Feb 24, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh watches the workouts during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers: Is Jim Harbaugh A Hypocrite?

When we think of hypocrites, parents, politicians and sports writers may come to mind—but head coaches?

Grant Cohn of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat accused Jim Harbaugh as such, noting how the San Francisco 49ers leader:

  • Criticized the Seattle Seahawks for several PED incidents and demanded that the 49ers be “above reproach,” before the team traded for, waived, and then re-signed alleged PED user Eric Wright.
  • Never punished starter Ahmad Brooks for attacking teammate Lamar Divens with a glass bottle in July, despite being “above reproach.”
  • Claimed Alex Smith was still the starter in 2012 when he was injured and already lost the job to Colin Kaepernick.
  • Stressed having a “humble heart” despite his regular overreactions on the sidelines.

So yeah…Cohn’s list seems contradictory.

But fortunately for Harbaugh, he gets paid to win football games, not to be ethical.  And in that sense the coach can defend his actions.

Any team would love to wield a talent like Wright or Brooks in appropriate situations, and creating uncertainty over the coming week’s starting quarterback is a sound strategy to disrupt opponents’ preparation.  Harbaugh isn’t very humble, but you have to have something resembling an ego to survive the cut-throat reality of professional sports.

Is Harbaugh a hypocrite?  Yes.  But so are all of us when you start to overanalyze.  There are environmentalists who drive Cadillacs and alcoholics who refuse to eat red meat.  Get my drift?

What we and Harbaugh should do is strive to be less hypocritical.  Reflect on your discrepancies and try your hardest not to repeat them again.

For the good of the world and NFL, that’s not too much to ask.  Right, coach Harbaugh?

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  • paro

    this seems like article that would come out when there is no football going on…i guess the fact that i read it makes me a hypocrite…add me to the list

    • http://theruination.net/ Rui Thomas

      I’m a hypocrite too, Paro. I feel your pain.

  • loverpoint

    The Cohn family must own the Press Democrat. Why else would any respectable newspaper allow Grant and his father Lowell to write for them?

    The one thing that the people that are unfamiliar with Lowell and his son Grant Cohn should know, that from day one Lowell has be trying as hard as he can to get under the skin of Jim Harbaugh because both he and his son are Raider fans. This started from day one, and Lowell himself has said openly ” I want to get into Harbaughs mind and mess with him”. From day one ” Junior Psychologist” Cohn has never been concerned about the game of football, his concerns are always about Harbaugh the personality.

    Because Lowell and Grant never ask meaningful questions about the game and issues concerning the game Harbaugh has pretty much given them a cold shoulder. And if you ever watch a 49er press conference and can’t hear or see the reporter asking the question, all you have to do is see the expression on Harbaughs face to know if the question was asked by a Cohn, He usually pauses, shakes his head in disbelief as to how stupid and irrelevant the question was. You can even hear the other reporters chuckling at the absurdity of the Cohn questions.

    Harbaughs statement about PED’s was that he felt that a player using PED’s had ” already lost the game “. Meaning that player was not being true to himself if he is dependent on a drug to enhance his abilities. And since the Seattle duo of Browner and Sherman are always banging their chests and telling the world how great they are, Harbaughs comment was to set the record straight, both are only as good as the drugs they take.

    • http://theruination.net/ Rui Thomas

      I don’t read Grant Cohn much but I do sense a derogatory tone in some of his articles. Thanks a lot for the input.