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Kap to the 49ers Future: A Dead Birdie

Sunday night is by far the most anticipated game of the week. The clash of the titans between the 49ers and Seahawks will finally be revealed. Two elusive quarterbacks, two strong-will defenses, but only one victor will prevail.

However, my prediction is a bit out there. Now you might call this jaded because of my obvious loyalty for the 49ers, but I expect this game to be a complete blowout.

1.)  The 49ers have something to prove. They want to show the rest of the league they are better than the Broncos and Seahawks.

2.)  They want to seek revenge for all of the Seattle media criticism towards Jim Harbaugh and the December blowout.

3.)  The 49ers beat the Packers in Week 1. The Seahawks struggled to beat the Panthers and only did so by a gun-slinging/lucky throw Russell Wilson. I read in another article Donte Whitner compared Wilson’s play last Sunday to the infamous Brett Favre. In today’s defense world, Brett Favre-like moves will be picked off more times than none.

4.)  The 49ers have statistically a better pass rush, rush defense, better quarterback, and receiving core despite not having Crabtree. These four elements are the ingredients to big plays in crucial moments.

5.)  The 49ers are angry. They are angry that they have been compared and even been considered lesser than the Seahawks despite having more Pro Bowlers, further reaches in the playoffs, and better efficiency stats for the past two years.

Final Score Prediction 49ers 32- Seahawks 14

This week I will not predict stats nor make comedic commentary because for the first time, a new rivalry of all seriousness has begun.

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