Oct 6, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders wide receiver Denarius Moore (17) before the game against the San Diego Chargers at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Oakland Raiders Prepared to Axe Denarius Moore?

There was a time when Denarius Moore was the next big thing for the Oakland Raiders.  Why has he not taken the next step, and is he running out of time?

Ongoing inconsistency has Dennis Allen and coaches stumped

They say the most frustrating season a team can have is 8-8 because it doesn’t paint a clear picture of what that team is.  Are they a good team who just struggled or a bad team who overachieved?  Well the same principle applies to player.  At times they look like superstars but for some reason just can’t seem to turn the light on.  Denarius Moore has been that kind of player for the Oakland Raiders.  In three seasons he has averaged an impressive 15.8 yards per catch and never scored fewer than five touchdowns.  Yet at the same time he has never played a full season, missing seven games and never topping 750 yards receiving.  It is something head coach Dennis Allen and his staff are still trying to figure out but may be nearing the end of their rope.  Moore has shown no signs of shaking his inconsistency in practice and is no longer the only option to turn to.

James Jones arrival makes him expendable

While he’s pretty much stayed around the same level, other receivers on the Oakland Raiders roster have begun to emerge like Rod Streater, Juron Criner and Andre Holmes.  However it won’t be them that possibly makes the 2011 fifth round pick expendable but the recent free agent additions the team made.  By far the most notable is James Jones.  Coming from a proven system, the former Green Bay Packer is a proven producer with good size and hands.  He’s certainly more consistent, which is something a quarterback wants in his receivers.  If Jones lives up to his billing he and Streater could make up the starting lineup, allowing the Raiders to put an end to Moore’s maddening roller coaster ride.

There is still time for both sides to salvage the situation.  Most of the responsibility falls to Denarius Moore who must show once and for all whether he’s worth big-time money or is just another tease.

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  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    Axe him? HELL NAW, but a trade? Yup

    • Erik Lambert

      Not sure any team will touch with given his injury history.

      • Willie Lunchmeat

        You dumb, this article is dumb and anyone who agrees with you is dumb. Nothing wrong with Moore, last year the team sucked, not just Moore. You dumb ass bloggers write about the dude like he is the reason the team sucked. News flash… He’s not.. he dropped 1 more pass than Streater while he scrambled around the field like everyone else trying to catch bad passes. This is some hysterical bull crap you writing, you must be inspired by one eyed Billy Bob, he’s full of hate.. And what injury history? Change professions dummy..

        • K Hendricks

          Lunchmeat:there is some serious truth in that post!

  • KloverJane

    What are we even talking about here? He needs to sit down with a vet and act like adult. He also needs some positive reinforcement. I’m tired of hearing they’re non team players and negative impact articles about them. The Autumn wind returns to glory from mediocrity in 2014?!

  • Marcellus Love

    As soon as we bring in decent passers, get rid of our best playmaker?…
    Yeah, that sounds like a good idea! Let’s get rid of the receiver that scores our most touchdowns!…smh

  • Raider Grant

    If D-Mo can’t rise to the occasion, and Raiders staff doesn’t believe he will evolve any further, do what is necessary. But what remains at WR BETTER be more talented, and consistent! Go Raiders

  • Bob

    Criner is on the bubble too.

  • bigninaross

    Like any position on the team, his performance during the season isn’t solely put on his shoulders. It’s based on the quarterback, offensive line, play calls, etc. along with himself. I think it’s a little unfair to write him off just yet. I think he could still potentially be a great receiver.

  • Carl Cockerham

    Juron Criner? What has he done? The need to let him do what he’s good at, catch deep ball! Allen baffles me sometimes. He started Matt Giordano over Mike Mitchell and Mitchell went to Carolina and killed it. He’s trying to start Miles Burris over Sio Moore too. Burris is the worst linebacker in the NFL in coverage and led the league in missed tackles. He needs to learn who to play.