More Die-Hard POLL: 49er Fans or Raider Fans?

Here at Golden Gate Sports, we value our fans a lot. They are all die-hard, and though some of them hate each other, like Raider and Niner fans, we all represent the Bay Area and should be happy if another team is having success. At the moment, the Raider fans are proving to me that they are more die-hard that the Niner fans, as exhibited by this image sent into me.

Just look at that! This guy has his house completely decked out in Raider stuff! What a die-hard fan, and he’s been there from the start. I didn’t even ask for this picture, he just sent it into me. Where is your rebuttal Niner fans?

This article is purely to get a hot debate started between the Niner and Raider fans, and this poll below is here just so we at Golden Gate Sports know which team is followed on this website. I know both teams have amassed quite a following, but it seems to me that the Raider fans have the edge right now. If the Niner fans win this poll, however, it’ll prove to me that they are also die-hard, which I know they are.

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Who Has More Die-Hard Fans?

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