Aug 23, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie before the game against the Chicago Bears at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders: Should Reggie McKenzie Be Held Accountable For His QB Investments?

Quarterback Matt Flynn, who was acquired by the Oakland Raiders in a trade with Seattle this offseason, has officially been released.

Flynn was brought in to run the show as the Raiders starter after the departure of Carson Palmer, though he was beaten out in training camp and the preseason by Terrelle Pryor.

When Pryor was sidelined earlier this season against Washington after suffering a concussion, Flynn filled in so poorly that he was demoted from second to third on the depth chart shortly after Pryor’s return. The next step was releasing him.

Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie should certainly be held accountable for the awful acquisition. The Raiders traded away a fifth-round pick for Flynn which resulted in a complete waste.

Flynn was a terrible investment, not only because Oakland will now miss on a necessary fifth-round pick, but cutting Flynn was an extraordinarily expensive move for the Raiders. The 28-year-old former LSU quarterback has a $6.5 million fully guaranteed contract for 2013.

In addition, quarterback Tyler Wilson was drafted in the fourth-round to compete for the starting job, but ended up getting cut and sent to the practice squad before the season opener.

Moreover, the fourth-round pick out of Arkansas was a downright disgrace. Wilson was drafted to possibly become the team’s starter, but instead a disaster arose. The former Razorback showed no signs of improvement, which initially resulted in a drop from third to fourth on the depth chart. After poor play in the preseason when he was given opportunity to shine, the Raiders decided to cut Wilson and send him down to the practice squad.

McKenzie could have improved the offensive line, defensive line, or even upgrade the wide receiver position with a fourth-round choice. The Raiders needed to capitalize on every pick in the draft, considering how awful their draftees have been in recent years, and ultimately to improve all areas. A fourth-round pick has the potential to be incredibly valuable, yet was wasted by an insignificant choice.

McKenzie should definitely be held accountable for his quarterback investments. A fourth-round pick could have been a game changer, or at least a role player who could have improved one of the many struggling areas. The Flynn situation is simply frustrating for Raider fans. Not only did McKenzie waste $6.5 million on a quarterback who is not even on the roster anymore, but a potential fifth-round pick fell in the gutter as well.

The good news, however, is that Pryor looks like a keeper at quarterback. The former Ohio State Buckeye is taking an immense amount of weight off of McKenzie’s shoulders. As long as Pryor continues to play at a high level, McKenzie’s job should remain secure.

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  • Stanley Carr

    He has made mistakes but overall he’s been great! Flynn was a fuck up but Wilson was projected to b a first rounder until his coach wanted some strange! He has done a great job from where he started!! GO RAIDERS!

  • Tim Martindale

    Yea he deserves blame, but it’s good the coaches can c it instead of playing them anyway like in years past. And it’s good Mckenzie is not making them play the guys like Davis did. It’s a crap shoot u win some u lose some, but as long as there’s not too many mistakes and meant spent money

  • Mark Shafer

    Sure hold Mc Kenzie accountable for his mistakes.
    This works for me just as long as you give credit where credit is do. I am referring to that great defensive show from Sunday night. We held the Chargers offense out of the end zone for three quarters. That is impressive for any team let alone a team who has only one starter from the previous season.
    Matt Flynn in training camp when I attended looked better than Pryor. Granted the practice was geared towards a pocket passer quarter back style. I was never big on the move but given the prospect of over paying Palmer and not giving Pryor a chance it was acceptable.

  • AnthonyMills

    trading for Flynn was stupid did any of you guys listen to what Amy Trask said why trade for Flynn when he got beat out by a youngster in Seattle then draft a qb who surely is a yr or two from giving even the waterboy competition dejavu Flynn gets beaten.out of his starter spot Reggie ego and decision making was challenged hard by Amy lol and Al Davis very last pick is kicking ass.

  • MartyCalderon

    McKenzie was a good, solid Raider linebacker during his time. He hired a good defensive minded coach and he put most his effort in the defense. That has been going very well. The rest of the offense has started out good, though injures are starting to catch up. But what’s impressed me about McKenzie, once one man goes down they’ll find a new man to take their place. So to me, I see improvement and I see progress and that’s a good reflection on McKenzie. There are only so many franchise quarterbacks, and not every franchise quarterback is a winner (see Tony Romo). So I don’t fault McKenzie on the QB thing, as long as the rest of the team improves.

  • Bob

    Yes. How long can you say he is new at this? I really had reservations about Flynn, but put my rationalization hat on. Then, we kept hearing rumors that he wanted Barkley during the draft and picked up Wilson in the fourth round and then cut him. That pick could have been used on a player that is actually PLAYING on the team.

    Couple that with the poor OC and ST picks last year and we as fans keep putting up with more lost years.

    I was one of the fans in the stands booing Flynn too.

    So, Reggie needs to put on his big boy pants and start making better decisions.

    • Raider3

      Where is Tyler Wilson at? Oh, that’s right, he’s a quarterback in the raiders organization.

