Aug 9, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders fans celebrate in the Black Hole during the 4th quarter in an preseason game between the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders Have the NFL’s Worst Fanbase, According to Study

I don’t really like ripping the Oakland Raiders fanbase anymore, but a while back, I was alerted about a study done by Emory Sports Marketing Analytics that ranked the Raiders as having the worst fans in the NFL. I’m now deciding to share this.

This statistical evidence is total and pure garbage. I believe that the Raiders have one of the most die-hard fan-bases in the NFL and around the world even. Still, the study is worth looking into.

What were the grounds of this study?

“The key idea is that we look at team box office revenues relative to team on-field success, market population, stadium capacity, median income and other factors,” it reads. “The first step in our procedure involves the creation of a statistical model that predicts box office revenue as a function of the aforementioned variables. We then compare actual revenues to the revenues predicted by the model. Teams with relatively stronger fan support will have revenues that exceed the predicted values, and teams that under perform have relatively less supportive fan bases.”

Ok, so it certainly doesn’t help that the Raiders haven’t had much on-field success over the past decade. It also doesn’t help that they play in the outdated Coliseum, and it certainly doesn’t help that at 53,200, the stadium has the lowest seating capacity out of any venue in the league.

But calling the Raiders fanbase the worst in the NFL is bit a of a stretch. The people who did the study may have used some advanced formula and statistics (we don’t know how they exactly gauged their results), but sometimes numbers don’t tell the whole story.

One of the first things that comes to mind when talking about the Raiders is the “Black Hole,” which consists of sections 104-107 behind the end zone at the Coliseum that is filled with rowdy, die-hard fans. There’s even been a book written about these fans.

In addition, the Raiders have plenty of fans, whether it’s in the Bay Area, around the country, or even worldwide. I’ve been in contact with fans in places you’d never expect them to be, such as Austria and even Australia. The Raiders are a proud franchise, one that has multiple Super Bowl championships and a plethora of Hall of Fame players, which has certainly helped build up a core group of fans that passes on their love of the Raiders from generation to generation.

Are the Raiders a perfect team, playing in a state-of-the-art stadium? No freaking way.

Do they have the best fans in the league? It’s debatable, but to put them last behind teams like the Jaguars, Dolphins, and Bengals is surely a head-scratcher.

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  • James Holtslander

    Maybe the turn out to the games , but nationwide? I do not think so.

    • raidernation

      What is wrong with you fool.. go to the official Raiders site and u will see all the pics from around the world. U should keep ur thoughts ..

  • Samuel Charles

    Although my wise editor has written an objective piece here regarding this utterly bogus study, he did fail to mention that he’s a 49er fan, or that the 49ers, who played in last year’s Super Bowl, were ranked all the way down at #26 in the loyalty listing, holding their noses among the riff raff.

    I’m sure it was just an accident.

    But Eric has encouraged me to share this response that I posted elsewhere regarding this “scientific analysis”, which is what follows.


    As a Raider fan with a Master’s Degree in Econometrics from a school ranked in the Top 10 by (reputable) sources — please allow me to retort.

    First of all, I’ve exhausted the links, and the study’s methodology is not made public.

    The first sign of bad science is not making make every step of your reasoning transparent, so it can be picked apart. People looking for valid conclusions welcome skepticism and others correcting errors, or shoddy reasoning in their conclusions, which isn’t possible without making your actual methodology available.

    As is the case with all statistics, you have to start with a clean hypothesis, regression, understanding and sound reasoning. But you should always point out when/why your “analysis” is limited by things you haven’t accounted for, can’t account for, or have omitted altogether. The final paragraph from the study’s “results” page states:

    “Detroit, of course, suffers from a relative lack of on-field success and a struggling local economy. But we should note that our method does explicitly control for these factors. It may well be a matter of the Wolverines & Spartans winning the battle for fans against the Lions. Similarly, teams like Atlanta and Tampa Bay may suffer from being located in SEC territory.”

    Earlier in the “findings summary” the authors say this” The key idea is that we look at team box office revenues relative to team on-field success, ”

    Wait, the key idea is revenue relative to on-field success and you don’t account for lack of on-field success? Seriously?

    The second half of that paragraph references external factors regarding your choices of sports (but not entertainment) options.

    Which alludes to a key variable they obviously considered, before deciding it was too hard to account for, at which point they should’ve acknowledged the shortcomings of this undergraduate level “science”.

    Are you telling me you’ve based your entire study on revenue at the gate, and consciously decided not to mention you’re not factoring in the enormous impact made by vast differences in entertainment choices or sports options among NFL cities?

    This is an error so large it almost single handedly makes your study about as valuable as throwing darts.

