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MLB To Court: We Already Denied Oakland Athletics Move To San Jose

What if Major League Baseball denied a franchise’s request to move and no one ever heard about it? Did it really happen?

That’s the question the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of California may find itself answering as part of the city of San Jose’s lawsuit against MLB. According to the Sports Law Blog, a case management conference in the case is scheduled for Dec. 13 and MLB filed a case statement on Friday that states it formally rejected the proposal by the Oakland Athletics to move to San Jose … six months ago.

But here’s the thing: This is the first time MLB has said it made a decision in the matter.

MLB claims in the document that a letter was sent to the A’s on June 17 notifying the team “that he was not satisfied with the club’s relocation proposal.”

That date is one day before the city of San Jose filed suit.

The filing with the court does not include a copy of the alleged letter.

Considering baseball has been supposedly pondering the idea of an A’s move to San Jose for more than four years, the fact that a decision was actually made six months ago might be an important little tidbit to throw out there.

For anyone interested in wading through all of MLB’s legalese, the case management statement is below:


SJ v. MLB Case Mgmt Statement by ngrow9

At the very least, it would seem Oakland A’s owner Lew Wolff might need to come up with a new plan since San Jose doesn’t appear to have been able to convince MLB the move is a good one.

The A’s have extended their lease at O.com Coliseum through the 2015 season, but in light of some of the issues there (you know, the whole raw sewage backing up into the clubhouse … thing), the A’s would seem to have a legitimate case for a new facility somewhere.

The “where” appears to continue to be the sticking point.

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