Sacramento Kings Podcast: Can They Actually Make The Playoffs?

vince interview In this episode of The Kings Court, beat writer for the Sacramento Kings and writer, Jonathan Santiago joins the show and give his take on all things Sacramento Kings basketball.

The show starts with the Jon giving his take on the Kings summer league roster. He will name his three players who he believes are prospects to keep an eye on once summer league kicks off (Friday, July 11). One player that many have questions on-Sim Bhullar-Jon will give his take on what he see’s in Sim and whether or not he could actually make the teams roster.

Vince then transitions the show into the free agency market. Jon will give his take on the newley signed Darren Collison, and what he believes Collison can bring to the team. With the Kings in need of a center, Jon will give out a few options of players out in free agency that the Kings should consider signing.

Of course Vince wouldn’t leave out the two biggest questions for Sacramento Kings fans.

Jon breaks down his thoughts on rookie Nik Stauskas and his first reaction when finding out he was the player that the Kings selected with their number eight pick. From one shooting guard to the next, the desk moves on to Ben McLemore. Jon will give everyone a bold prediction on what could be in Ben’s future and why summer league could be his showcase.

Finally the Kings get to the biggest question of the offseason, whats going on with Isaiah Thomas? Jon gives his predictions on possible destinations for the 5-9 point guard. He also gives his thought on some of the things he has been hearing around the Kings organization-Do the Kings want to resign Isaiah? Jon answers that question and gives you his thoughts on how much he thinks Isaiah is actually worth.

To round out the show Vince will be taking fan questions. If you have a question or topic that you want on the show, you can email your questions to [email protected]

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