November 3, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors shooting guard Stephen Curry (30) controls the ball against the defense of Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul (3) during the second half at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Rivalry Is Growing Between Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers

What are they thinking? What’s their next move? When are they going to do it? Yes, the Los Angeles Clippers have become total enemies of the Golden State Warriors, but there’s nothing wrong with a heated rivalry, correct?

Well, this is not just any rivalry. This is a rivalry about who wins the state of California. With the Lakers and the Kings not in the picture, the Warriors and the Clippers are going to battle for playoff spots and the top of the division. Whoever wins the division will secure homecourt advantage in the playoffs, a key weapon that is valuable to both teams. Why do these guys hate each other so much?

Well, it all started in a very heated game in LA, where David Lee shouted to Blake Griffin, “Stop flopping!” After that, the Warriors went on to take the victory, and “celebrate like they won the championship”. That didn’t sit too well with Chris Paul. Despite another humbling blowout loss to the Warriors in Oracle, the Clippers never gave into the taunting of the Warrior fans.

After miserably missing a 3-point shot off the backboard, Griffin help his contempt for the Warrior fans. He took out his anger explosively when he in the Clippers routed the Warriors at home. The Warriors, however, got them back with another outstanding home win.

See the back-and-forth that goes on here? These are what rivals do. They fight until they can’t fight anymore, they get the crowds involved, and they sometimes get into arguments and fights. It’s normal to see Lakers and Celtics fans fighting each other, but Clippers and the Warriors fans? These are two teams that have just established their status as great teams. It seems a little bit too soon for this, don’t you think?

While both of these teams are deserving of the top seed in the Pacific Division, only one of them can actually win it. Right now, the favor leans in the Clippers’ direction, but that could change at an instant, because the Warriors are much better than people actually think they are. For example, zero ESPN analysts picked the Warriors to beat the Denver Nuggets, and this was before David Lee went down with his injury.

The Warriors may play the Clippers only four games per year, but you bet those are going to be four of the best games you will watch. Whether it’s a blowout, or the fans get involved, the games are going to be good. This is a new rivalry, and it’s what California basketball fans have been waiting for. TWO good teams at the same time as opposed to one.

Don’t believe these two are rivals? Well, the biggest rivals usually face off on Christmas Day, and the Warriors have a date with the Clippers in Oracle Arena.

Aside from the playoff hunt games that will come at the end of the season, this is going to be the most entertaining and fun to watch. Better not miss it!

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