Oakland Raiders: Tracy Porter Doesn't Sound Too Happy About Giving Up Uniform Number to Charles Woodson

Jun 11, 2013; Alameda, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders cornerback Tracy Porter (24) at minicamp at the Raiders Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Woodson is an NFL legend, and is probably used to getting his way by now.

So when he signed with the Oakland Raiders after a long and successful career with the Green Bay Packers, he most likely expected to be able to have any uniform number of his choosing.

Unfortunately, his coveted No. 24 was already taken by another newcomer, Tracy Porter.

So, for a month or two, Woodson was without a number, and wore a blank jersey during practices with his new team.

“Just call me Blankman,” Woodson told the San Francisco Chronicle in May. “I can’t find a number … 24 wasn’t waiting for me at my locker when I got here. I guess I’ll have to negotiate.”

Well now, it appears that Porter has relinquished No. 24 to Woodson, but doesn’t sound too happy about it:

Hmmm….”taken” from him?

Porter clarified a little bit in another tweet:

Sounds like there may be more to this seemingly innocuous story about a teammate giving up a uniform number to a future Hall of Famer, which should be the right thing to do.

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  • Jimmy Conway

    Tracy Porter should have put that jersey in Woodsons locker before Woody got there. Then I’m sure that the classy guy Woody is,would have made it up to that selfish Porter. If Porter is going to be like this over a jersey,I don’t see team player there. Woodson is not being selfish either,because the Nation wanted him back in the 24 jersey.

    • Al

      Agreed!! When you distance yourself from Raiders fan over a jersey? Don’t know how long he’s gonna last.

    • bob saget

      its pretty stupid on his part tweeting that, just ruins his image.. if he kept the jersey alot of fans would’ve hated him just because he kept it, considering he shouldn’t have had the number and was moody about it, is going to make it harder for fans to like him… GROW UP, he should simply be happy with being given a second chance considering his medical condition last year

      • bob saget

        but if he plays good and bucks up about this itll be really nice to see, i’ve got faith in porter being a solid CB again, if he plays good people will give him alot of love

  • Luis Hernandez

    Porter should definitely be more of a team player, especially over something as small as a jersey number. Hopefully he wises up and realizes that it is just a number, and that it does not control what they do on the field. He’s a hell of a player, and hopefully he knows that raider nation will be behind him 100%, no matter what jersey he is wearing.

  • Redfrognetworks

    I think Woodson should have the number too. But he should have given porter something for it. Dinner. A round of golf. Something. That’s how it’s done. You can say porter should have just hung the jersey in cwoods locker? Ok. Well one could also say porter was disrespected by just having the number taken away. Which is what it sounds like happened. I’m actually disappointed in both guys. Woodson for apparently disrespecting porter, an porter for his reaction to the situation.

  • Redfrognetworks

    Not only that. You didn’t see porter trying to wrestle taiwans #22 away from him. It’s not quite the same, I know, but porter has basically lost his number twice in two months and hasn’t even taken the field yet. Numbers r important to some guys. They’ve had numbers for 20 or more years some of them. I’d be pissed too.

    • Jimmy Conway

      We are not on him for getting pissed. I like a little fire in my team. He knows what Woody means to the Nation. He could have really made fans love him by giving the jersey up as soon as they signed Woody. He has a chance to start over with a new team,new # and make difference. I’m pulling for Porter.

  • deshon horton

    I don’t blame Porter I blame the Raiders because they knew they were going to get Woodson and all of that should have been taken care of beforehand. I think Porter should be pissed. Think about it this way if your company brought someone in at your job and tells you, you have to move your desk because they like that desk how would you feel? Or would you be a team player and give them uour desk?

    • Jimmy Conway

      Valid points. Raiders should have told him to take a different #. We have to remember the Raiders don’t retire #’s. I watched Dan Land wear Fred B’s # for a long time. He was a mediocre player. Tell me it’s not weird to see anybody else wearing #81.