May 11, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Tyler Wilson (8) throws the ball during rookie minicamp at the Raiders team headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders: Should We Believe the Tyler Wilson Hype?

When the Oakland Raiders drafted quarterback Tyler Wilson in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft, a lot of fans were scratching their heads.

The same Raiders team that traded for young and on-the-rise quarterback Matt Flynn earlier in the offseason? The same team that has prospective quarterback talent in Terrelle Pryor?

Yes, that same Raiders team. Although, the signing of Wilson makes sense for some different reasons.

First, can you ever have enough quarterbacks?

Sure, Flynn and Pryor are good projected talent, but Wilson should fall in that category as well. The 112th pick in the draft has come to a Raiders squad that is unsure of who their starting quarterback will be, and really, the job is completely up for grabs.

In his senior year at the University of Arkansas, Wilson threw for 3,387 yards and 21 touchdowns. The Raiders took him relatively late in the draft and I think it was a good choice.

Many (including myself) had Flynn essentially inked in as the starter since the day the Raiders brought him in, but now, it doesn’t quite look that way.

Say what you want about rookie mini-camp, but it still provides the youngsters with an opportunity to prove themselves to their coaching staff. In this case, Wilson caught the eye of his head coach Dennis Allen.

“Obviously, picking up a new system, there’s a little bit of rust there,” Allen said. “But throwing the ball, he’s done a nice job. I don’t have any question about his arm strength and his accuracy.”

“If anything, it’s the receivers that are going to have to adjust to the velocity on Wilson’s throws. Several times, laser-like throws went through or off a receiver’s hands,” said Steve Corkran of the Contra Costa Times. 

Those are obviously huge words of acknowledgement for the rookie out of Arkansas, and it sure looks like he is heading down the right path.

Should fans believe all the hype?

I definitely believe so, and there should be no reason not to.

Raiders fans have always been very passionate about their team, and the opportunity to latch on to and support another young talent should entertain them.

Wilson is a great young talent, and he has a lot of great qualities that will help him excel at the professional level. He definitely has the arm strength to complete deep passes down the field to Oakland’s speedy receivers, and he boasts a very accurate arm. One thing that most people will also realize about Wilson is his leadership skills, as he was able to rally his troops during his time at Arkansas while all of the drama surrounding head coach Bobby Petrino was going on.

Could this be real? Could the Raiders have actually hit the jackpot this time and be able to start a promising rookie quarterback that will be the team’s leader for years to come?

Well, Wilson is well on his way to do so, and don’t be surprised if he has taken over the reigns of the Raiders offense by the time Week 1 rolls around.

Besides, can you imagine how Matt Flynn would feel if yet another rookie quarterback beat him to the starting job after he was supposed to have it?

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  • BigJazzy

    Pyror is my Guy Hands down the most talented player on this team and with only dressing out twice this past season and prior to playing the Chargers game he had to split the practice reps with Lienart . But he came into the game and did great throwing 2Tds and running for another TD and if our WR could catch the ball and Special teams would do there job we would had WON.

    • Brian Banifatemi

      Thanks for commenting!

      Hmm, some bold words for Pryor. I definitely agree that he has talent and loads of potential, but I just don’t know if he will be the guy for the Raiders. The coaching staff saw what Pryor can bring to the table, and now after seeing Wilson, they seem very impressed with the rookie.

    • Michael Hays

      Pryor is so obviously NOT the guy. While everyone knows what raw athletic talent the young man has, he obviously does not possess true football acumen. And his one start last year was kind of meh. He kept floating the ball all over the place instead of zipping it in there. Flynn, Wilson, McGloin. Move Pryor to TE or FB. It’s the only way he’s going to see the field.

  • Arteen Zahiri

    In all honesty I’m not believing in anyone until pre season comes around and I see these rookies play their first snaps in the NFL. Keep in mind Nate Davis former QB for the 49ers looked good in camp too, what happened to him?

    • Brian Banifatemi

      Thanks for commenting, and you definitely have a good point there. Rookie mini-camp only tells us so much, but so far, it looks like Wilson has really impressed.

  • lorens

    I can see this will be Pryor’s last year with the Raiders. For the Raiders to sign a few more qbs this year just tells us there is something missing in Pryor’s arsenal as a qb. Maybe his progression with the playcalling aspect is lagging. Either way, I can see Phillip Rivers type talent with this Wilson kid.

    • Arteen Zahiri

      I disagree, I think new OC Greg Olson can create some wildcat/read option packages for TP. Not as a starter, but a situational game changer. We already know he’s a play maker.

