May 11, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen watches players stretch during rookie minicamp at the Raiders team headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

What Will It Take For Dennis Allen To Keep His Job As Oakland Raiders Coach?

Feel that, Dennis Allen?

Not your seat warmer.  Your shaky job security.

Let it be known this is not a pity party.  Allen knew the risks of working for the Oakland Raiders.  The first-time head coach inherited a roster deep in salary cap doom and in rebuilding mode.  But Allen probably expected a little luck to go his way, which hasn’t happened to date.

To many, Allen’s first year with the Raiders was viewed as a failure.  The team finished 4-12, and many games were uncompetitive.  Underachievers and Al Davis-favorites were purged from the team in the offseason.

Now the 2013 Raiders face an uphill climb to reach .500, let alone the playoffs.  Allen has a quarterback controversy on his hands, and he needs to remain focused fixing the defense, which has more visible leaks than a cheap trash bag.

Expectations are realistically low this season.  The Raiders will struggle often, but the team should eventually forge an identity and noticeably improve by December.  It’s a far contrast from division rival and Allen’s former employer, the Denver Broncos, who are aiming for a Super Bowl victory, but you have to start small.

Allen won’t even have to sniff the postseason, but reaching his benchmarks will still be a challenge.  As the fans know well, not much has gone right in Oakland for the last several years.  What’s going for Allen?

Well the defensive guru has control of the Raiders locker room, and he’s established a culture for accountability and protecting one another.  That’s a solid start for a club trying to escape the NFL cellar.

If we had to put a number on Allen’s job security, my guess is reaching three wins in 2013.  This team is less talented than the 2012 version, but not barren with quality. The NFL is an upset league so the Raiders can reasonably steal a few.

But if the team wins two or less, Allen will approach a territory few coaches survive.  If he doesn’t want to take that chance, show owner Mark Davis and general manager Reggie McKenzie you won’t fall on your face.  We’re rooting for you, D.A.

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  • Jeff

    3 wins? I hope you meant 3 wins more than last year and I miss read, how often do regime changes occur on mediocre teams that go 8-8 and appear to be improving and get progressively worse?

  • bob saget

    lets be fair tho.. reggie hasnt be exactly been helpful for denis to produce the wins everyone wants, the team is really hurting for some solid pass rush and run stop on defence this year while the offence needs bare mininum one good WR and at least 3 line men to prove there actually worth keeping on the oline and actually helping DMC with the run game then at the same time not letting sacks occur. dont forget we need a good qb too, sure pryor might be the answer but i dont think his throwing arm is refined enough yet to make the impact people want him to…

    the teams been hacked to peices compared to what we had in 2010 and 2011, plus hue jackson should have stayed as hc or at least offencive coordinator he seemed to be able to bring out the heart in the players… after all he had an 8-8 season with jason campbell at qb and DMC being hurt half the season…

    even though reggie has been cleaning up the financial mess, he’s made it very unrealistic for the team to win, al davis drafted and picked up FA with a certian mentality and direction he wanted the team to go in… run the ball down the opponents throat and stuff the line with nasty mofo’s… when things were looking like the team we jelling al died, reggie came in hacked the roaster to pieces and took a complete u-turn… plan and simple its not allen’s fault but he’s the one who’s going to be given the blame.

  • Ricky Bobby

    I’m not buying that, this team is much better than last yrs, if DA is too stubborn to name TP the starter & they don’t win 8 games DA is out, which I want to happen almost as much as a Raider win.I see Lovie.

  • pinoyobserver

    Yup. It was a mistake for Reggie to fire Hue Jackson after an 8-8 season for a ROOKIE HC. Hue Jackson INSPIRED the offensive side of the ball. He had Bresnahan, an Al Davis choice for DC, who he certainly would have replaced had he continued as HC. IMO, the problem we have is the Coaching Talent. Dennis Allen is no Jim Harbaugh and Dennis Tarver is not the second coming of Buddy Ryan. Plain and simple, RM screwed up by firing HJ. He did not feel secure enough with HJ’s brashness. As far as winning only 3 games to keep Dennis Allen’s job? My God, this is high for setting the bar extremely low for the Raiders. The reality is he will likely keep his job even if he does win only 3 games because McKenzie will find it extremely difficult to fire him (unless Davis himself does so) as that would be tantamount to admitting he screwed up by firing Hue Jackson.