Price to Build Golden State Warriors' New Arena Rises By $50 Million

The Golden State Warriors’ new arena is getting costlier, and time is not on their side. (Photo: Warriors / KTVU)

The Golden State Warriors’ plan to open up a new waterfront arena in San Francisco in Piers 30-32 by 2017 is looking less and less likely to come to fruition.

According to an in-depth report published by the San Francisco Chronicle, the repair costs for the piers have increased by $50 million to $170 million, adding on to the $1 billion that previous reports claimed the entire project would cost.

This has raised doubts that the arena will indeed be ready by 2017, as it is unsure who will pick up the tab with the increased price.

However, representatives for the Warriors are still confident that everything will run according to schedule.

“When we began this project, we laid out a timeline that had a built-in cushion for the natural delays that occur on a project of this size,” Nathan Ballard, a Warriors spokesman on the arena plan, told the Chronicle. “We’ve got a lot of work to do in a short time frame, but we are confident we can complete it by 2017.”

The plans to build the arena were first announced in February of this year, where costs were estimated to be at just $500 million. That figure has more than doubled today, and is continuing to rise. The 18,000-seat arena would be constructed near the foot of the Bay Bridge.

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