Golden State Warriors To Bring Back Brandon Rush On 2-Year Deal

Brandon Rush is on his way back to the Golden State Warriors! For the second year of the deal, Rush has a player option.

His first season with the Warriors in 2011-12, Rush averaged 9.8 points per game. He energized the crowd with his hot 3-point shooting, his fantastic defense, and his great dunks. The crowd loved him and he was a great piece to the Warrior bench. In 2012-13, however, he tore his ACL, missed the remainder of the season, and was traded to the Utah Jazz so the Warriors could clear cap space for landing Andre Iguodala.

Bringing him back on a 2-year deal is a fantastic move because he will be a great addition to the bench that has had so many problems scoring. Along with Draymond Green, Shaun Livingston, and Harrison Barnes, the bench can score and play some good defense, which is exactly what the Dubs need while they’re resting their starters.

Another reason this deal is perfect for the Warriors is that it gives them more players and depth to trade for Kevin Love. The deal could now involve Brandon Rush, David Lee, and Harrison Barnes, going to extreme lengths just to keep Klay Thompson on the roster. Even if no agreement is reached , however, Rush is a still a great defender, a scorer, and some energy off the bench that the Warriors desperately need.


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