Feb 15, 2014; New Orleans, LA, USA; Sacramento Kings forward Ben McLemore (16) dunks over Shaquille O

Sacramento Kings Podcast: Time To Move Forward

In this episode of the Kings’ Court Podcast, we move our ideas and talks to YouTube to dive into all of the topics and news that is taking place in the world of the Sacramento Kings.  I first give all my thoughts on All-Star weekend and whether or not Ben McLemore’s dunk was snubbed by John Wall’s. I then move on to one of the biggest topics this week and that is possible trades the Kings should entertain with the deadline quickly approaching this week. I will give out all of my trade scenarios that I see are very possible the Kings execute if given the right offer. I move on the five points the Sacramento Kings need to try and get solved during this second half of the season, all of which the Kings are more than capable of meeting. To round out the podcast I will be answering all of the questions that you, the listeners, gave to me prior to the show.

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