In this June 14, 2012, file photo, investor Chris Hansen smiles as he speaks to supporters of a proposal for a new NBA arena during a rally in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File)

Sacramento Kings: An Open Letter to Chris Hansen

Dear Mr. Hansen,

Does torment arouse you?

Since early 2013, you and your investment group have draped a dark cloud over Northern California. It was back in January when you cut a backroom deal to buy the Kings from the Maloof brothers (A.K.A. the three stooges), and it was your plan to relocate Sacramento’s NBA franchise to Seattle since the Maloofs had no interest in being morally correct themselves.

Of course, your plan fell apart when Mayor Kevin Johnson proved to David Stern and team owners why the Kings should permanently stay in Sacramento.  You upped the ante on your deal simultaneously, but your hefty fortune couldn’t overrule the iconic partnership between basketball and the capital city.

You lost that round.  But you caught the interest of the NBA and the public’s pity to reincarnate the Sonics.  All that was asked from you now was a little patience…

Something you didn’t have and something old Sonics fans will need more of, now that you sabotaged the good will you generated.

We assumed you thought about the fanbase you were attempting to rob when you went on radio to admit regret over trying to buy and move the Kings. That was enough for our forgiveness (at the time).

But then you go out of your way to fund S.T.O.P.  And hide your contributions until you are sued.

I thought you were 45.  Not five.

Kings fans have been dragged through the chambers of hell and back.  Sonics fans can relate, but their pain was quickly realized.  Fans in Sacramento have dealt with the fear of relocation since 2006, and the insecurity and anticipation has led some folks (including myself) to contemplate suicide.  This was in part thanks to the selfish actions of people like you.

Forget your latest hollow apology.  You know this feeling, Mr. Hansen.  How can you continue to try to make us suffer?  For achieving what Seattleites wanted to do in 2008?

You are the Devil in human form.  Please leave this Earth and its occupants unharmed.


Rui Thomas

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Adrian Rehn

    Commit suicide if the Kings leave? Dang

    • Rui Thomas

      I was emotionally unstable to say the least…

  • FHAloanguy

    You (the author) are so full of crap.

  • FHAloanguy

    k johnson should be in jail for the thief he is.

    • Rui Thomas

      Not sure what Johnson “stole,” but public subsidies are a necessity in today’s arena negotiations. I am full of crap but usually after meals.

      • FHAloanguy

        Ignorance is bliss isn’t it??? $870,000 and counting.

        • Rui Thomas

          It is, but you should share your sources so readers can form their own opinion. Johnson’s actions shouldn’t justify Chris Hansen’s.

          • FHAloanguy

            Wasn’t justifying anything. Just pointing out how libs keep getting away with lies, cheating and alinski tactics. KJ misused $800K+ of public tax $$ that came from your pocket. And when the IG Walpin called him on it obozo fired him rather than seeing a supporter get recalled and indicted. That’s how crony socialism works.