Stephen Curry Shows Off His Golf Game at ThanksUSA Tournament

Stephen Curry is the best shooter in the NBA, but is he also the best golfer the NBA?

If you’re a true Curry aficionado, then you know how Curry played golf in high school and how golf is his second favorite sport. Curry often answers the question, “What would you do for a career if you didn’t play in the NBA?” by saying that he’d be a professional golfer.

Curry has put on the “Stephen Curry ThanksUSA Charity Golf Tournament” since 2011, and he’s raised over $93,000 since then for the families of active-duty military.

The 2014 tournament was held today at TPC Harding Park, and Curry yet again showed off his impressive golf game and helped raise more money for a great charity. Curry continues to prove why he’s a superstar on and off the court (or this time, the course) with his kind heart and strong character.

Take a look at Curry’s swing:   

Not only does Curry have a beautiful swing, but he has a nice short game too:

In addition to Curry showing off his golf game, other members of the Warriors family attended the charity golf tournament to not just show their support for Curry and ThanksUSA but also to show off their stroke too.

Here’s what Curry had to say about Andre Iguodala‘s golf game:

Curry showed off his kind heart and his smooth swing at this year’s ThanksUSA Charity Golf Tournament.