Aug 9, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders fans celebrate in the Black Hole during the 4th quarter in an preseason game between the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

A 49er Fan’s Perspective on the Oakland Raiders

Coliseum. Black Hole. TV Blackout. Al Davis. Rich Gannon. Jon Gruden. “Tuck Rule”.

These are the first words that come to mind when I think of the Oakland Raiders. As a native San Franciscan, I don’t dislike the Raiders as much as I oppose the Los Angeles Dodgers.

However, with the exception of kicker Sebastian Janikowski, there isn’t much to like about the Raiders.

The Raiders are not one player away from anything.

JaMarcus Russell had great size and a strong arm. That’s about it. He wasn’t accurate, he didn’t have the intelligence to play quarterback and he definitely did not have the work ethic to become a NFL quarterback. Since Russell, Jason Campbell, Carson Palmer and now Matt Flynn have taken on the QB position for the Raiders.

Russell is a bust, a big bust, and the Raiders are still paying for their decision of drafting him, literally.

In addition to Russell, players such as Darrius Heyward-Bey and Rolando McClain have plagued the Raiders. Heyward-Bey showed some promising signs in 2011, but he never became a go-to receiver. McClain is simply a nutcase.

Finally, Darren McFadden is someone all the Raiders’ fans have to root for, but some may consider him a bust too, considering his draft position and productivity. The Raiders need a QB, a revamped offensive line, weapons on offense and leaders on defense.

May 11, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen watches during rookie minicamp at the Raiders team headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The coaching carousel

They have gone through seven head coaches in the past decade, and if current head coach Dennis Allen does not turn things around in Oakland, the Raiders may, yet again, be looking for a new coach.

The Raiders need consistency, but it’s hard when owner Mark Davis and GM Reggie McKenzie make head-scratching moves. It was a shame that the Raiders let Hue Jackson go; Jackson led the Raiders to a respectable 8-8 record in 2011.

The AFC West isn’t that great, and the Raiders should just move back to Los Angeles.

With the exception of Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, the AFC West isn’t that strong of a division. The San Diego Chargers are unpredictable with Philip Rivers at QB, and the Kansas City Chiefs had the worst record in the NFL last year. The Raiders are only a couple years removed from going 6-0 in their division in 2010.

Finally, as much as I dislike Los Angeles sports, there needs to be a NFL team there. The Raiders are the perfect team to move there, because they have been there before, and they are looking for a new stadium.

The Raiders need a fresh start, and if they can’t get a new stadium in Northern California, they might as well head down south.

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  • Silvia Arredondo

    Hell no! i don’t want them back in LA! Trippin…

  • TribalX

    Who gives a f$ck about YOUR sh!tty perspctive?


      Even though I’m a Chief fan and you’re a Raider fan me and you see eye to eye on this one. Nobody really gives a rats ass what this guy thinks about the Raiders or any team in the AFC west or any division except his own for that matter. Chiefs and Raider fans stick by their teams through thick and thin ( unfortunately more thin than thick recently) , but funny how you didn’t see that many so-called 9er fans talking much or wearing their gear until these last few years when they started playing well again.

      • Bob Yost

        That’s cause every one of them is a batter chucking, front running, white wine swilling, band wagon jumper that thinks they know EVERYTHING about every team in the league but really (As shown in the column above) barely knows anything at all! Shut it whiner fan!! If we want your opinion we’ll give it to you!

      • Silvia Arredondo

        Lmao thAt is hella true. Out of a sudden these “loyal” niner fans finally decided to invest in a jersey or car sticker.

