Dec 29, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen on the sideline against the Denver Broncos during the fourth quarter at Coliseum. The Denver Broncos defeated the Oakland Raiders 34-14. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Will The Oakland Raiders Bring Back Dennis Allen Next Season?

It was a relatively disappointing season for the Oakland Raiders, who started out promising before collapsing at the end of the season. After week 11, the Raiders had 4-6 record and an outside shot at the playoffs with several winnable games in front of them. The Raiders would then fall flat on their faces by losing six straight to close out the year. The entire team completely regressed over the course of the season, especially the defense, which raises questions of the job security of head coach Dennis Allen and his assistant coaches.

There are massive amounts of speculation swirling around the Raiders and their front office, largely due to the media not knowing what to expect from owner Mark Davis. They assume that he would be similar to his father, who would have had a knee jerk reaction to the extremely poor performance shown by the team at the end of the season. Under the former Al Davis regime, there would have been wholesale changes regarding the coaching staff.

The initial rumblings coming out of Oakland are that Davis is going to trust the decision of his general manager Reggie McKenzie and give Allen one more year to show major improvements than when he took over the team in 2012. San Jose Mercury News writer Tim Kawakami seems to think that Allen will be in 2014 after speaking with Davis:


It is interesting twist away from the former thinking of the previous front office, which sacrificed continuity and stability to try and win now. It is worth noting that nothing has been officially announced, as Davis and Allen are scheduled to meet sometime early next week, but it is safe to assume that Allen will return.

There is a potential point of contention brewing regarding the status of Allen’s assistants. A report from CSN Bay Area is saying that the front office want to make some changes at the position coach level, while Allen wants to keep his staff intact. This is the one issue that could potentially have an impact on Allen’s status as head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

The team is willing to keep around offensive coordinator Greg Olson and defensive coordinator Jason Tarver, but they want changes made under those two. Many of those assistants have expiring contracts and the ownership has not shown any indication of offering more than a one-year deal. Allen had come to Davis in the beginning of the season to discuss extensions for his assistants, but Davis declined to discuss any extensions.

The decision to float one-year contracts to assistants with expired contracts combined with Allen having one year left on his deal could set up 2014 as a make-or-break season for the Allen era. It would allow Davis to make wholesale changes in the coaching staff with little dead money on the books. It would be an ideal situation for the ownership group, but will it be best for the team?

Having the coaching staff on one-year deals looks like an ideal situation, as it creates little to no problems once changes are made, but it sets up the coaching staff for failure. The coaches have the potential to be put into a lame duck situation. The players could potentially quit on a coaching staff once they face adversity, because they know the staff will not be around if the team fails to show improvements.

The idea to keep Allen for another season is the correct one, as an NFL head coach should get three to four seasons to turn around a struggling franchise, but not showing much confidence in your coaching staff is another issue all together. Will this team fold under Allen at the first sign of adversity because they know he will not be around after the season?

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  • PJ

    The team has already gave up on DA. When he benched a 3-5 TP who had us looking at a 6th seed hope. DA rode 5 straight losses with MM and tanked the season and the team. 8-24 tells the story. No GOOD HC needs 3-5 years to win. Reid, McCoy, Kelly, Trestman and even Munchak has made progress. DA needs to be fired. Why wait to see continuity with a losing HC instead of building continuity with a HC who knows how to win? DA plays to not lose and has proven time and time again he has no idea how to evaluate or develop talent! Its not a matter of if he gets fired, as it is when he gets fired. Writing is on the wall! Just get it over with and stop the pain!

    • Dean Thomas

      Have u looked at this roster, and $50mil in dead money this year? No depth, no great talent. Thus year coming up should show what him & his staff can do. The defense was worn out, MM had much better QB play than Pryor.

      • Ricky Bobby

        The D was worn out from chasing MM POINTS AFTER HIS FUMBLED SNAPS, pick 6′s & countless int’s.

      • Phil Mokate

        arousel, half time adjustments, clock manage, player utilization, losing leads with soft coverage, player evaluation and the list goes on and on. Trent Richardson with 70 mil. in cap room? Need I write more reasons to justify him being fired! Take a look at the whole picture!

    • Jerry Cui

      DA is also outcoach most of the time,

  • rollinnumbers

    pretty tough to improve on a 4-12 season with new england, san francisco, & seattle on next seasons schedule (not to mention denver & KC twice each)

    • PJ

      With DA at the helm, if he is, those are a good solid 7 losses for him. Now he will find a way to get those other 5 because he has a proven track record of continuity and his 3rd year will sure up a return for the 2015 campaign! Sweet! Then maybe everyone will pull their head out because he cant be fired soon enough for me. I got 2 words to start off the 2014 season and 70 mil. In cap space to work with…..Trent Edwards! Boom! Der it iz!

