Feb 26, 2014; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Oakland Athletics Billy Burns (19) safely slides into second base in front of San Francisco Giants Nick Noonan (21) at Scottsdale Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

FanGraphs 2014 Projections: San Francisco Giants A Playoff Team, Oakland Athletics Might Be

According to FanGraphs.com, the San Francisco Giants will be a playoff team again in 2014 (it’s an even year, so it makes sense), but the Oakland Athletics will have some work to do to get to the postseason for a third consecutive year.

The projections can be seen here.

The baseball statistics and analysis website has the Giants with 85 victories and finishing second in the National League West, six games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers. According to those projections, the Giants would host the Pittsburgh Pirates in the wild card playoff. The other division winners are projected to be the Washington Nationals and St. Louis Cardinals.

The American League West is projected to go to the Los Angeles Angels in a razor-thin battle. The site projects the Angels with 85 wins, one better than the A’s and Texas Rangers and three ahead of the Seattle Mariners.

That would put Oakland and Texas in a one-game tiebreaker for the second wild card spot, with the Tampa Bay Rays earning the first bid.

Their other projected division winners are the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers.

One thing to note about these projections is that they are quite conservative in nature. No team is projected for more than the Dodgers’ 91 wins; conversely, the Houston Astros are projected as the worst team in baseball with 67 victories.

The entire NL West would finish at or above .500 according to the numbers. The site has the San Diego Padres with 82 wins and the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks each with 81.

The statistical-based nature of the projections lends them to err on the side of clumping every team around the middle.

Last season, the Boston Red Sox had the most wins in the American League with 97 and the Astros had the fewest with 51. The extremes in the National League were the Atlanta Braves with 96 victories and the Miami Marlins with 62.

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