Will Matthew Dellavedova Make the NBA?

Will Matthew Dellavedova make it to the NBA next season? The former West Coast Conference player of the year and three year first string all conference maker, has an impressive resume. Dellavedova was a star for the Gaels. He led the Gaels as a team leader, dominated the floor on offense, and played solid defense most of the year. Add playing on the Australian Olympic team and this is a career to impress most.

Without a doubt, Dellavedova has the experience and talent to be great. Is he there yet? This is the big question. Currently, he is playing in the summer league for the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Last year at St. Mary’s, Dellavedova became the Gaels all-time leading scorer. He ended his senior year averaging 40.4% from the floor and 38.2% from behind the arc. He put up 15.8 points per game and saw 36.4 minutes of play time.

In the summer league with the Cavaliers: Game 1: Delly saw 18:01 minutes where he went 1-3 and had five assists. Game 2: Delly saw 12:10 of play time. He went 1-5 hitting the one from behind the arc. Game three: Delly saw 22:35 minutes while going 3-6 with three assists. Game 4: Delly saw 23:07 minutes and went 0-4 with four assists.


The big pro for Delly making the NBA is his court sense. He knows how to be patient and make things happen when necessary. Potentially Delly can be a three-point threat once he has time to adapt to the NBA. Delly also is majestic with the pick and roll offense.

The big con is speed. Does Dellavedova have the speed to compete in the NBA? We haven’t seen it yet. Key word is yet. His shooting for the amount of play time he has had has been mediocre. He is better than his stats, but he is not yet playing to his potential.


As tough as this is to say, I do not think this is the year for Dellavedova. Speed and overall shooting are lagging right now and that makes the hopes for the NBA next season bleak for Delly. Baring a quick turn on stats, looks like 2014 maybe? I would like nothing better than to be wrong here. Delly, I’m pulling for you! Here’s hoping.


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