Michael Crabtree (Photo: Jack Gruber / USA TODAY Sports), and Percy Harvin (Photo: Joe Nicholson / USA TODAY Sports)

San Francisco 49ers: Do Michael Crabtree's And Percy Harvin's Injuries Even Out?

The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks rivalry is quickly becoming the best rivalry in the NFL. Both teams lead a much more challenging NFC West division, and both look to be serious threats to represent the NFC in Super Bowl. These two teams are virtually identical to each other.

Both teams feature rosters that place an emphasis on being extremely physical on both sides of the ball. They both feature power running schemes, ones that finished in the top four in total running yards. They also possess dominating defenses, with the Niners featuring a stronger front seven and the Seahawks getting the edge in the secondary. Both defenses were top four units, while the Niners allowed fewer yards and the Seahawks allowed fewer points.

Scot McCloughan is the mastermind behind both of the these teams, as he was in charge of the Niners’ player personnel from 2005 to 2010 before leaving for “personal reasons”. Then, he was hired by the Seahawks prior to the 2010 season. McCloughan’s trademark is to have a roster full of big-bodied, strong players, which is evident when you look at the two rosters.

This parity has lead to a sort of “arms race”, as each team is vying for the top spot in the NFC West. The Seahawks made the first big move when they traded for Percy Harvin. They traded their first-round pick and seventh-round pick in 2013 and third-round pick in 2014 for the explosive playmaker. The Niners answered shortly after by acquiring playoff hero Anquan Boldin for a sixth-round pick.

The moves were made to push each team over the top, as they both filled major holes. The Niners got more depth at the receiver position behind Michael Crabtree, while the Seahawks got the top-flight playmaker at the receiver position.

Those plans went up in smoke as the two teams took turns on a “reverse arms race.” On May 21st, Michael Crabtree tore his Achilles tendon during the teams offseason OTAs. His injury is devastating to the Niners offense, as it hoped he would take that next step into the league’s elite receivers.

Crabtree had a break through season last year with 85 catches for 1,105 yards and nine touchdowns during the regular season. He stepped up big time in the playoffs after a dismal playoff performance in 2011. During the playoffs, Crabtree accumulated 20 receptions for 285 yards and three touchdowns.

The addition of Anquan Boldin was to not only make the offense more dynamic with more weapons, but for Boldin to take some of the coverage away from Crabtree. There were vision of the Niners featuring an offense like those during the late 80′s and the early 90′s with Crabtree and Boldin looking like Jerry Rice and John Taylor.

The addition of Boldin looks much better, as he will be an adequate replacement to step into Crabtree’s slot. With Boldin, you give up a little speed and big play ability, but you gain more consistency and catching in traffic. The place where it hurts the most is the depth at the receiver position. It puts the Niners right back to where they were before the acquisition of Boldin, as they remaining players are young players that need to step up.

Just two months following the Crabtree injury, the Seahawks placed Harvin on the active, physically unable to perform list with a torn labrum in his hip. Harvin injured the hip working out on his own between the team’s minicamps and the opening of training camp.

The Seahawks had high hopes with Harvin to be their multi-tool weapon with his explosive, playmaking ability. Harvin was a perfect fit in the dynamic option offense that the Seahawks wanted to run with their talented signal caller Russell Wilson. They also wanted Harvin to come in a provide a spark on special teams in the return game.

Harvin is dynamic player that has been a rushing and a receiver threat. Harvin’s best season came in 2011, which was his last full season. He collected 87 receptions for 967 yards and six touchdowns. He also added 345 yards and two touchdowns on the ground.

Seattle has some talent at the skill positions with Marshawn Lynch at running back and Sidney Rice and Golden Tate at the wide receiver position. This would have allowed the Seahawks to be creative in the ways they got the ball into Harvin’s hands. They could line him up outside, in the slot, and in the backfield and then they could use him in a variety of ways at each spot. He would have been nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators to game plan around.

The question that arises from this is which team does it affect worst, or do the two injuries effectively cancel out one another. At first glance, it would look like the two injuries effectively cancel each out, as it rids the team of two playmakers at the receiver position. Also, on the premise that Boldin is the replacement for Crabtree, both teams are essential the same at the receiver position that they were last year.

Looking deeper, it would seem that the Niners are affected more adversely. They lose a key contributor to their offense from last season. He was the Niners’ number one receiver last year and now they are without his services. Boldin is a great player, but he is on the downside of his career while Crabtree was finally on the way to reaching his potential. So, the Niners do not lose much with Boldin, but they lose enough for it to be noticeable and it puts pressure on their youngers players to take on a much larger role.

They Seahwaks have pretty good depth at the receiver position. They have their top two receivers in Rice and Tate, who combined for 95 receptions for 1,436 yards and 14 touchdowns. They also have talented third-year player Doug Baldwin as their slot receiver. They also added Chris Harper from Kansas State in the fourth round of the draft.

Also, the Seahawks do not lose production from last season. Harvin was an addition to the team and he is not production that the Seahawks lost. They had a pretty effective offensive unit last season and much of that unit is intact, along with several talented rookies to provide more depth.

