NFL: 4 Coaches Who Will Be On the Hot Seat Next Season

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In the NFL, every team wants to win. So, when a team isn’t living up to expectations, the coach often suffers.

Coaches are fired often, and there will be more coaches out of work at the conclusion of the 2013 season. Only one team can win each game, and that means that a lot of teams lose more games than they want.

For example, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs finished 2012 with a mere two wins, and Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey and Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel were let go. In 2013, there should be a lot of teams failing to meet expectations, and that will lead to some more firings.

Which coaches are on the fringe of losing their job? Here are four coaches who are on the hot seat.

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  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    It’s about time Garrett was on the hot seat! After all, Jerry Jones has not played musical chairs with coaches for a while. JJ should have been on the hot seat more than a decade ago. I have never heard this inept manager take the blame for any of the Cowboys problems, present or past.

  • Old Frog

    Disagree. I think Garrett is here to stay. Garrett is not the cause of the problems and seems to be a good manager with a clear vision of the kind of players he wants on his team. All he has to do is let JJ pick his players and coaches, let the coachs coach, and let Callahan call the plays. At that point all he has to do is manage the hand JJ has dealt him. Sounds like a good place to be – JJ gets the blame for failure and credit for success.

  • Emmanuel Rojas

    I don’t get it how it any qb that starts for the raiders this year if it may b Flynn Pryor or Wilson they all have weapons around them the O-Line is very good with Veldheer and The WiZ holding it down they he has a monster Rb when McFadden is healthy it seems like the WR postion is in good hands and has good depth with Ford,Streater,Moore,Criner and cribs and Mychal Rivera seems to favor for the TE postion he looks like a playmaker so u got revivers that can catch the ball and the best back in the NFL when healthy how wud a qb in Oakland not have help ? Please do tell

  • Ron

    Any “sports writer” who can’t get the SB winners right…… is not worth my time.

  • Brandon Quinlog

    i disagree. for dennis allen. I’m a diehard raider fan. with all where done we should be 9-7. we are more than capable of making the playoffs and anyone that thinks we can’t, like this writer is a complete and utter moron