Dec 22, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin (14) during the first half against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders: What Is Matt McGloin’s Future In Oakland?

It’s been a while since the Raiders had their last franchise quarterback, but Matt McGloin is hoping to change that and make a name for himself.

His stats from last season don’t exactly jump out at you, but once you factor in that he was an undrafted rookie playing with a banged up offensive line and inconsistent wide receivers, it makes you appreciate his performance a bit more. McGloin threw for 1,547 yards and eight touchdowns in his first year with Oakland, but also threw eight interceptions and finished with a 76.1 passer rating on the season. However, one can definitely make the argument that McGloin outperformed the other main quarterback on the depth chart during the season, Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor played in 11 games last season and threw for nearly 2,000 yards, but threw more interceptions (11) than touchdowns (7) and finished the season with a 69.1 passer rating. His knee injury that he suffered late in the season allowed McGloin to step right up and compete for the starting quarterback job. But at this point, do the Raiders even know who their starting quarterback is?

It appears not, because the Raiders seem to still be looking to upgrade at quarterback for the right price. In fact, as the NFL Draft looms near, rumors have continued to stir up about which top prospect will go where. Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the Raiders and top quarterback prospect Teddy Bridgewater had a “great meeting” at the NFL Combine.

“Everyone was in there from the owner to the general manager, head coach, offensive coordinator,” Bridgewater said. “It was a great meeting, a lot of energy, a lot of smiles, laughs.”

It’s hard to tell if there is any significance between the Raiders’ meeting with Bridgewater. Although one of the top prospects in the NFL Draft, Bridgewater may not even be available for Oakland at the fifth overall pick. And even if he is, is he the answer to their quarterback problems?

It has also been reported that the Raiders are frontrunners to sign free agent quarterback Michael Vick. It is still speculation at this point but the conclusion is that the Raiders are searching for another quarterback. They are clearly not confident in their depth at the position.

McGloin’s future in Oakland is clouded by what the Raiders’ front office is working on. Reggie McKenzie and his crew can pull the trigger on a free agent quarterback at any time, which will almost instantly change their plans for McGloin.

The thing is, McGloin has a knack for the position and definitely has potential to lead the team for at least the next season. He deserves the chance to continue working as the starting quarterback, and when he’s putting up performances like he did in Week 11 against the Houston Texans, fans can’t help but root for the kid.

Owner Mark Davis told the SF Chronicle that, “We have to find somebody in the draft or in free agency that is going to be the identity of the Raiders. I don’t know if we really have an identity now… The two guys that we’ve got, Terrelle (Pryor) and Matt (McGloin), are young guys that still need experience. Whether they get that here or not is to be seen.”

It just does not seem like the Raiders have much confidence in McGloin or even Pryor for that matter. With all the speculation of the Raiders looking around at different quarterbacks and Davis’ comments regarding their young quarterbacks, I just do not see McGloin having too bright of a future with Oakland.

Fans would love to see McGloin continue to develop and get a shot at leading the offense next season for at least a couple games. But if another quarterback comes knocking on Oakland’s door, I would not put my money on McGloin remaining as the starter.

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  • Kenny Oliver

    McGloin played well in one game and the stats were inflated due to all the Houston turnovers that made it easy for him. When you take into account wins then Pryor is by far the better QB. The line was in worse shape when he was starting and even though his stats didn’t look great he was able to do what needed to be done to get into the endzone. McGloin seemed to have a knack for falling apart late in games and if you take away the Houston game he really did not play well at all.

  • Raider3

    McGloin was by far the better of the qb’s and as his article states, McGloin was an undrafted FA that had to step in with probably any reps in practice and then had to play in the nfl against real defenses. Its called development, and this kid could be the real deal if given the chance.

  • 1hatedon

    According to wins, most total yards & total td’s this season its clear who has more potential… The raiders just need to fire DA like they have his prior offensive coordinators who lack the creativity & skillsets to coach up TP like the 10.000 per session he pays the throwing guru. I pity DA for his “step child” treatment of TP cause he’s what we call in the military a “Blue Falcon” or a “Buddy _ucker”(People who are hard to work with or for)… How does he even have a job still & the raiders are clearly rebuilding with millions of dollars for free agency & threw the draft!!! #TeamBlueFalconMustGo #ThebnaireOwnerLovesTPSoWhyNotTheCoach

  • Silvia Arredondo

    Time will tell or tell him apart. He is a rookie and didn’t have much talent and weapons around him. Im excited to see what he can do with key players around him.