Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (6) walks out onto the field after the Raiders were beat by the San Diego Chargers 24-21 at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders: Why Terrelle Pryor's Future in Oakland Is A Mystery

About a year and a half after giving up a first and second round pick for quarterback Carson Palmer, the Oakland Raiders decided to part ways with him for financial reasons. This happened after Oakland acquired quarterback Matt Flynn from the Seattle Seahawks for two draft picks Monday morning – giving up a fifth-round pick in the 2014 draft and a conditional pick in 2015.

Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie had been trying to get Palmer to take a pay cut from his $13 million salary next season, but Palmer refused and McKenzie traded for his replacement.

Quarterback Matt Flynn received his opportunity to get an NFL start on the Green Bay Packers a couple years ago, and he was simply amazing. It was the last game of the season, and the Packers had already clinched the playoff spot they wanted. Therefore, Green Bay decided to play their backup quarterback and sit arguably the best in the game, Aaron Rodgers.

Flynn knew it was his time to shine – and he certainly shined. To call Flynn an opportunist would be perfectly legitimate, as he absolutely dominated the game and tore up the stat sheet. Flynn threw for 480 yards and six touchdowns against the Detroit Lions, leading his Packers to a season-ending victory.

Now, I am here to talk about Terrelle Pryor’s future with the Oakland Raiders. However, Reggie McKenzie and Marc Davis brought in Matt Flynn for a reason. If they believed in Pryor’s abilities they probably wouldn’t of picked up a quarterback so quickly after hearing Palmer does not want to take a pay cut to play in Oakland.

It is incredibly blatant that head coach Dennis Allen and McKenzie do not believe that Pryor is ready to be a legitimate starter in this league. He started in one game last year, the final game of the season.

Pryor got his first extensive playing time as a pro, and the Raiders fell 24-21 to the San Diego Chargers. The second-year quarterback out of Ohio State was far from great, but he also wasn’t horrible. Pryor showed the Raiders that he’s a player worth developing, but he needs more time to refine his game.

Pryor had three touchdowns (two passing, one rushing), and the Raiders scored a touchdown on every trip into the red zone. There are a lot of positives from Pryor’s performance, he is incredibly fast and agile and was fairly accurate with his passes. Pryor had 49 rushing yards on nine carries, and the Raiders converted 53 percent of their third downs.

There were also negatives from Pryor’s first start, like poor decision making, poor footwork which sometimes led to inaccurate passes, and not enough velocity when he put the ball in the air. Pryor’s footwork and poor pass protection by the offensive line resulted in an awful interception. Pryor completed just 46.4 percent of his passes and had only 150 yards passing on the day.

It looks as if the youngster will be a backup yet again for the Oakland Raiders. It will only be his third season in the NFL; he still has a lot to learn in order to refine his game and take that next step to become a starting QB. Brightside is that Pryor is a great backup to have which is always key incase Flynn suffers an injury. He will continue to improve his game day by day as the young kid has tremendous upside.


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  • Thomas R. Graham

    Who cares Terrelle Pryor is a bum. He screwed Ohio state over because he doesn’t care about his teammates

    • Brian Howden

      Sounds like sour grapes from a Buckeye fan, you want some cheese with that wine. If you want to blame someone for Ohio states problems blame that jack off that wears that stupid fuc$in vest. And if I’m not mistaken didn’t Ohio state go undefeated this year? So quit your whining they’ll be playing in bowl games soon enough.

      • Thomas R. Graham

        Actually I am not a buckeye fan. I am a USC fan. Just hate all the bull coming from certain individuals who bitch about not getting paid in college.

    • BigJazzy

      TP gives the Raiders the Best chance to Win , it’s hard for a Defensive Coordinator to stop a mobile Qb with the talent like TP , there is no double teaming our receivers and its hard to blitz when u have to defend a team with Weapons like that . We can throw the ball underneath or deep down the middle . But with Flynn we are just as predictable as CARSON PALMER

      • JimDogg Ivy

        Until Pryor learns to plant his feet and throw the ball he will never start. Dont get me wrong I lke Pryor, but I dont see him ready yet, if ever

  • Ricky Bobby

    Raiders should have went with TP, he is a better QB & watch DA start Flynn even after TP wins the job#hosed again.

  • 1961 Fan

    With the Raiders new QB should the Chargers be worried they may fall to last place in a four team division?
    Not likely!

  • Ronald Weathersby

    Both Pryor and Flynn are relatively unknowns. Flynn did his damage starting two games for one of the premier teams in the league. Pryor started on the road behind a porous OL in the last game of a horrible season. I don’t see that much daylight between the two and would not be surprised if Flynn is the back up next season like he lost his starting opportunity to a rookie last year. Yes there is a mystery at QB in Oakland but it’s right across the board.