  • P Feezee

    you get paid to write this drivel? LA had 2 teams at one point, and both failed to sell out consistently. In fact, the TV Blackout of the Raiders FIRST happened in LA. Los Angeles is a Baseball and Basketball town. If you ever are in LA during football season what you will see is a lot of people watching a lot of different teams, and fans of lots of different teams. There are Raider fans, but they are Raider fans, not average LA people. To be a Raider fan, you have to have a certain perspective on life as a whole, and this team exists for those people that choose the alternative to the status quo, that root for the underdog. The entire city of LA did not embrace the raiders, ticket sales dropped through the floor. For a while, the raiders had the most expensive tickets in the NFL because of Davis’s fucked up deal with the city when they returned. Ticket prices are back to normal and the team sold out a good amount of games last season. And now that they have removed mount davis and dropped the sell out size to 53,000, i would expect the raiders to sell out every game this season…EVEN if they suck because raider fans are hungry and love their team (which was not the case for the LA Raiders or the LA Rams, LA as a whole abandoned both teams except for the true Raider Nation and some hard core Rams fans)…. NOW, in terms of Alameda county, its the 22nd largest county in the country, one place below the county in which Boston is located. Alameda County, as a whole, combined with parts of Contra Costa county is a HUGE market. And, on top of that, the sports teams in Oakland employee a lot of people, from office works to in game vendors. Oakland has a huge unemployment problem…taking away one of the most stable job creators from a region in need of more jobs is a recipe for suffering. All you move the Raiders to LA people are essentially wishing greater poverty on a city striving to pull itself out of the duldrums. Oakland is no Detroit…it has a great real estate market, the 5th largest port in the country, and is fast becoming nationally recognized for its arts and music. Chevron and Clorox have their main offices in the East Bay, and the point of Coliseum City is to make business park developments to attract more tech companies to setup shop in the 100′s of acres of undeveloped waterfront land. I won’t go into the financial situation of Oakland too much, but its originates from some very shoddy contracts with certain municipal services. And while people lament Oakland’s financial issues, what would your solution? Tear down the entire city and force the over 500,000 people to relocate to wherever they could afford? Of course the answer is yes, most people that do not understand Oakland think all the people that live there are sub-human or something and Oakland as a city should cease to exist. However, I love this place. It has its down side, but its one of the most diverse places in the world, and thats a huge plus for me. It makes SF look conservative and square.

    • Chris Fry-Lopez

      Tell,m! Great reply brother! RN4L/ Town Business!

  • Shaun Battie

    All niner fans want the raiders and there fans out of nor cal…NOT GOING To HAPPEND…befor last year niners havent been to a super Bowl in 19 years, we were there in 02 ..the raiders are rebuilding and will be back and it wont take 19 years like the niners

  • Shaun Battie

    Every team has its time , bad ownership and bad draft picks held the raiders back..we have the best fan base in the bay , in cali, and in the nfl..raiders will be back in the top of power rankings , mark my word..2 years

    • SportsFan123


  • Joseph Budd

    Who is this clown? As it is, the 49ers are hoping for a whole lot of results, with a QB who could be hitting his stride, or has already hit the wall. Teams have windows, Denver already is losing their window, while most of the Raiders’ team is young and learning together. Do find it funny he named a bunch of ex-Raiders, then wanted to criticize Reggie for trying to fix the team…that’s like yelling that his house is burning, then yelling at the fire department for showing up to put it out.

  • Juan Flowers

    As a Raider Fan For Life who gives a rip about this article. They are moving in a positive direction. They executed well for the first preseason game. Once the mating injuries end and the O-Line gets in sync I think it will be a good yr. Reggie has done a good job of trimming salaries so next yr money for free agents will be available.

  • Glenn

    Why would anyone care what a Whiner’s hateful opinion is? I don’t hate the 9 ers at all. I have nothing but respect for their HC because he has Raider creds. Their fans? Eff em. Posers and frauds. They never met a bandwagon they didn’t love!

  • Chris Schroeder

    Chan…. Just another bad driver trying to downplay the raiders. Put down your chow mein and wake up essay. The Raiders are staying in Oakland and will soon be great once again when the 49ers have hit their peak and will only be going downhill from here.

    • GC

      Chow mein? Why not fried rice or mayonnaise?

  • Samuel Adam

    Is this your response to your team LOSING to the Broncos? Did it make you feel better picking on the Raiders cuz they WON? Must say as a law student you are not very bright are ya? lol

  • James K

    We don’t need your ” jaded” perspective . Go back to your hole Candlestick and wait two hours to go pee! Then next year when you have to travel South through 3 counties to see your Team call them the Santa Clara Niners!
    Reggie has done great replacing posers and head cases with Football Players. Anyone who knows can see the energy and TEAM FIRST attitude is back !
    Go Oakland Raiders!

  • phil s

    Good article guy the truth hurts it really does. I am a Hugh Raiders fan & weather they stay in Oakland or go back to L.A I will still be a fan. Win, lose or tie u know the rest

  • Chris Fry-Lopez

    A 49er Fan? You seem more like a Raider Hater? Shouldn’t you be worrying about the Sea Hawks & the Cardinals? I don’t worry about the 49ers or even hate the 9ers. I’m focused on the Raider’s rivals 1. Broncos, 2. Chiefs 3.Chargers 4. Steelers & 5. Patriots. I have nothing but respect for the former Oakland Raiders RB coach Bill Walsh or the former Oakland Raiders QB coach Jim Harbaugh who both got their 1st Pro-football jobs with the Raiders. You should have a lot of respect for the great effort the Raiders are putting in trying to build a new stadium in Oakland when other teams are moving out of the city they represent. 2 New NFL stadiums in the Bay Area could help the win a bid to host a Summer Olympic Games in the future!

  • Lupe Rubalcava

    Complete waste of time. If you are going to insult a team at least come up with something original.