Nov 26, 2013; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Raptors forward Rudy Gay (22) misses an attempted alley-oop against the Brooklyn Nets at Air Canada Centre. The Nets beat the Raptors 102-100. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento Kings: Why Rudy Gay Trade Was Smart For The Kings

Unless you have been under a rock for the past five hours the Sacramento Kings and the Toronto Raptors have made a trade centered around Rudy Gay. The seven-player trade consists of players such as Greivis Vasquez, Patrick Patterson, Chuck Hayes and John Salmons leaving Sacramento. The Raptors give up Quincy Acy, Aaron Gray and, of course, Rudy Gay.

This trade has overall got a positive outlook–for both teams–around the social network. The Kings get a star player in Rudy Gay, a player they need to really take their rebuilding process to the next level. The Raptors give up the talent to really clear the cap space as they are going to blow-up their roster once again and start another rebuilding process.

But was this the right move for Sacramento?

Statistically Rudy Gay has not been having the greatest year. He has been shooting a terrible 38 percent from the field and 37 percent from the 3-point line. He is averaging 19 points, seven rebounds and two assists per game. So while Gay is have a rough year, the Kings really needed a player like him.

Gay fills the void of small forward, which is badly needed on their roster. They also get a volume shooter that has proven in the past with the Memphis Grizzlies that he can do that in the fourth quarter. He does have a major contract making just more than $17 million this year and next year has a player option in which he could make $19 million if he decides to opt in (which seems very likely).

To be honest, for Sacramento to get a star like Gay, they will need to spend the money. Not many star players on the level of Mr. Gay are really looking at Sacramento as their first-choice destination. However, if Rudy Gay does decided to opt out of his contract and test his value on the free agency market, the Kings just opened up a full load of cap space going into one of the biggest offseasons for the NBA.

To get back on the court again for Sacramento. The Kings need another option offensively, a player that can really help DeMarcus Cousins put points on the board. Rudy Gay will be a very big vocal point for the team going forward for sure and early reports are suggesting that the Kings could use Gay as a stretch 4 next to their franchise big man and using a back and forth piece with Gay and Derrick Williams.

The Kings and Raptors definitely came out equal in this trade. The Kings got a piece they really needed to move their rebuilding process to a new level. The Raptors get the cap space to start making more moves. This move for both teams are most likely not the last for either of them. Both teams will look different by the end of February and even more different by the start of next season. If I had to give an overall grade for both teams it would be Kings: A- Raptors: A

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  • Brian Banifatemi

    I don’t know how I feel about this trade for the Kings. Good for the Raptors, who made a quality salary dump on a player they knew probably didn’t have a future in Toronto. As for the Kings, I just don’t think Gay is worth over $36 million for two years on a team that won’t even be seriously contending. Maybe he fits in to the system though, so I guess only time will tell.

  • vince miracle

    I will say this- the Kings needed Rudy Gay and although the team is not a contender now the moves that they are making they are showing that they are being aggressive to get better. Also there is only 2 years left on deal and next year Gay can have the choice to opt out (which I don’t think he will bt still an option) after that negations for a new contract can take place. Plus, Gay is still an all-star caliber player. Like most stars in this league, sacramento is not anyone’s first choice to play for. So no matter what the Kings were spending the money to get a player like gay this off-season, bt now they got the talent instead of making offers and possibly losing to other (better destination) teams. To also think about who they gave up to get Rudy Gay was a very good deal for the Kings and they didn’t (Couldn’t) trade a draft pick so they still have a first rounder if picking within the first 10 picks.

    • Brian Banifatemi

      Definitely looks good that the front office is being aggressive but I just think it’s a horrible contract. We’ll have to see how he plays in Sacramento’s system.