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Jun 14, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; General view of Los Angeles Kings fans at the Staples Center at the Los Angeles Kings victory celebration. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Sports Fans: An Annoying Bias

If you’re a Los Angeles sports fan, I’m sorry to disappoint you with this truth-riddled article. The fact of the matter is that L.A. sports, other than the Dodgers, has taken a turn for the worst. You may argue that your teams are in control and have won more battles in the past, but look at the future. How bright does it look for your team? If you ask me, it’s certainly not the bright star that you can see for the Bay Area.

Many of you are going to argue that the Bay Area fans are bias as well. While that may be true, the fans up here can admit when they’re team is doing poorly. Giants fans, for example, accept the fact that their team won’t be making the playoffs this year. Warriors fans have been true to their team in the dark times, and are now deserving of the best possible outcomes.

The LA Clippers and Lakers were both forced out of the playoffs in the first round, even though both of their teams carried a lot of hype. The reason that there’s been no chance to prove bias in LA for the Lakers is because they’ve been a great team for a while. The Clippers, however, used to be happy with half an arena full. Now they’re selling out almost every game. There must be a reason for that.

The Giants may have a huge bandwagon fan base, but even through this horrible season of 2013, the fans are sticking with it and staying with their team even if they’re not doing so well. The Athletics, despite their newfound greatness, are still struggling to fill up seats. The area is just not a good place to be. You can see that there’s really no fan bias. Raiders fans admit that the team is doing horribly, and as did A’s fans when that was the case.

In L.A., however, fans argue that the past matters more than the present. “We’ve won more championships, so it’s okay.” Let’s not go there in a debate. In a debate, you have to actually provide a valid argument. Are you saying, LA fans, that you don’t care about future titles? How can one argue that the Lakers are a better team than the Warriors right now, just because they’ve won the second most championships in the NBA? There’s no point in that logic.

When questioning a Lakers fan about their apparent loyalty, saying that your team is better, they automatically go back to 2010, where the Lakers won the NBA Championship. How is this relevant to the debate that we’re having?

No matter the past, LA fans are quick to assume. The Bay Area is undoubtedly better at this point with every sports team except arguably the San Jose Earthquakes, and sometimes, the San Francisco Giants. But quite frankly, nobody cares about soccer.The Dodgers have been on a tear lately, and that’s one of the only advantages that they have over the Bay Area. But the Athletics are also on a tear.

Past may suggest how good a team used to be, but why does it have to come into the conversation when a debate about who the better team, in this day, 2014, is? The Lakers aren’t going to win the championship. Although the Clippers might, most of their fans are bandwagon. The past is the past. It happened and it’s done. If I were an L.A. sports fan, I wouldn’t bring number of championships into the picture.


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