Sep 8, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) scrambles from Indianapolis Colts linebacker Robert Mathis (98) at Lucas Oil Stadium. The Colts defeated the Raiders 24-21. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

How Terrelle Pryor Changes The Oakland Raiders' Offense

After an electrifying performance last sunday, Oakland Raiders starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor is poised for yet another big outing this weekend. Pryor not only kept the Raiders in the game, but he almost brought them back to victory. While head coach Dennis Allen proclaimed “Make no mistake about it, there are no moral victories in the NFL,” Raider Nation will flounce to O.CO colliseum with a glimmer of hope.

The Raiders have been so awful in past decade that fans’ hope had died away with season after season of misery. What Terrelle Pryor has brought to the Raiders is far greater than a moral victory, he has brought hope. Every fan-base in the NFL claims to be the best, but Raider Nation surely is the best–boasting fans all over the country covering every race, color, and creed. With a glimmer of hope they will come alive, alive like they haven’t been for over a decade.

After watching the Indianapolis Colts game, i started wondering how the game would have turned out with Matt Flynn under center. The answer to that dilemma provided me with some insight into what Pryor brings to the Offense.

Game Breaking Ability

Pryor being an outstanding athlete provides for the possibility of breaking a game open. His threat keeps more men in the box along with ends having to play wider to contain Pryor in the pocket, also defensive backs have to play man defense on the outside. A few things happen when a defense has to play that way–they allow a cleaner pocket for the passer, the quarterback has more time in the pocket, receivers have the time to get down field, and a seem opens right down the middle of the field. Pryor’s running threat alone opens up the offense while Matt Flynn’s inability to stretch the field would limit the offense to dink and dunks for short gains.

Composure Under Center 

I’ll admit i wasn’t a huge Pryor fan going into training camp, but i have been pleasantly surprised by his composure in the huddle. There is something about him that excites fans. He exudes the confidence necessary to play quarterback in the NFL, he is a great leader around his teammates, an extremely hard worker, is very poised under pressure, and has the ultimate desire to better. So how does all that change the Raiders’ offense? Simply put, Matt Flynn doesn’t provide any of those qualities.

Terrelle Pryor is no Colin Kaepernick, but he has all the tools to be as good. With hard work and game experience, Pryor could one day take the Raiders to the promised land.


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