The facts show that the Niners losing Crabtree is a little more severe than the Seahawks losing Harvin. Both players are aiming for a return around Thanksgiving, but how effective they will be on their return will have to be seen.

So, it might be another year before we can see these two offenses at their peak potential, but as of right now, the Seahawks have the initial edge at the receiver position.

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  • loverpoint

    Some would say; How can you miss Percy Harvin, he was never on the team. But that is like saying how can you miss a crop of food that was destroyed by drought or disease. Seattle invested draft choices and money and have nothing for it.

    Any starting player is missed if they are injured. Both teams were fortunate that the injuries occurred before the first preseason game was even played, so it will give the teams time to adjust .

    If anyone will suffer it will be Michael Crabtree who is in a contract year in 2013. Percy Harvin was lucky his new contract with all that guaranteed money was signed before he was injured. Crabtree may not even play in the 2013 season. So if the players that are filling in for him do well, his bargaining power at the negotiation table will be diminished. The 49ers will say; Hey, you sat out part of your rookie season negotiating ( or was he really sitting out because he could not play on the ankle he injured in college ?), Then 2010 you sit out of training camp, 2011 the CBA gave you an excuse not to show up for training camp and you had an OK season considering there was a new coach and offense. 2012 you had the best season of your career with 85 catches 1103 yards, the 49ers made the Super Bowl, yet the offensive coordinator blew the game trying to make Crabtree the hero. 2013 Crabtrees season was over before it started. So for a 1st round pick the 49ers have only gotten 3.5 years of playing time out of a 5 year contract, and one 1,000 + yard receiving season. For all we know, Crabtree may be as injury prone as Percy Harvin. He has the talent, does he have the durability ?

  • loverpoint

    Both Crabtree and Harvin have almost identical Career numbers. Harvin is probably more valuable in that he returns kicks and Punts. Overall of all the WR’s taken in the 2009 draft. Crabtree is #4 and Harvin is #5 in stats.
    Mike Wallace #1, Hakeem Nicks #2, Jeremy Macklin #3. Of the top 5 WR’s in that draft class Wallace was the only one not taken in the 1st round.

    • Benjamin Poole

      Huh. Interesting. One guy has had a steady and decent quaterback in Smith as well as Kaepernick. The other has had the following, Brett Favre at his worst, Tarvaris Jackson, Joe Webb, Donavan McNabb and Christian Ponder……? Do you guys realize that CATCHING the ball is one part of the equation. Save your stats. I can watch both guys play and realize who is better and who is more valuable to their team. Harvin is more valuable because he receives, takes handoffs, returns punts and kickoffs, and does them all with speed and authority. You can knock Harvin for one thing his entire career….he could very well be made of glass or ceramic.

  • SportsFan123

    Crabtree will return sometime at the end of the season

  • skeletony

    This article is absurd. How is the loss of Crabtree anywhere near as bad as the loss of Harvin?! That is like Arizona losing Carson Palmer and Denver losing Peyton Manning and someone saying that Arizona suffered the bigger loss.

    • goldenbaysports

      Percy Harvin is THAT much better than Michael Crabtree?

      • skeletony

        Yes, he is. Remember Crabtrtee was mostly considered a bust until this last year and even then his contribution was kind of middle-of-the-pack (no 1,000 yards, was fairly reliable but nothing screaming ‘star player’.). Harvin is one of those rare talents that can do a lot of things really well (not to mention usually being the fastest guy on the field when he is on the field) from slot receiver to RB to WR to kick and punt returns.

        • goldenbaysports

          Crabtree is the 49ers No. 1 receiver. Besides Anquan Boldin, who do they have to depend on at this point at WR?
          Harvin hasn’t played a single snap for the Seahawks.
          See Loverpoint’s comments below. These two players are not so far apart.

          • Benjamin Poole

            Um yeah, and especially if you go back to college. Crabtree played such stout defenses in the Big 12 while Harvin was leading the way on two National Champtionship teams while leaving every SEC caliber defense dusty and disappointed. The point is that Harvin has always been a better athlete and player than Crabtree. And now that he is more of a receiver in the NFL, he is making many other receivers look bad, including Crabtree. It’s really not a comparison. I don’t think San Fran will miss a beat. Seattle probably just lost the NFC west with Percy going down.

          • skeletony

            Does not matter which one is their te4am’s #1 receiver, nor does it matter that Harvin has not yet played for Seattle. With Harvin they were Vegas’ favored team to win the Super Bowl. Without Harvin and Seattle is merely a top 8 team in the likelihood of winning it all. What talent do you believe Crabtree has over Harvin to balance out everything Harvin does way better than Crabtree (i.e. run speed, quickness, kick and punt returns, running out of the backfield, etc.)?

      • Ronald Rupert

        No he’s not, Crabtree is a much better player than Harvin.
        and in my opinion more valuable.

  • Hawkman54

    Finally someone gets it and GOT it right! Crabtree is a much bigger loss from the get go than Harvin who as you said was an addition to not the number ONE from last year!