      • Brian Banifatemi

        Interesting. Although, how many times have QB’s successfully coexisted? Like Sanchez starting and Tebow in for wildcat/read option?

        Thanks for the comment!

        • johnnyboy123

          Interesting how you bring that up. Before Tebow went to the circus, he did it with Kyle Orton and it worked far better there than in NYJ. But most successfuly, it worked in SF with Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick

          • Brian Banifatemi

            True, I guess it’s just a matter of the right scenario. Again, thanks for your comment.

    • Brian Banifatemi

      Thanks for commenting, and yeah, that’s a good point. Flynn, Wilson, Pryor, McGloin, something has got to be up.

      I really do see a lot of talent and potential in Wilson, and it sounds like he very well could take over the reigns of this Oakland offense come Week 1.

    • mike scarpino

      I hope not i want a guy that dosent crack under pressure and has a good attitude phillip rivers biggest problem is him self he has always thought he was better than he is thats been the knock on him is he doesnt take coaching very well

      • Brian Banifatemi

        Thanks for commenting, but yeah, good point.

        Rivers has his issues, but he is a solid quarterback. I believe Wilson can be far better, it’s just a matter of his development and proper usage.

  • David

    I believe the hype, I think the Raiders may finally have their franchise qb.

    • Brian Banifatemi


      I agree with you. From what all the Raiders beat writers and media are saying, Tyler Wilson has really excelled thus far. Raiders hit the jackpot!

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Bill Doerr

    Wilson throwing Laser like pass’s through receiver’s hand’s LOL. The Problem is Oakland’s receiver absolutely suck. Some of the worst in the NFL. They were th reason Palmer only threw for 22TDs and 4018k Yards last year running the wrong route’s and droping his pass’s. Worst unit WRs in the NFL by far. Carson Palmer is the reason Oakland even won 4 games last year n kept them in more but Oakland didn’t have the D to hold off for the win. Oakland will be lucky to win 4-5 games this year.

    Carson Palmer is a QB that put’s up playoff caliber QB stat’s every single full season he has played, never having under a 61 Comp percentage and a 85,5 passer rating. You guys had a franchise QB for the next 3-5 had you paid him, It just the Raider’s have so many Hole’s as a team. Watch the year Palmer has now that he has the best group of WR’s in the NFC West between 2012 1st round pick M. Floyd , Larry Fitzgerald, and Andre Robert’s n 4.2 40 and record holding rookie Texas A&M WR Ryan Swope, T.E Rob Housler has Excellent hands and could have a breakout year with a accurate QB throwing to Him, T.E Jeff King hasn’t dropped a pass in 3 year’s n they have a rookie who might start over him. Palmer has better RBs around him in Mendenhall and Williams 100% healthy, The 5th rated best RB in the draft Stephan Taylor who is Standford’s all time leading rusher holding every rushing record Stanford has and the 7th rated RB in the draft n Clemson record holder Andre Ellington were drafted for Insurance. The Cardinal’s were without 4 of 5 starters on the OL, all coming back. After Week 9 Rookie RT Massie gave up Zero sacks and was just rated a top 3 OT by PFF. com . They drafted the best n most athletic LG to come outta the draft in the last 20 year’s J. Cooper so with some of the best OL men the NFL has and starter’s back Palmer has great protection. The 5th best pass defense and NFLs overall 12th best defense was heavily upgraded in the draft n FA as well. Now that Carson Palmer has a great offense around him, with the best WRs in the NFC west and a top Defense watch Palmer does. Him and the Cardinal’s will have a winning season. The Cardinal’s lost 5 game’s last year by 7 or less because they didn’t have a QB or they would of been a 10 win team easily. Palmer n Backup Stanton fix that.

    The Raider’s should of Paid Him and brought in some receiver’s via the draft and FA , maybe a extra RB. I guess they had so many holes on their team both on offense n defense it made more sense to trade him. As a Cardinals fan im more than glad the Cardinal’s traded with the Raider’s Thank You. We ended up getting a 6th round pick anyway trading down with the charger’s n the second round so they could grab Te’o and we drafted Kevin Minter LSU 45th. Palmer also fits new HC and last year’s coach of the year super bowl proven offense to a T. A Vertical Passing offense where he flood’s the field with receiver’s so they can’t double n triple cover n e one receiver.
    I hope the Raider’s coaching staff is smart enough to start Wilson over Flynn because he is a decent QB that will give the Raiders the best chance of winning if their receiver’s n defense step-up.

