More Die-Hard POLL: 49er Fans or Raider Fans?

Here at Golden Gate Sports, we value our fans a lot. They are all die-hard, and though some of them hate each other, like Raider and Niner fans, we all represent the Bay Area and should be happy if another team is having success. At the moment, the Raider fans are proving to me that they are more die-hard that the Niner fans, as exhibited by this image sent into me.

Just look at that! This guy has his house completely decked out in Raider stuff! What a die-hard fan, and he’s been there from the start. I didn’t even ask for this picture, he just sent it into me. Where is your rebuttal Niner fans?

This article is purely to get a hot debate started between the Niner and Raider fans, and this poll below is here just so we at Golden Gate Sports know which team is followed on this website. I know both teams have amassed quite a following, but it seems to me that the Raider fans have the edge right now. If the Niner fans win this poll, however, it’ll prove to me that they are also die-hard, which I know they are.

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Who Has More Die-Hard Fans?

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  • raidernation

    Thats good man, but the Raiders been having a losing season the last 10 yrs +… and u still see raiders fans everywhere, the winers only when they started winning u started seeing winers fans. Also and there’s a announcer/ ex coach who also have a Raider room. (Chucky) .. I have a tattoo of my beloved Raiders. yeah we’re bigger and better.

  • James Schroeder

    What a stupid article. This is a no-brainer. Obviously the Oakland Raiders have a far superior and more loyal fan base then the whiners. Give me a break. How can you even write such a stupid pointless article? Comparing the Raiders loyal fan base to the 49ers Fairweather fan base. What a joke dude.

    • Tej Kamaraju

      Actually, Niner fans have consistently been at the games despite a losing record. Now that their team is better, they are much louder. Raider fans are the only fans in the league who are loud despite winning.

      • Chris Schroeder

        I have a lot of 49er fan friends and a lot of Raider fan friends and I could tell you without question that when the 49ers weren’t winning you couldn’t even tell my 49er fan friends were 49er fans. Raider fans are far more loyal then 49er fans. Win, lose, or tie Raiders till we die, that is our motto. 49er fans don’t even have a motto, in fact you don’t even know who they are if the team’s not winning. They are mostly Fairweather and band wagon fans and that is the truth.

      • KloverJane

        So have Raider Nation fans. Your argument Is without merit.

      • raidernation

        Im been going to disneyland for some time and the trend the last 3 yrs I seen the a lot of ppl with winers gear , before that nothing not even one proud fan… they can’t even mention a name except Colin, not even Smiths… or the coach name its that guy with the khaki dickies.

  • J K

    By the very description ” Die Hard Fan” Raider Fans , the Original NATION are IT. We live and breathe this team. Our glorious Silver n Black colors run in our veins.
    And I have no bone to pick with the 49-ers or their fan base.
    It is simply obvious the Raider Fans are truly the more passionate loyal Fans .

  • p.rob.

    49er fans are kind of like Cowboy fans..their only fans when the team is WINNING! RAIDER fans are FANS NO MATTER WHAT THE RECORD IS…DIE HARD TO THE BONE BABY!!!!

  • Don

    KAMARAJU, stick to gay bay articles. You clearly are a biased reporter.

    • Tej Kamaraju

      explain what is biased about this article please.

      • KloverJane

        The fact that your articles tend to stir or bait Raider Fans into a frenzied spin zone.

  • J.Montanez87

    This shouldn’t even be a question everyone knows raider fans are far more loyal..not having a winning season in 10 years+ but still being loud & proud of our team & history throughout the tough’s a fact we are die hard fans u hear all our nicknames and akas like silver n black raider nation black hole u don’t hear shit or any nicknames about the niners..lamee lol..

  • raider32assassin

    Well, since I live in the bay area and have both niner and Raider fan friends, I have to say without a doubt it is Raider fans. How do I know this? Because a lot of Niner fans are ex Raider fans that became that way when they peeled off for LA. So basically, we cut the fat and got rid of all the fair weather fans. Another point is, take a look around when a team is doing bad. Locally I mean. Do you see the brand? win or lose, Raider fans sport there Raider gear. cannot say the same for 98% of Niner fans. I do have some friends that are hardcore niner fans, just like some Raider fans I know, but overall, Raiders hands down.

  • angel silva

    Raider Nation..till death

  • B Christopher

    Just another retarded Kamaraju article. Just because you have the big 64 box of crayons, it doesn’t mean you’re a writer!