Sep 23, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Oakland Raiders wide receiver Denarius Moore (17) breaks a tackle from Denver Broncos cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (45) and safety Duke Ihenacho (33) for a touchdown during the first half at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders Can Take Positives From Loss to Broncos

Let’s just tag this as a game of miscues and mistakes, and move on. The Oakland Raiders were outplayed outmanned, and out scored in several categories. On the score board, it was 37-21, a lopsided victory for the Denver Broncos.

In theory, it was a predicted win for the Broncos. Yet, in reality, it was a early season check up for the Raiders.

Peyton Manning threw for 372 yards, and had a career night, completing 32 out of 37 passes. He also had no interceptions on the night. As a matter of fact, Manning has not thrown an interception all season. Manning’s 12 TD passes are an NFL record for the opening three games, breaking Tom Brady’s mark of 11 in 2011.

Eight different receivers were able to latch on to the ball for the Broncos. The skilled Denver receiver Eric Decker grabbed eight passes from Manning for 133 yards on the night and one touchdown. Demaryius Thomas had 10 catches for 94 yards.

Contrary to some beliefs that the secondary had played particularly well in the two previous games, the. Swiss cheese factor held true for the Raiders on Monday night.They allowed too many holes in the coverage, and too much cushion the secondary. They didn’t challenge the receivers for the Broncos, giving Manning and company the rhythm and timing to be successful. Playing cautious will get you beat in the NFL.

Combination routs confused the secondary, as double moves were almost impossible to cover. Linebackers on wide outs is always a bad thing. It is almost impossible to cover talented receivers with out pressure on the QB. Lamarr Houston had the lone sack on the night. Houston added constant pressure on Manning as did defensive end Jason Hunter. Three times out of 37 attempts, the Raiders were able to put a hand on Manning.

You can’t put your defense on the field all night. You have to establish some ball control. The Broncos ran 72 plays, and recorded 31 first downs. That was a no-huddle offense, not a hurry-up offense. At Mile High, you can expect players to play with conditioning, but in reality it, does not happen. Depleted oxygen was evident.

Looking at this game as a early season evaluation, there are defiantly items that can be fixed, replaced or repaired. The personnel is going to remain the same. Second-year defensive coordinator Jason Tarver may have to look at getting more pressure from the defensive corners. Jamming the receiver before he get off the line interrupts the timing between the QB and the receiver.

The Raiders need to perform stunts with the front seven to confuse the blocking schemes of the offensive line. Pressure needs to be applied to force the QB into bad decisions or to force a non-mobile QB into moving out of the pocket. For the defense, 2.5 seconds is what the QB should get in the pocket before pressure is applied. Manning had relatively all night to slice and dice the cheese, picking the Raider secondary apart.

The Raiders’ offense was bland. The offensive line is going to struggle — we know that going into to every game. They showed amazing progress at times, and just as quickly displayed comical errors. The Broncos brought more pressure than the Raiders could pick up. There were times that the backs picked up their chip block and added to the success of the protection.

Terrelle Pryor (19-for-28 for 281 yards) showed improvement and better decision making. After watching last night’s game, he was looking for the pass maybe a little too much instead of using his feet to move the ball. Pryor was sacked three times, while being harassed most of the game. The Broncos pressured Pryor all night, rushing him or putting pressure on him six more times.

A highlight for the offense was Pryor hitting Denarius Moore in the middle of the field, as Broncos defensive backs Duke Ihenacho,and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie whiffed on the tackle. Moore went 73 yards to cut Oakland’s deficit to 17-7 in the second quarter. Pryor left the game late with a reported concussion.

With a passing game, you have to have a running game — one sets up the other. The Raiders run game was stopped cold in the Rocky Mountain state. Darren McFadden was a name on a roster Monday night — 12 carries for nine yards. Not the kind of stats that make your stock go up and want a franchise to resign you.

Granted, last week, McFadden did well rushing against the Jaguars — the Jaguars, I remind you. He is currently ranked 16th in the NFL with 186 total rushing yards. McFadden averages 62 yards per game has scored one TD, averaging 3.9 yards per carry. For the passing game to improve, the down hill running game has to improve.

Marcel Reece was a beacon of light catching the ball, collecting yardage after the catch (YAC). He looks to be on the way to a successful and productive season.

Another positive position for the Raiders was Marquette King, the punter for the Raiders that has almost made fans forget about Shane Lechler. King leads the NFL in punting average at 50.7 yards.

The game goes down as a loss. Yet, the Raiders can take this loss and turn it in to something positive for the remaining part of the season. Blocking can fixed, holes can be filled, and games can be won.


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  • Chris Schroeder

    Yeah, if it wasn’t for the lopsided first half the raiders could have won this game. Look, not many quarterbacks get abducted by aliens in the off-season and anal probed only to return with super human abilities. That is Manning. He is clearly such a freak of nature when it comes to football and plays the game with such precision that I don’t care what defense you are he will figure you out and burn you. That is evident after Monday night. Here is what I take away from the game……If Janikowski would have attempted and made the 68 yard field goal which he could have very easily, and Denarious moore does not drop that pass in the end zone, we are looking at a six-point game. We got a sack forced fumble on Manning. First of the year since he has been nearly perfect (props for that). I also have to take credit away from Greg Olsen for his offensive playcalling. Don’t agree with all the rushing Darren McFadden was doing up the middle since the Broncos are number one in rush defense, kind of saw that one coming. I think Olsen could have been more creative in his playcalling like he was towards the end. If I could sit down with Greg Olsen and give him one piece of advice, that piece of advice would be…. You have a very mobile and athletic quarterback who is also a pocket passer. Use his abilities to run and maneuver, use Mcfadden as a catch and run in obvious situations and switch up the play calling a little bit more. He is not a conservative quarterback don’t treat him as such. don’t treat him as such. If he would have fake the handoff to Mcfaddin on a few of those plays I noticed there was room on the edge to run for probably 50 yards or more. Those were just bad play calls and he is very deceptive

    • James K

      Somebody sign Mr . Schroeder here as a consultant please.
      As stated it was closer than the score showed. I’ll add this, put Mr. Manning on the ground a few more times and he would have lost his rythymm, anal probe or not!

      • Blu Spikes

        The game was never close we want to believe that but it was out of control early., Manning may not be the second coming, but Manning is learning how to walk on water.

        thanks for posting.

    • Nick doucher

      Yep very close game, it was fun seeing the Broncos try different formations and practicing for real competition.

      • Blu Spikes

        The game was close? Then the Broncos kicked off and it went to hell in a hand bag, PDQ!

        Thanks for posting!

    • Blu Spikes

      If, could have, would have, should have, possibilities, potential,. All words that play on the theory of maybe. If it wasn’t for the fact I’m not 7’6 I could be in the NBA. This game was over when it started, the Broncos out classes, out played, and out manned the raiders at every position. The Def. looked to be playing dont get beat deep, and that didn’t work out. Play man coverage, that didn’t work out, and finally lets try to cover by our assignment —well that didn’t work either.

      McFadden the WOW factor is gone, you wanted to run down hill, be careful what you ask for , it might come true! O line is fragile, brittle, wrinkle, crinkle-rs. They might have more success opening a can of beans than a hole on the offensive line of scrimmage.

      Thanks for posting-Redskins are up next just win baby!