      • Bobby

        Kc finished the season 2-5 so don’t try arguing they are unbeatable and no team in the league is a guaranteed loss if you have the talent to compete the game planning and the in game adjustments are gonna determine everything maybe this year the adjustments were made but the players just couldn’t execute but there will be no more excuses next year

        • Phil Mokate

          Maybe it would be better for you if you stopped pretending you know what your talking about! They went 11-5 in their first (FIRST) year with a new coach and game plan. Who cares if they blew their lead? The point is they made it to the playoffs despite. When was the last time we came close to making the playoffs? Oh that’s right, 8-24 over the last two years. My bad, maybe next year with a whole new team it will just all the sudden go away and here we come SB? DA has had 2diff staffs, 2diff teams, 2diff playbook and 11 QB and still can’t win. Ariens, Reid, McCoy, Kelly? All did it in their first year with what they had and a few key pic ups, which Trent Edwards shows it’s the blind leading the blind. Your claims justify idiocy in such unfathomable mediocrity that you rest upon as a football IQ that it’s insulting to those of us true Raider fans that can recognize a smoke and mirrors act in this circus of so called coaching.

          • Bobby

            I’m not saying DA is the answer and we will be in the SB next year. But he went 8-24 with a team of under achievers and a team that wasn’t expected to win 1 game let alone 4. If you were a true raider fan you wouldn’t be talking up kc like they did some great thing this year maybe you need to go to kc web discussion and kiss their buts about finishing the season 2-5 but still making the playoffs cause your so much smarter about football and they will be so unbeatable next year because we have DA as our coach

          • Phil Mokate

            Your the one that brought up 2-5 w/KC? Not me! Its my opinion that DA is the worst coach since we have had in a long time. We may not have house hold names on the roster but 2 years of 4-12, 8-24 is not a vote of confidence from me that DA has had his hands tied. DA said in his first of the year press conf. that he saw PLENTY of talent on both sides of the ball to win more games. Then at the end of the year he says they had no talent? This guy is a clown and needs to be fired and I’m starting to believe RM needs to as well. What the hell kinds of pics are they making or should I say not making. Pathetic! Oh, KC, Donkeys and SD can kiss my ASS!

          • Bobby

            RM fixed the cap problem this is his first year with money and draft picks let’s see what happens and my problem is I’m an optimist and always hope whatever decisions are made are the right one whether bringing Dante culpepper to be QB or Matt Flynn to save the franchise and it seems like they’re keeping DA and RM for another year so I’m on board because I am a RAIDER FAN FOR LIFE and eventually the bleeding will stop

  • Cetswayo Dawson

    • Cetswayo Dawson

      Allen must go

  • Jaime Olguin

    You guys are looking at this all wrong, like the brother said we didn’t have the depths on the defenses line and there’s no way in hell that
    they would of been able to bounce back in second half of the season
    we just didn’t have the talent to compete they just got worn down
    TP is just a little boy in a mans body I hate to said that but it’s what
    it is.. Now with good cap space and a all are picks we will get better
    at all are skill position, and no Trent Edwards is not going to be that
    veteran presents he going to be one of four or five camp arms in
    camp to run one of four strings offences, so March is just a couple of months away and I am pump up can’t wait it’s going to be a great
    offseason for the Raider Nation

  • KloverJane

    Fix the ship already. No more mediocrity.

  • RdrFusion

    What amazed me was that we we’re the stepping stone for losing teams who we let beat us. Like the Giants, Redskins, Jets, etc…Should’ve beat all those teams!

  • PJ

    There is an email petition started to have DA fired and here is the email to have your say of what you want, [email protected], send in all your thoughts on this so called sinking ship or new LOSING regime! We as fans have a voice and believe it or not we pay the bills! This is our “Commitment to Excellence” vote for a HC that believes in “Just Win, Baby!”

  • Dean Thomas

    Whatever they’re gonna do, they should do it. If they do fire DA, what are they waiting for? Bengals are done, Jay Gruden?? Lovie Smith not available, Jon Gruden took himself out. I’d be all in for Ken Wisenhunt or somebody else with with successful head coaching experience. Granted, Jay Gruden doesn’t, but he could be successful.

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    Ok, let’s get this a chance. DA is a first time head coach, just like Madden he needs time. Learning along with players that wants to be a contender and with pride. Not just for a check. discipline is needed. A strong running attack to give our Qb’s. time to develop. Just like Flacco had with a great defense. Receivers starting to show promise. Streater, Holmes and Moore, maybe Criner. But in the draft we need to get CB’s with size and skills. I like Tarver, but we need to bring in Singletary. Or a defense coach that don’t fear challenges and make all players know we are a team and we fight for next man beside us.