      • Bob

        Uh, on the practice squad because no other team wanted him. Do you even know anything about football?

        • Raider3

          Who cares if nobody else picked him up, he’s on our team and is getting reps in practice just as if nothing changed. BTW, why didn’t any other teams draft Tom Brady before he was drafted in t sixth round? Oh, because nobody else wanted him. Very rarely do players come into the league and are eye poppers fought out of their first camp. Do YOU know anything about football?

          • Bob

            Yup, 50 year Raiders fan.

            My point is the fourth round pick could have been used better.

          • Raider3

            How can anyone say that. We’re 5 games into the season after this draft, nobody can predict what will come of any of the draft picks in 4-5 years. Wilson might end up being a solid quarterback in the nfl but he needs time. Our backup quarterback wasnt even drafted this year so did 31 other teams mess up by not drafting him? Time will tell, but not 5 games.

          • Bob

            Just my opinion, but when a team goes 4 -12, their fourth round draft pick should be on the 53 man roster. That is my opinion and I will not change it.

          • Raider3

            Even better is he’s not taking up a roster spot and He’s not going to be used anyhow. Where was Marquette King last year? Once a player is in the system it doesn’t matter what round they went in or if they were even drafted.

  • tdog

    Hey u win some u lose some, I keep hearing people say things like we could have gotten this for a 4th round pick or we could get this for a 5th round pick, but remember that those could also be bad picks. No one hits 100% on there picks or in free agency, the good thing is that u know one thing with the raiders now. IF U WORK HARD AND PRODUCE U WILL PLAY NO MATTER WHERE U WERE DRAFTED. Give Mckenzie a chance to do his thing, let see what he does with some cap room. 2014 is the year to judge him on.

  • Raider3

    This is a dumb article. Wilson isn’t a wasted pick as he’s still in the organization and will some day contribute. Yea, Flynn was released, big deal, we moved on from him just as other investments are dumped because they don’t work out. You act as if every move HAS to work out or they are terrible choices. RM has done a great job in very little time and if you don’t see that then I pitty you. Last I checked we have been competitive in every game this season and could very easily be 4-1 if not for a missed field goal and a bad no call by an official. And we have $50 million in cap space coming up next year. This article is crap at best.

  • Werner Lewis

    Danny, the question is, should you or your 3rd grade teacher be held accountable for your butchering of the English language? “could of”????? Try “could have”.

    I am from Switzerland and have bled Silver and Black since 1963. Commitment to excellence baby. REGGIE, REGGIE, REGGIE!

  • Danny Saeed

    I agree with those who say McKenzie should be held accountable, but has also done some good things. I do like how the defense has looked. It still has much room for improvement, but it has improved tremendously from last year’s. Look, I understand the situation McKenzie came in on. It’s going to take some time… we really cannot fully judge him until next season. But Pryor’s looking great, exceeding everyone’s expectations really, and the D has improved. I just want out offensive line to be fully healthy for once… poor Pryor. Good thing he’s a weapon out of the pocket.

  • Danny Saeed

    I personally think Flynn was an awful move (that’s obvious), and Wilson was NOT a good choice. But hey, he’s not going to nail every draft pick. I understand that… However, it is frustrating. Our picks over the last several years have been disappointing for the most part.. a couple good ones, but too much trash. Thought he should of drafted an offensive lineman personally, or defensive lineman.

  • Lupe Rubalcava Jr.

    This article is garbage, what are you suggesting that McKenzie should be fired??? Every team in the league drafts people that don’t work out. It happens. There are no guarantees. This team is much better than last years team, and next years team will be better than this years team. Rebuilding is a process and mistakes will be made, DEAL WITH IT!!! You want to write something about the Raider write something postive, I don’t even know why I bother reading garbage like this. Go write for the Niners!

  • phil s

    Damn right he should not get a pass he was brought in to make smart decisions and so far in my opinion the only good thing he has done is free up $$$ for next year. But let’s be real a 12 year old could have fired those over paid & hyped players. Now look what him and Allen are doing after 4 beautiful & amazing games #2 has had breathing life into this team and fans they still continue to not fully back #2… said this guy is probably the only reason Mr. Davis has not handed @ least 1 of them walking papers yet.

  • Chuy Bustillos

    This article forgot to mention his moves during the draft, He picked up a few draft picks during the draft, and he also restructured Flynn’s contract to free up money for this years free agents. Flynn’s original contract was for like 15 or 16 million. He also convinced Woodson to come over to the dark side instead of the Donkeys. As far as Reggie making mistakes yeah he made them but his overall negotiations have been remarkable. We where predicted by everybody to go winless this season and now we are looking like contenders with a bunch of “washed up” players that HE brought in, NOT anybody else but McKenzie. We will never grow as a team if we think that there is a “magic wand” out there and keep switching out coaches, GM, and so forth. There has to be that chemistry between everyone and that will never happen if we decide to clean house every year. Right now every player, coach, and coordinator is on the same page and that is to “Just Win Baby”.