San Francisco Giants Poll: Should They Have Made a Trade?

The San Francisco Giants were involved in several trade rumors heading into the trade deadline yesterday, but ultimately, the Giants decided to stand pat.

So far this season, the Giants’ biggest need was at second base, so they were reportedly interested in players such as Ben Zobrist, Martin Prado, Aaron Hill, and some others.

They were also reportedly looking for some outfield help, which made sense given the demotion of Tyler Colvin. It appeared as if the Giants were interested in Alex Rios, but nothing happened.

The Giants could’ve even possibly added some bullpen depth, but again, they decided to stay put instead.

Brian Sabean explained his decision to not make a move after the trade deadline expired in a conference call with some local media members yesterday.

“I’ve done this a long time,” Sabean said. “I feel as good about not getting something done as any year we’ve done something. There were a lot of bad deals to be made and we certainly weren’t going to do that.”

As for second base, Sabean said Dan Uggla is “weighing his options” and that the Giants are hoping to find a more permanent option at second base on the waiver wire in August.

In general, Sabean said the prices were just too high and that there were too many buyers in the market at this trade deadline. He did say that a lot of teams were interested in several of the Giants’ prospects though, so it appears as if the Giants actually have a deeper farm system than many thought.

Sabean also said that he wants to see how the team does when Angel Pagan and Brandon Belt return, because that’ll be the true barometer for how good the team is. There also have been indications that reinforcements might be on their way from the Giants’ farm system to make up for Uggla and Colvin, at least for now.

Sometimes, no move is the best move for a sports team. Will this be the case for the Giants?

Answer the poll below, and let us know your answer.

Should the Giants have made a move at the trade deadline?

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