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Oakland Raiders: Who Will Back Up Matt Schaub?

With the addition of Matt Schaub, the Oakland Raiders seem to finally have a competent quarterback. The Raiders are building a solid offense around him, trying to set him up for more success than he had last season with the Houston Texans. It goes without saying that the Raiders believe Schaub can get back to his normal self after disappointing Texan fans last season. But what happens if he continues to struggle? What happens if he gets injured?If either of these situations arise, who will step up and take control of the offense?


Matt McGloin proved last season that he was not capable of leading a team with a mediocre offense surrounding him. With him under center, the Oakland Raiders went 1-7, the only win coming against the Texans, the worst team, record-wise, in the NFL.

Results could, however, be slightly different if the Raiders continue to stock up on free agents. Disregarding the  quarterback position, the offense looks good. The offensive live and receiving corps is already vastly improved, and the Raiders still have some money left to get free agents and/or draft picks. In this situation, McGloin could perform more effectively, especially with a stout offensive line to mask his relative immobility. Of course, McGloin is no guarantee, and seems not very likely to lead the Oakland Raiders to the playoffs.


Because the Oakland Raiders added Matt Schaub, they likely won’t draft a quarterback early on. However, some later round guys could get a chance if the Raiders elect to gain more depth at quarterback. Aaron Murray could be a steal in the fourth or fifth round of the draft and A.J. McCarron could drop to the fourth round as well. Both are SEC quarterbacks that could come in and play decently in the NFL. Tajh Boyd is someone the Oakland Raiders could get in the seventh round or undrafted. Boyd had a remarkable collegiate career but scouts don’t see as a future NFL quarterback. Though unlikely, he could come in undrafted as a wild card in training camp and potentially beyond.

Is Matt McGloin the better option, or do you see the Raiders taking another quarterback in the late stages of the draft? Comment below.


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  • Bob


    • KloverJane


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  • Jaime Olguin

    Matt is the clear cut back up and now with this revamp defense I’m sure they will hold on to leads rather then
    letting them give it away in the second hafl. No doubt

  • Chris Schroeder

    Mcgloin will probably end up being a career back up. Terrel Pryor want to leave the team but if for some reason ends up staying he will be a great option for them. Neither one of these guys are the future franchise quarterback though so they definitely need to start thinking about that during this draft. I for one hope they get Carr in the later rounds. I wouldn’t wait till the fourth, I probably would take him in the third. I have feeling one of the teams before us may take two quarterbacks one in the first and one in the fourth. There are certain teams over the past few years that have been known to do that. I just hope they don’t miss their opportunity trying to be to patient. Also, Johnny football would be another good option in the later rounds. Don’t count him out. That’s assuming Cleveland doesn’t snatch him up in the 1st.

    • raidernation

      Ur a fool. Mclovin is capable of being a starter he just need to learn The Art of being a QB in the NFL.. Johnny football will b a waste of roster spot. Dont believe in the media he no QB he is a runner plus his size makes him a Defense bitch. .. Bortles , Garapolo, Carr viable options….

  • Rees Britton

    Finally I hear someone talk about Boyd. Mettenberger is another guy that may fall because of his injury, but I think has a ton of upside.

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    I believe, AJ McCarron would be the best back-up behind Matt Schub if we going to keep the same style of QB for the next 10 yrs. Because this coaching staff can not work with athletic QB’s. So they will be going though QB’s like 2-3 a year. Because these OLB’s and DE are fast and love a statue QB.

    • friendship220

      His name isn’t Matt though. All QBs named Matt are good. At least that’s what the Raiders think, apparently. Matt Simms from the Jets, Matt Hasselbeck from the Colts.

  • KloverJane

    Trent Edwards is a good backup. He threw a TD to Auberry in preseason. Seriously though, why is he never mentioned? I don’t think he’s irrelevant. The Autumn wind cometh.

  • Crusader10

    What about a third option? What about getting a Garapolo or some other Qb in round 2-3?

  • John Thomas Hurdle II

    Matt McGloin, will back up and then maybe 4 rd. draft Mettenberger. or if we trade a 5 rd. pick I do not know nothing about Edwards. So I can’t comment on him.