    • Tommy Bacigalupi

      Ya Palmer was the one to keep,but not after he wanted out,his talent was there but he was about to start that drama again like he did in Cincy,We got 5 QB’s now,let them mature and see what happens,our offense should be able to just run run run,if old turf toe doesn’t stub out.The question is our “D”,LET’S GO RAIDERNATION !!! OH BTW,the RAIDERS did call me and gave me better season tickets so see ya all there!!

      • Tommy Bacigalupi

        3 :)

        • Brian Banifatemi

          We all make spelling mistakes here and there, thanks for commenting!

      • Brian Banifatemi

        Thanks for commenting!

        I agree. Palmer’s drama, his high age, and expensive contract all were factors in to why the Raiders did not want to keep him around.

        The Raiders’ 3 potential starting quarterbacks need to develop and mature and Oakland can make the choice from there (hint: start Wilson!)

    • Brian Banifatemi

      Thanks for commenting, I am amazed at your knowledge of the Arizona Cardinals, that is great that you are such a big fan.

      However, I do not agree that Palmer was the Raiders’ guy. He is aging and expensive, and it just would not have been worth it to keep him.

      Meanwhile, they have a lot of young talent in their 3 potential starting quarterbacks so they need to develop them and make a choice for themselves.

      • DF Rellom

        carson was and still is a good quaterback….but he isn’t getting any younger and when under pressure/or when the game is on the line, guy is a wreck and has a bad habit of turning the ball over. He lacks that “make something good happen”

        • Brian Banifatemi

          Agreed. Thanks for the comment!

    • Raidertat

      Bill, go watch Palmer against his former team, the Bengals last year. A time to shine…nope….darkest hour. Most of his production came in the second half during prevent defenses garbage time. The Raiders are turning the corner and we will watch as they improve every year.

  • jeff yaws

    tom brady was drafted in the 6th round, 199th overall

    now im not saying wilson is the next tom brady, not even close,..all im sayin is anything can happen

    mckensie knows talent
    and especially has an eye for under the radar talent

    he’s a huge reason why green bay was so elite

    watch out NFL
    dont be sleepin the raiders

    and watch out mr. flynn
    this kid is after your position

    theres a reason why pryor is being passed over

    in reggie we trust

    be patient raider nation
    good thing come to thoughs who wait,…just sayin

    • Brian Banifatemi

      Thanks for commenting, and yes, I totally agree with you, Jeff.

      McKenzie has a keen sense of talent when he sees it, and I have no doubt in my mind that he has a ton of confidence in Wilson.

      Brady drafted in sixth round, Russell Wilson is third round, Tyler Wilson in fourth round. Let’s hope he follows the trend and becomes a star for Raider nation.

  • DC-Raider

    I want to BELIEVE… Help thou, Lord, my unbelief!!! Wilson, Pryor or Flynn, All I wanna do is WIN. Regardless of who wins the QB slot, it’s a fun time to be a true Raiders fan. I cant want for the season to start. This decade of misery is hopefully about to bust apart.

    • Brian Banifatemi

      Agreed. Things are finally turning around for the Raiders. Thanks for the comment!

  • Clem Hooten

    Wilson is a very talented QB. He also is extremely level headed and doesn’t flake out in any circumstance. On top of all that, he is tough. He was target number 1 for SEC defences. Bama defenses gave him all they had and Wilson just keeps on getting up. Since my cowboys suck now, a Raider/Wilson jersey may be my first NFL purchase in many years. Maybe the Plunkett years are returning.

    • Brian Banifatemi

      Yes, WIlson is very talented. I really do believe he is the new franchise quarterback for the Raiders…Agreed? Thanks for the comment!

  • dwp007

    As a Razorback fan, I can say with complete confidence that Tyler Wilson has the physical talent and mental toughness to be an exceptional quarterback in the NFL. It would be a vast understatement to say that Wilson went through trying times following the Bobby Petrino fiasco. For anyone living under a rock, after talking Wilson into returning to school, Petrino was terminated by the UA following a messy motorcycle incident. Wilson never waivered despite staying in Fayetteville for his senior season after being projected as a first round pick following his junior year. This young man is truly the real deal and Raider fans will be favorably impressed – not only with his skill set on the field, but also with his articulate and well thought out mannerism off of it.

    • Brian Banifatemi

      On point statement. Thanks for the comment, and it will be exciting to see if Wilson can take over the starting job!

