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San Francisco 49ers: Ahmad Brooks is 'Tremendously Sorry' for Assault Incident, According to Donte Whitner

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks has not yet spoken publicly about his alleged assault on teammate Lamar Divens, but a secondhand account of his feelings were relayed to the media by safety Donte Whitner on Wednesday.

The incident happened on June 8, when, according to the San Jose Mercury News, Brooks allegedly struck Divens “three times in the head with a beer bottle and then punched him in the face during an argument over car keys outside Brooks’ house in San Jose. The alleged attack left Divens bloodied and requiring three stitches.”

Brooks then threatened to retrieve his gun before striking Divens again. Divens originally planned to press charges, but has since taken it back and the District Attorney’s office has also decided not to file charges.

According to Whitner, Brooks feels remorseful about the incident.

“He explained the situation,” Whitner told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I gave my input on it and we left it that. He’s tremendously sorry for what he did. Anybody would be embarrassed. He just has to move on and continue to make the right choices from this point on. He’ll be OK.”

Whitner also hinted that Brooks will face a penalty from the NFL or the 49ers.

“It’s a bad choice that he made,” Whitner said. “He’s going to have to pay for that. We don’t know what it’s going to be yet. But he understands — we’re a good football team. A lot of eyes are on us now – more than last year and the year before. You have to make good decisions … and make good choices. He’s going to do that from here on out.”

Brooks, an outside linebacker, played in all 16 games in the regular season last year, recording 46 tackles and 6.5 sacks. He has spent the past four seasons with the 49ers, and signed a six-year, $44.5 million contract extension in February of 2012.

Given his history, the 49ers have to be concerned about Brooks. He has been in trouble with the law before, dating back to 2008, when, as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals, he was accused of punching a woman in the face. He was also busted for possession of marijuana in 2003.


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