Sacramento Kings Podcast 9/25: Shaquille O'Neal and DeMarcus Cousins

In this episode of Kings’ talk, I will be getting into what has been sweeping the Kings nation these last two days, with Shaquille O’Neal buying a minority stake in the team.

I give my thoughts on what I see him bringing to this organization, and especially on how he can help improve the troubled DeMarcus Cousins. I give the reason on why misguided Kings fans should not hold a grudge on the new Kings minority owner, just because of his comments in 2001 (Sacramento “Queens”).

I go into detail on wether or not the Kings should give  Cousins a max contract before the October 31st deadline or if he should earn it through the season, and the Kings ataff can decide if he is truly their center piece of  the future.

I will give my opinon on the season to come for the Kings, and what record I believe the Kings will have by the end of next year. Make sure to follow me on twitter @vmcenter, if you have any suggestions or topics you would on the show, and to know when the next show will be up.

Thank you for listening and refer to Golden Gate Sports for all your Kings’ news, opinion, and analysis:

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