’s how franchises build up. That’s why the Warriors have fans in Australia thanks to Bogut. That’s why there will a lot more Warrior fans in Serbia thanks to Nedovic. It’s not bandwagoning, it’s just finally finding a reason to root for Bay Area franchises.

    I’m not huge into baseball or football, but when the 49ers / Giants / As are doing well I’ll watch games or go to games.

  • Rave on!

    This is the 2nd article you wrote on bandwagoning..give it up. It’s ok if your team doesn’t make the playoffs.

  • raidernation

    Yes. Ive been a raiders fan since the 80s when I was a young kid and tru thick and thin im always been a fan no matter what , 2-14, 4-12 x2 it doesnt matter, I even have a tattoo of my beloved Raiders that I got not so long ago … during our time in hell….(no winning record)…. I get laugh at @ my kids school when I wear my Raider gear, by the kids..lmao… ..

  • Omar Fouad

    Terrelle Pryor got traded the franchise qb is now David Carr. And why do you even care if people are bandwagon, that’s the best part, because if their team loses(especially in the postseason and it builds a sense of hatred for other teams, intensifying rivalries), it’s fun to see their reaction. In fact, I’m not a bandwagon, but bandwagon fans are part of sports and will stay a part of sports.

    • GreeneWolfe

      To correct you , DEREK Carr is the FUTURE franchise QB. Matt Schaub is one bad season removed from three straight division titles and three pro bowls as the Texans QB, and is the Raiders QB. He will be younger than Rich Gannon was when Gannon became a Raider. Everyone keeps forgetting about Matt Schaub.

      • Omar Fouad


      • Jose

        idk. you do know Dereks older bro wasnt as effective at qb as anyone thought

    • raidernation

      U lame fool .. thats not part of sports , its the negative side of it . I bet u one of them bandwagoneers.. if u are a sports fan pick a team and stick with them.., that’s makes u a fan not a fake one.. it doesn’t belong in sports go watch some soap opera better, u can change ur mind anytime …

      • Omar Fouad

        Shut your stupid ass up. Yeah I’m a bandwagon because cheering for the Raiders like I do, a team hasn’t made the playoffs since 2002, is being a bandwagon. Yeah I’m a bandwagon. For sure. And give me one reason to care if there are fake fans or not.

        • raidernation

          Tantrums….. u did a completely 360 with both ur comments…. r u sure ur not a 9ers fan , more….

          • Omar Fouad

            Nah I didn’t u don’t know me and ur tryin to accuse me. Now stay off my notifications.

    • Jose

      you sound like a bandwagoneer

      • Omar Fouad


  • O Hernandez

    I bet if whatever team you like is doing good, we wouldn’t see an article about about the fans that support your team.

  • Rave on!

    Oh wow, more of the same garbage out of this wannabe’s reporter mouth. Give it up.

  • stucktrader

    I happen to be a Raider (as well as A’s) and Laker fan… maybe if Golden State had their name with the city Oakland, i might have chosen them…

    I appreciate those that follow horrible teams from the beginning… Billy Crystal being a fan of the Clippers as a prime example…

    I have followed the Raiders with Plunkett…
    the A’s with the Bash brothers (i didn’t know bout steroids)…
    and the Lakers with Magic…

    The A’s and Lakers were able to get the right talent to make runs recently… Now the Lakers and trending down, the A’s are trending up… and the Raiders seem to have more structure…

    The Raiders have been lost since their last Super Bowl, and have the reputation as a badly run team, when things are starting to turn around… So, unless they get to that 6 win season (it’s a tough one this year) with close games with SF, SEA, DEN, NE… then the Raiders will continue to have the rep as a bad team…

    But we in Raider Nation can tell that something is definitely different this year… The vets are ALL TEAM PLAYERS(we’ll see about WR Little)… great foundation for the talent that they have picked up in Mack, Hayden, Carr, G Jax, etc…

  • B Christopher

    You know Taj,
    You’ve been told this before, right? You’re a total bandwagoneer. Here you are, posting articles about the Raiders having THE WORST FANS IN THE WORLD. You put it out there more than once too, just to get a rise, and NOW? now you’re writing articles about how great the Raider Nation is, three different times? TALK ABOUT A FLIP-FLOPPER. Give it a rest. You were assigned the Raiders as a job, your articles suck, they are rehashed crap you stole from someone else, and just STOP. Like you’re article says, STOP.
    We don’t want you, we don’t need you, you don’t know what loyalty is, so, QUIT! Quit pretending that you know what loyalty is.
    Take your crayons and lines paper, and go find something interesting to write about. Do some research, quit plagiarizing and go in depth, with anything! Your fascination with Raider Nation and your need to tell us stuff about shit we don’t even care about, is, well…….. boring!