Oakland Raiders' Poll: Will Schaub Turn Things Around?

Matt Schaub is likely going to be the Oakland Raiders’ starting quarterback for the 2014 NFL season. Although nothing is set in stone yet, Derek Carr has potential, but could be looking at a backup role.  After the Raiders traded a 5th-round pick for him, many NFL fans were shaking their heads because of the season that Schaub just had. What they don’t realize, however, is that he has a true shot at redemption in Oakland, a place that has been showered with mockery, but a place that is filled with Raider pride.

What was  a fairly promising career for Schaub quickly turned sour when the Texans maintained the NFL’s worst record at 2-14. After starting the season 2-0, they went on to lose 14 straight games and find themselves with the first pick in the 2014 draft. They used that pick to make their defense very scary by adding Jadeveon Clowney. Texan fans quickly forgot about their awful season with Shaub at the helm, and why wouldn’t they want to? Heading to Oakland, Schaub should have a gleam of hope in his eye.

In all honesty, the Raiders have been a struggling franchise for quite some time now, and Schaub has the opportunity to turn things around. With some promising players like Khalil Mack, Marcel Reece, and the injury-plagued Darren McFadden, the Raiders could actually be a .500 team. That is if everything goes well.

“It’s exciting. It’s just like going to a new place and getting a fresh start. To come to an offense where the coach is looking to give you more freedom, and looking to give you more control of things,” -Schaub with Pro Football Talk (NBC)

Again, Carr is a terrific player, and the Raiders drafted him as the best available quarterback in the draft when they could, but he may not develop enough by Week 1 to start an NFL Game. With promising pieces to the puzzle, the Raiders are finally taking a step in the right direction. With Schaub at the helm, he is going to get a little more control to do what he wants. That could be very beneficial to him. Instead of throwing 10 touchdown passes and 14 picks, he could be throwing 20 touchdown passes and 10 picks.

Will Schaub Be Able To Turn It Around?

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  • Steve Romero

    I believe Shaub can turn it around. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery.

  • joe VICE

    We traded a 6th round pick for Schaub. And yes I’m really hoping he bounces back. He’s a Raider now and I gotta support him no matter what!!

  • Jaime Olguin

    I too believe that Shaub will have a chance to play at the level that he’s known to play at. And
    besides if he just happens to get hurt Dennis would play Mcgloin he’s got the experience now to lead
    this offense, with more tools to work with he would be the prefect QB to put in this situation.
    what ever happens this year I believe we have more vetrans with the experience and leleadership this team
    has been missing we will play better no doubt.

  • Carl Cockerham

    I don’t disagree with you but I have this feeling that Carr is ready now and will eventually be a superstar. I don’t like Schaub in the clutch and with the defense the Raiders will have, there are going to be a lot of close games. I just think there’s a limit too how far Schaub can take them. He didn’t even take that suped up Texan team to a Super Bowl. Schaub will get his numbers but I question his ability to win games. He threw for 350+ yard vs the Seahawks but threw a pick-six to lose the game. I know he had a bad year last year but he was have a great game until then.

    • Shane Schilperoort

      Carr is a long way from being ready now. Give him a couple of years on the bench where he can be a sponge and learn the ins and outs, then he will be ready. Carr is not a Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, or Andrew Luck. He’s not going to be able to shoulder this team and the responsibility of getting to the playoffs right away. Look what happened to his brother David Carr. Derek needs some time behind a veteran QB, and he will get that time behind Schaub. I totally disagree with your assessment of Schaub not being a clutch player. Don’t dwell on 2013, or the years before that. This is a different offense and the weapons are endless. From Reece, to Rivera, to Streater, to Jones, to Moore, to McFadden, to Jones-Drew, there are weapons just waiting to be unleashed. A storm is coming, and the Raiders will be leading the way!

