Ranking the 5 Most Overpaid Athletes in Professional Sports

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Apr 3, 2013; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees infielder Alex Rodriguez before the game against the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Now that the NFL Free-Agency buzz has given way to the post-draft buzz, some huge extensions have been handed out. Sometimes those extensions are warranted, as a direct result of outstanding play. However, sometimes those contracts guarantee ridiculous amounts of money that aren’t necessarily warranted for recent performance. In these situations, elite highly paid athletes, become overpaid athletes.

This is a countdown of the athletes I believe are the most overpaid; it is in no way meant to be all-inclusive.

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  • joeblow

    “This is a no-brainer. Joe Flacco is not an elite quarterback.”. That statement is a no-brainer; i.e. no thought or research was put into it. First off, his contract was all show and no dough. You need to look at these contracts and see what is guaranteed money. Flacco’s contract is about $6M in 2013, ~$14M in 2014, then $27M in 2015, then some insane amount beyond that. His contract will be redone before 2015. That contract was all about Flacco getting “respect”, Google that and educate yourself. Second, he is a top 7-8 QB and will likely be top 5 in another year or two. He is elite enough not to be summarily dismissed by some blogger in Cali.

  • Chris Furry

    Thanks for the comment joeblow. I’m glad you brought up the details of Flacco’s contract, regardless of how wrong you are. Flacco’s $120M contract actually includes $52M in guaranteed money- a $29M signing bonus, a double option in ’14 and ’15 worth $22M, and an injury guanteed base salary in ’13 of $1M. Which means that nearly half of his $120M is guaranteed money, not exactly “all show, no dough” as i think you put it. As for Flacco being a top 7-8 QB, lets look at some facts there as well. Flacco was 12th in the league in quarterback rating, 19th in completion percentage, and 25th in total QBR. Last time I checked that doesn’t even qualify him for the top ten, even if both Mannings, Brady, and Brees, retire tomorrow. The fact of the matter is Flacco is not elite, he is, by all professional analysts reckoning, a middle of the road quarterback who rode an elite defense to a Super Bowl title.

  • joeblow

    “.. a middle of the road quarterback who rode an elite defense to a Super Bowl title. “. Again with the e-word? Ravens defense was 17th in yards and tied for 12th in points last year when Flacco took them to the SB and won MVP. Seems that you redefine elite to suit your argumentative needs. Here is who I put in front of Flacco today: Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Peyton. Flacco, Eli, and Ben are about the same today but I think both Eli and Ben have already peaked while Joe is just starting. And you are welcome for bringing up the contract details. Yes I was wrong – his contract does not get higher than $15M until 2016. But the point is, your list does not take into account guaranteed money, which is the only money that counts. For that reason I question the validity of your entire list – you are not doing an apples to apples comparison. But given that you are 49ers fan, you evidently just seized an opportunity to take an unfair swipe at the elite QB that took your team down in the SB. Better brace yourself for him doing it again next year, that is if your niners get there.