KNBR or The Game?

Bay Area Sports Radio Stations: KNBR or 95.7 The Game?

For years, KNBR has lived up to its motto as “The Sports Leader” in the Bay Area, unrivaled and uncontested.

Today, they still sit up atop the ratings as the most-listened-to radio station in the region, but they finally have some competition in the market: KGMZ, better known as 95.7 The Game.

While listeners of KNBR have heard the same talk show hosts for years — Gary Radnich, Tom Tolbert, Damon Bruce — The Game, which switched to an all-sports talk format two years ago, has brought in some fresh voices in the likes of John Lund, Greg Papa, Ric Bucher, and Guy Haberman.

Another thing The Game offers that KNBR rarely does is the inclusion of the Oakland Athletics, Oakland Raiders, and, on occasion, the San Jose Sharks in their discussions. In fact, The Game is the flagship home for the A’s and just signed a multi-year deal to air Raiders games on their station, with the games being called by Papa himself.

KNBR has long been criticized for its love affair with the San Francisco Giants and the San Francisco 49ers, which is understandable considering that they are the flagship home for both teams, along with the Golden State Warriors.

However, with the way they drone on and on about the San Francisco teams, it almost seems like they are unaware that the A’s and Raiders even exist. Turn on “The Gary Radnich Show” on any given morning these days and you’ll hear three hours of discussion on the fourth place Giants, and, if you’re lucky, five minutes of quick chatter on the division leading A’s.

What The Game is hoping to do is draw in those listeners who are frustrated by the lack of A’s and Raiders talk on KNBR.

However, progress is slow. In June, The Game was just the 24th most-listened-to station in the Bay Area, while “The Sports Leader” continued its reign atop the list.

The Game is only two years old, and it will take a lot more time and patience if they want to catch up to KNBR.

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