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Golden State Warriors: Should Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson Start?

The Golden StateWarriors have made some great offseason acquisitions like Andre Iguodala, Toney Douglas, Marreese Speights, and Jermaine O’Neal.

Unfortunately for them, however, they now have to deal with the uncomfortable question: should they start Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson?

This is going to be a hard one.

This is a poll, folks, this is for you to decide.

What I say in this article has no effect on your opinion, but I am, of course, going to justify my opinion.

What do I think about this? Personally, I think that Thompson should be the Warriors’ starting shooting guard for obvious reasons.

First of all, he’s a great shooter and a great defender. He’s one of the most deadly scorers on the team, and has nowhere to go but up from this point.

Barnes only has room for improvement as well; however, he isn’t a great shooter. He isn’t a Splash Brother. He’s not a part of that dynamic duo of Curry and Thompson, who just hit threes from seemingly endless ranges. Those two need to start the game together and play with each other down the stretch.

Second of all, Barnes is a forward. He cannot simply shift to the shooting guard spot. It’s a big adjustment for him. The Warriors don’t usually run off-the-curl plays for their forwards.

For Curry and Thompson, this works because they are both catch-and-shoot shooters who can hit off-balanced shots. The same cannot be said about Barnes, who is at his best when his feet are set.

And finally, Barnes has already said that his goal is the same: he’s focused on winning basketball games. Sure it may hurt him a little bit that a veteran came to take his role, but hey, he’s young and still has a lot to offer the Warriors.

In terms of personal goals, he should be focused on winning the Sixth Man of the Year award. That’s pretty prestigious if you ask me.

Should Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson Start?

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