  • Bill Doerr

    Your clearly the result of inbreeding , a complete fucking moron. The Cardinal’s were with out 4 of their 5 starter’s on their OL, yet, once their rookies settled in after week 9-17 they gave up only 19 Sacks , Ranking 13th in the NFL.
    Rookie RT Bobby Massie Gave up ZERO sacks in the second half of the season. He was just rated a Top 3 OT in the second of the year PFF, player’s are usually always better in their second year. Levi Brown Rated a top 15 NFL LT after the 2011 Season , and looked solid before his injury in 2012, He will be back as Well having 7th over all pick, the best G to come outta the draft in decades and projected multiple pro-bowl level talent next to him at LG helps him a lot, he wont be getting beat on the inside and the pair make for Monster Run Blocker’s on the left side. They have their starting C back , D. College will be starting at RG , having a top NFL RT next to him will him, he is a above average G. This OL makes Oakland’s look like a Pee-Wee Squad. That Line will give Palmer good Protection. Palmer also just rated in the top 10 in QBs who get the ball out quickly 3.37 seconds , Brady was first a 3.17. Having a good QB that gets ball out quickly and reads defense’s very well will help the OL, hence why Oakland’s looked serviceable, what’s said is Arizona’s OL ranked higher than Oaklands after week 9 with 4 of their 5 starter’s OUT.
    Who Cares if we play the Seahawks and Niners twice this year. We Beat the SeaHawks last year, Beat the 49ers in 2011 when they went to the NFC champ game with Skelton as the QB. Last year the 49ers couldn’t beat AZ by more than 13 point’s , and AZ couldn’t score because they had no QB or no Running game. They have a Stable of talented RBs this year, a good QB, good OL, Best WRs in the Division in a Vertical Passing game the will be running, and They upgraded one of the NFLs top Defense’s in the off season. They are better offensively than the Rams this year , The Cards have a better running game now that Jackson is gone , and a Better group of WRs and QB. The Cardinals can easily beat the 49er’s and Seachicken’s 1 game each, and beat the ram’s twice.Even if they go 3-3 in their Division they can easily win 7-8 out of division games. They have the talent to do it. They Can contend in the Division, or win a WC spot especially if 3 team’s from the west go.
    What does Oakland have besides Problems, from the players to coach’s. They have one of the weakest offense’s and defense’s in the NFL. Now that Palmer made TE Myer’s a name he did the smart thing and fled for N.Y . The already worst WR group in the league or one of them left the team. Your defense and ST was a joke last year , and looks to continue. Oakland will be lucky to have a repeat of last year and that’s a fact. Most likely they win 2 maybe 3 game’s. Atleast the Cardinal’s more likely than not will having a Winning Record this year, Have a chance at the playoff’s , Have Excellent talent on both sides of the Ball with a Excellent GM and Coaching staff. Whats Oakland have to look forward to besides humiliation and further FO changes in the near future??? Oakland is year’s away from the playoff’s.

  • Brian Banifatemi

    He is passionate about his team I guess. Cardinals and Raiders are both looking to become contenders again, I guess we can all agree on that.

    Thanks for commenting!

  • mike scarpino

    Cards will be 7 and 9 next yr palmer had a good offensive line and a top 5 defense and three fantastic wide recievers in cincy and still could win a playoff game in a division very similar to were he is now he will throw lot of interceptions this year and it will cost the cards at least three games in order to be a fan you have to look at things realistically

  • Bill Doerr

    HaHa its takes real guts to talk like on the internet, big internet warrior you are. After you take the Dick outta your mouth and wipe the cum off your chin you dumb faggot why don’t look at the Cardinals Roster and what they did before losing their QB, then u will shut that dirty cock hole you call your mouth you punk ass little bitch.
    If the Cardinal’s had a QB they would of Easily been a 10 Win Team Last Season. Losing 4 games by less than 7 point and a few more by less than 13 simply because they had no QB, Yes even a gay little girl your self couldn’t of done anyworse than the what the Cardinal’s were calling a QB. They Started out 4-0 Last Year Beating the Seahawks, and doing what no other NFL Team has done in years beating the Patriots on opening day in FOXBORO.
    The Cardinal’s have a lot more than Fitzgerald at WR than Fitz, they have one of the best WRs in the 2012 draft M. Floyd AZs 1st overallpick. Andre Roberts and Texas A&M all leading WR in TDs,Rec and Rec yards rookie Ryan Swope who ran the same 40 as tavon Austin at the comebine. They have a whole a stable of talented RBs this year , 2 of the best RBs in the Draft including Stanford’s All time Leading Rusher, and Ryan Williams n Rashard Mendenhall Healthy. Their OL will be good this year and they improved upon the NFLS 5th ranked pass defense and 12th overall NFL Defense in FA and the Draft, they have a better running game and Passing game than the Rams have, and the best group of WRs in the NFC WEST , they wont have a problem contending out of their division simpleton .