    Professional sports is incredibly expensive, and often a luxury purchase (the demand for a luxury item is elastic, highly affected by small changes in price or income).

    Here are the number of pro sports teams within an hour drive of the five lowest ranked teams in this study:

    28. Detroit Lions (Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers, wnba Shock)

    29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ( Rays, baseball & hockey, in a state with tow other NFL teams)

    30. Arizona Cardinals (PHX Suns, Coyotes, Diamond Backs wnba Mercury)

    31. Atlanta Falcons (Hawks, Braves, wnba Dream)

    32. Oakland Raiders (A’s, Warriors, Sf Giants, Sf 49ers, SJ Sharks)

    # 27 is Jacksonville,which has no other Pro sports teams, and supposedly, nothing else to do, and nothing else to spend their sports dollars on.

    So how can we possibly know if Jacksonville is above any of these other teams, even if we use this woefully simplistic metric?

    A metric based on “local” revenue — but many NFL teams have more fans around the world than they have in their home cities. (I don’t use the term Raider Nation, but it didn’t appear out of thin air).

    After many years of observation, its clear to me most 49er fans are the products of inbreeding who swill wine and bathe in cheese, so I was both happy and surprised to see them ranked #26,

    But the latest merchandise sales rankings list the devil’s favorite Red & Gold team is at #1

    But how can that be?

    And from a year ago, ESPN’s study in popularity put the 49ers eighth, and the raiders 12th and Lions 15th in popularity — on a phone study, meaning people could be anywhere…

    And it also ranked the Jaguars dead last…

    I read Bill James’ baseball abstract before Marcus Allen made the greatest run in Super Bowl history, I can recognize voodoo stats from a mile away, stat nerds often need direction, and i’m here to help.

    I’d love to have the two authors of these “findings” be forced to defend them. Mike Lewis & Manish Tripathi — and by the way, did you notice that this statistics analysis team includes the word marketing?

    I could cite so many more issues — Number of local major college teams? Weather? Exciting v. boring style of play? Without even going to get into how one could never break out anything about the city of New York’s metrics.

    The truth is there’s no possible way to put a finite value on “loyalty”, and you don’t even need a GED to realize that.

    Who is more loyal, a guy who buys two tickets a year, never watches the other 14 games, and is worth a million bucks, or the guy who goes to the same dive once a week come hell or high water for 30 years whether his team sucks or rocks, because that’s all he can afford????

    Care to try and defend your —- “science” fellas?

  • 757Raiderfan

    The fact that raider nation is worldwide would make us definitely the biggest fan base. Not knocking the writer of this article but just seems like more raider hate.

  • GUMP

    The Author was heading down the right path when he talked about the woeful infrastructure. I attend a handfull of games a year but they are always away games. What I find ironic is the large number of Raider fans at each of these games. Since I live on the (L)east coast I attend other games frequently that the raiders do not play in and at no time do I see nearly the number of road team fans as I do when I attend a raiders road game. Now this is not scientific but seeing that Oakland is a small market and not cheap to get there and then the stadium is less than desirable it makes it dificult for one who lives thousands of miles away to attend. I have lived in many places and as soon as I say I am a Raider fan everyone know where there fans meet on Sundays and it is packed. Even with cities with football teams I can find a place where most fans are Raiders. I do not claim they are the largest or most committed fan base but to say they are the least is not good reasoning. I will be there for Jets week 1 and in Cleveland later in the season.

  • raidernation

    Everybody knows Raiders fan base is the best even all these 10+ yrs of losing season we are still here, unlike the 9ers when they started winning they were coming out of treee ,trashcans ,under the bed .out of the closet, even removing there Seahawks gear once the niners starting winning..

  • Logan Kuehner

    Complete BULLSHIT were the most loyal fan base in sports!

  • Anthony Hughes

    raider fans are world wide!especially across the pond

  • B Christopher

    This is just a ploy by some stupid fucks that want to get some recognition. A “hey, let’s put up the most ridiculous thing we can on the Internet, and see how many hits we can get”. All over the Internet there are these snot nosed, never kissed a girl, hand down the front of their pants, loser zit faced punks, that like to pick on the biggest, baddest folks around, just to see what kind of crap they can stir up. Then they all sit around together on Friday night, the 3 geeks and they talk their goofball nerd language to each other and laugh about all the Raider Nation folks getting pissed off. Of course, we’ll never see these pencil protector wearing geeks in public, BECAUSE THEY SPEND ALL DAY, LOCKED IN THEIR ROOMS YELLING AT MOM TO BRING THEIR PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY SANDWICHES AT EXACTLY NOON EVERYDAY, OR THEY THROW A TANTRUM!
    That’s who wrote this article, a NOBODY LOSER THAT STILL LIVES AT HOME WITH MOM, and the only reason he is able to do this, is BECAUSE MOM PAYS FOR HIS INTERNET HOOKUP!!!