      • Carl Cockerham

        He needs some time behind a veteran because you said so? He’s been breaking down film of NFL games since he was 12! What did Rivera do that was so special. Ausberry is going to win that job. Why are you judging him off of his brother. Not only are they two different situations, but David was on an expansion team and got sacked 250 times in his first 5 years. He’s lucky he can still walk and that’s his fault? We have to look at more than stats, we have to look at how they happened. Shaub had a Super Bowl team for 5 straight years and did nothing with it. He’s not going to take the Raiders to the Super Bowl so they might as well give Carr a shot to learn on the field because he will have protection. Top quarterbacks in college struggle so bad early because the team they go to. Even Manning. But Big Ben, Brady, and Wilson went to good teams that protected them and the weapons you spoke of with Ausberry and that offensive line will be a comfort for Carr. That’s a once and a generation arm and accuracy combination and we should put limits on him already. It’s not like Schaub is Favre, he’s just a sytem quarterback that had a great offense. David would have been better if that was the team he had down there.

        • Shane Schilperoort

          First and foremost, I am on the Derek Carr bandwagon! I can prove it too. Just check out these two stories I wrote in March and May-




          Both of these show how much I want Carr to be the future of the Raiders. Still, I believe, and no I don’t have any say in the matter, but I still believe he should sit behind Schaub at least for the 2014 season (2 seasons would be ideal). Most QB’s take a couple seasons to fully reach their potential (aka, Aaron Rodgers). I will stand by this opinion no matter what. He needs time to develop. He’s not ready for the NFL just yet. Don’t believe me? Ask Rich Gannon, Steve Young, Gil Brandt, Alex Marvez, Kurt Warner, Mike Mayock, or any other NFL Expert/Analyst, and they’ll tell you the same thing I have said.

          • Carl Cockerham

            There are just as many experts that say he should play. To me, he should play if he’s better, period. Not this, “He needs a year.” crap if the team needs him now. There’s a reason why the staff is letting him compete now when they were going to redshirt him.

          • Shane Schilperoort

            Okay, now you bring up something entirely different, but the same point I was making all along. “If” Schaub is the clear starter, the ideal place for Carr is behind him in the lineup to learn and grow, but I also noted that if he is the best option, it would be time to put Carr in. So, thank you for reiterating my point in the first place.

          • Carl Cockerham

            You can be right all you want to. I just don’t want to see an automatic sit when he could be ready when the season starts and there’s no guarantee Schaub will return to form. Even if he does, Carr is special and there should be no limits on him until he shows he’s not ready. Too many of you assume he’s not ready, I think he is, but that’s just think so let’s see. You guys like to put the curse of his brother on him but this is a different situation. You say, “He’s not Peyton Manning.” but I never said he was. He doesn’t have to be, he’s good enough as Derek Carr. Your whole argument in the beginning was other players and “look what happened to him’ and “he’s not him.” I just want to let Derek be Derek and see what happens with a fair shot. I just so happen to believe he’ll do something with it.

    • Shane Schilperoort

      I also outline this more in depth on http://www.justblogbaby.com, and you can check out my latest story at http://justblogbaby.com/2014/06/24/oakland-raiders-qb-answer-wr-position/

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    Raiders were STUPID to waste a valuable 6th rd pick on a washed up QB & I don’t want to hear the BS about no running game, TP DIDNT have one last yr & u haters were ready to run him outta town. I also don’t want to hear thst he couldn’t audible, he hasn’t ever been able to do it in the 7 previous SEASONS EITHER.
    To make matters worse THE RAIDERS RESTRUCTURED HIS DEAL & GTD HIM 8ML like a damned FOOL when they could have waited & CUT HIM PRIOR TO THE SEASON OPENER WITH NO $$ lost if MS sucked or Carr impressed enough that the Raiders could move on without Schaub.
    Now we see why MARK DAVIS has become MORE INVOLVED in BRINGING IN PLAYERS, which I have to agree with.

    • Rees Britton

      I can’t wait to rub your nose in all your bs raider hate… GO RAIDERS!!!