NBA: Most Faithful and Supportive Home Crowds In the Post-Season

The playoffs are a time where NBA fans really get to express themselves. Unless your team is playing another team like the Los Angeles Lakers or the Miami Heat, you can really let lose and share the extra games with friends and fellow fans. Against the Lakers and the Heat, that is hard because there are so many bandwagon fans that are hard to deal with.

This article is purely for debate. While many NBA teams have excellent fan bases, which fan base will be the loudest, craziest and most inspiring in the playoffs?

Remember the 2007 Warrior fans? Yes, they sounded louder than a finals series because they had faith, and also because their  team hadn’t been in the playoffs for awhile. That all may change.

1. Golden State Warriors:

In the 2013-14 season, the Warriors finished as the sixth seed in the West.

The Warriors have always had “the best fans in the NBA”. In the 2007 Playoffs, the fans were the ones who propelled the Warriors to a win over the first seeded Dallas Mavericks. This was the first time in NBA history that an eighth seed had beaten the top seeded team in a 7-game series.

Who knows? Anything can happen in the playoffs, but most of the home wins are credited to the Warriors’ home crowd, who was spectacular. Against the Clippers in the 2014 Postseason, they were equally spectacular. Despite an 18-point deficit, the crowd was still on its feet after a free throw. That’s dedication.

2. Houston Rockets:

The Rockets are another team that hadn’t made the playoffs in a few years–2008-09 to be exact. Now that they’re coming into their own with Dwight Howard and James Harden at the helm, they’re looking like a solid team.

Their fans have been faithful, despite all the hardships. With the period of rebuilding over, the Rockets finally had a successful regular season. Although it didn’t carry over to the postseason, with the Rockets falling to the Trailblazers in the first round, the fans showed up every night and were as loud as can be.

Although most of their players are new acquisitions from the offseason, the Rocket fans have supported and waited patiently. Now that they’ve adjusted to each other well, they could finally being to crack the contender talks.

3. Portland Trailblazers: 

At the start of the 2013-14 season, no one considered the Blazers a good team. When the season started, they came storming out of the gates, and topped ESPN’s power rankings a few times. Were they for real? As it turned out, the early chemistry between their starting five was genuine. They face no problems as a team, and they’ve never been so good since the Brandon Roy days.

Now that they’ve made it out of the first round, they’re going to be doing a lot of damage to other teams with the help of their incredible fanbase. With a team with offensive firepower like the Blazers, why shouldn’t the fans lose their minds?

4. Oklahoma City Thunder:

There’s always skepticism about the Thunder going to the playoffs. Is Russell Westbrook a ballhog? Can Kevin Durant really lead his team to a title?

After surviving a 7-game, near disaster gut check against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Thunder are on to their next adventure against the Los Angeles Clippers. The only reason that the Grizzlies may have stayed in the series so long is likely because Tony Allen’s fantastic defense on Durant shut down OKC’s primary scorer (25 ppg for Durant is a shutdown).

Losing to the Grizzlies twice in OT at home, the Thunder fans never gave up on their team. They were there the next game, and even louder than before. From their staggered sections, to their hand-fans, the Thunder’s home crowd is one of the most deafening in the NBA.



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