    These losers wouldn’t know a football fan is one fell on top of them. If that happened, I’d feel sorry for the football fan because he has just been slimed by some pimply-faced, greasy haired GEEK!!!

    Don’t fret Raider Nation, is just some geeks in the bedrooms, finally getting a word in……. Just some 30 year old virgin geeks getting even.

  • B Christopher

    What, nobody got enough grief on this subject the first time around? Why are you even bringing this up again? Your geek brothers got all the notoriety and negative comment explosion and you want to ride their tail feathers? Pimply-faced geek jargon from geeks that sit around on Friday night and count the number of negative hits on their otherwise lacking social network sites! Get a life TK, and maybe try and come up with an original thought next time. SHEEEESH, I guess any geek with a computer can post shit on the Internet! Well, there’s no room in the Raider Nation for good balls to jump on the bandwagon. Don’t even try! LOSER

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    l must say to try and say we have the worst fan base is just outrageous. Behind Jaguars or Browns. The top uniform sales alone tell you we got fans. But as the reported stadium revenue. For 10 yrs. we en down. Now like a Phoenix we are about to rise and conquer again. We will bring the pain again.

  • Kevin Bejma

    Who ran this study Philip “Cry me a Rivers” ?

  • knuckle_hedd

    Dumb study. The genius who came up with it should be sentenced to a game spent in the Black Hole explaining his logic to Raiders fans.

  • Steven Swarty

    Title should be – Raider fans can’t fill a stadium to capacity. We are the worst fan base because we don’t go to every game and our team lacks in winning. That constitutes the worst fans in the NFL?

  • Joseph Budd

    The biggest problem you have with doing studies like this, is that with criteria, you have to realize a number of things, some which the author already addressed. The Raiders, as fans are not outlandishly wealthy. Likewise, they play in a tiny stadium. Fan attendance has been off and on, depending on the team, the cost of tickets or the opponent. Back when the team and the stadium tried to double-dip the fans, the fans responded, by not wanting to buy in. Lastly, you’ve got rabid fans all over the country, who can’t afford to travel to Oakland, due to gas costs or would want to spend about 2000 dollars to drive or fly to Oakland, stay in a hotel, attend a game, buy food and go home. These fans still spend money locally, buying Raiders items, attending games closer to home, when Oakland travels to say, Kansas City, Denver or the Twin Cities…are we less as fans, even though we’re well-known in the crowd? Think the eggheads who put this together need to go study something else…like what’s wrong with otherthinking fan bases…and were probably not fans to begin with.

  • disqus_Fct5923LDM

    Obviously these clowns have never been to a Raider game at home; much less telling any Raider fans in the Black Hole about their moronic “study”.

  • David Dunlap

    Asked my wife to marry me at the LA Coliseum Dec. 3, 1989 in front of 90,016 fans. The largest paid gate in the NFL that season. BTW, we came from behind to beat Denver in OT 16-13. RAIDER til I die.

    • Alan Senseman

      I was there. One of the best games I have saw . .

  • James Schroeder

    Is TEJ starving for attention? Why would you even write this pointless, bias, and totally untrue article? It has been echoed through the world of football for several years that the Raiders have one of the greatest organizations and fan bases in the world. Raider nation is nationwide and the only fans to dominate two demographics in Southern California and Northern California. Raider nation owns California practically. You actually have the audacity and the nerve to even speak poorly about raider fans?

    My only question for you is…. Were you dropped on your head as a baby? Or maybe it’s a deeper issue like… You still have nightmares of the big black man’s raider hat as you turned around over your shoulder while he’s gang raping you. Is that more accurate? Something catastrophic must’ve happened to you for you to completely lose your mind with this ridiculously stupid article

  • Kenneth A. LaFromboise

    Having grown up in Central California and being a real Bay Area Sports fan, I disagree with this article because you can skew the numbers any which you want to, to make yourself or your article look good, but in your case, you out did yourself. Better go back and reconfigure your numbers. What an ASSH0LE!! and his article, skew that.

  • Raider Grant

    LMAO! I’m going to miss all the hate & will embrace the true haters righteously once our ship has sailed back to Excellence! Go Raiders

  • K Hendricks

    Plain and simple,Emory sports marketing is FOS!!!!!

  • Jaime Olguin

    Iet me ask you something, I’ve been to Raider games in seattle, denver, kansas city. Miami , both of jets and giants,
    to cowboy game, to name a few others do those count for the other teams. Because in each and ever one of those
    games there have been over 1,000 raider fans, so dose it count in their favor, because this is ridiculous.