  • mike scarpino

    I believe the raiders will win 5 to 6 games this year one more good draft and some quality free agents i think then we will be able to compete but i definitely see reggie bring in competition and that is great we will once again have the best players in the nfl in a couple years and guys will want to play for us again

  • Bob Yost

    Ummm,… You might know about the Cardinals, but you clearly don’t know SHIT about the Raiders!! Since you obviously haven’t been paying attention let me help you,… you are dead wrong about the Raiders receivers as well as the Raiders prospects for the upcoming season, both D. Moore, & Jacoby Ford are back healthy. They are both very good and also very fast, I expect Ford will return to form as one of the most dangerous players in the league when touching the ball, hes always a threat to score, WR’s are usually looked at being ready to break out in their 3rd season, because the NFL is a faster more complex game than college, well, this is Denarious Moore’s 3rd season & I expect he will come into his own as our #1 WR, especially without Darius Heywood-Bey now with the Colts, & The fact that we no longer have Knapp as our OC, both of those guys are clear cases of addition through subtraction, Especially Knapp, what a loser!! Dude would have to be 10X better at his job just to totally suck at it! That brings us to the Raiders absolutely phenomenal draft class. McKenzie has done an unreal job of picking players in the draft and as UDFA’s that we have several: DJ Hayden, Sio Moore, Tyler Wilson, David Ball, Latavius Murray, Connor Vernon, Sam McGuffie among others, that might well be the steal of the draft. He has also cut loose the over-paid under performing players that were loading the Raiders roster & replaced them with high quality under the radar FA’s, all of whom are known to give 100% effort on the field. This has resulted in a complete attitude & culture change team wide,… & set the Raiders up to have over $65 million in cap space next season, most in the NFL,… almost all of this was made possible by trading, rather than cutting Carson Palmer. Please understand that as a Raider fan I have mad respect for Palmer, Dude was tough as hell, & a great leader while a Raider, & you guys will LOVE him in Arizona!! As long as your line protects him, the Cards will be a team to be reckoned with. Last season, he played in a shit system for a shittier OC, behind a line (the right side of it anyway) that would have been more effective waving red capes while shouting “OLÈ!!” Palmer got his ass beat every week, but never complained, he just kept getting back up & giving his all.

  • Brian Banifatemi

    Cardinals and Raiders are both franchises that are looking to become contenders again. Let’s just agree with that?

    Thanks for commenting!

  • Jon Mcgee

    Yeah dumbass he gets the rock out quick but his decision making is very poor try watching Raiders games from the past two season’s observing his below average decision making. Throwng into double coverage, not leading his recievers into soft spots where recievers could avoid getting punished after the catch was the storyline for our hurt recievers . It’s all good though because now he’s a AZ. problem and you will see what all Raiders Fan are saying about him soon enough. Funny how he was’nt shit when he was in Oakland now he’s fine table wine in AZ. and NFL tabloids are talking like he’s the next Kurt Warner……………………..SMFH IDIOT

  • Brian Banifatemi

    Well said, well said. Raider nation should not be counted out and their receivers corps is not nearly as bad as people say.

    Thanks for commenting!

  • Bob Yost

    Exactly, in fact, the whole team is light years better than last year’s version! Reggie has managed to create competition at virtually every position on both sides of the ball,.. The Raiders look to me like a team that has the talent to rise up & shock the league, like the Colts & the Redskins did last year. One thing is certain, the days of being laughingstocks are over, it won’t be long until the Raiders are once again counted among the league’s elite. I for one believe that it will happen a lot sooner than most people think. I can’t wait!!

    Win, lose or tie, RAIDER fan ’til I die!!

  • goldenbaysports

    Since when did this turn into a debate over the Arizona Cardinals? On a Bay Area sports blog on a article that has nothing to do whatsoever with Arizona or Carson Palmer?

  • Bob Yost

    Was pretty much a result of a Cardinal fan running some pretty weak smack about the raiders, while also managing to be an insulting prick at the same time.

  • Brian Banifatemi


  • goldenbaysports

    I’m too stupid to read the posts. Mr. Doerr sure caused an uproar.

  • Bob Yost

    Wow! Pretty chippy!! No sign of poise in that last post. Pride or poise might be a better moniker.

  • Bob Yost

    I’d say it perfectly describes what everyone you’ve ever met wishes you’d do! You should start using it right away!