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Golden State Warriors: Could They Make A Free Agent Splash In 2014?

The Golden State Warriors, as an organization, are looking to win the championship. Over the course of the last several years they have managed to build a very competitive team, but they just haven’t been able to put it all together.

The questions surrounding this team start and end with their star playmaker, namely one Stephen Curry. The talented sharp shooter has been plagued with ankle problems, and the result has been mediocre progress.

This offseason, the Warriors did land a big fish in forward Andre Iguodala, who adds a different element with his perimeter defense and tough play in the paint. If the addition of Iguodala doesn’t lead to, at the very least, a deep run into the playoffs, could the Warriors pursue one of the many big free agents available in 2014?

In the event that the Warriors struggle, it would seem likely that they would make a run at a big free agent. To answer the question more accurately, let’s take a look at all the potential free agents available next year:

I’ll start with the biggest free agents in my estimation, but remember some players’ contracts are under player or team option.

LeBron James:

James could be a free agent next year, but the Warriors will be huge underdogs to sign the league MVP. His top three destinations include Miami, Cleveland, and L.A.

Kobe Bryant:

Kobe might not seem like a top free agent, but he still has the burning desire to get his sixth ring. This season, Kobe will have to show he can rebound from his season ending Achilles injury. I can’t see any way Kobe winds up a Warrior. He wants to retire a Laker, and the Lakers in turn seem interested in protecting his legacy.

Carmelo Anthony:

I could see Anthony winding up with the Lakers. I’m not a big fan of Anthony, to be honest, and he’s not a great fit in the family atmosphere of the Warriors anyway.

 Chris Bosh:

Most NBA fans will agree with me when I say ”NO”. That’s my opinion of the highly overrated two-time champion.

Pau Gasol:

In my opinion, Gasol would be a very good acquisition for the Warriors. It would certainly put them in contention in the west. He is a great stretch 4, posses a good scoring threat and will fit in nicely to Mark Jackson’s team.

Dwyane Wade:

Honestly, I can’t see him anywhere else but Miami. If Miami decides to go in a different direction he could end up in Orlando or New York.

Zach Randolph:

A decent option at the power forward position. He did struggle in the playoffs this past season but he would be a good addition.

Tim Duncan:

No chance even if Jackson would love to coach “The Big Fundamental”. The future Hall of Famer is a Spur through and through.

 Dirk Nowitzki:

A possibility, but his limitations on defense along with the mileage on those knees, will be a turn off for coach Jackson.

Rudy Gay:

Gay would be a tremendous capture. The question would be how to fit his contract on the team. This could be a move that Golden State would love to make and one that puts them over the top along with the other pieces they have.

Danny Granger:

Granger could be an option if Iguodala doesn’t work out. Difficult to see this move happening, but stranger things have happened.

A player could also become available via trade, but that would depend on the team’s needs at the time.

That rounds up the big names, but there could be some guys like Paul Pierce who would be of interest to the Warriors.

The  Warriors fans are hungry for a championship, and it seems like the ownership is on the same page. This could be the recipe to big free agent signings in 2014.

Whether that materializes or not, the Warriors are going to be in the top tier of the NBA for some time.

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